Bree Newsome, A Black Woman, Climbs a 30-foot Flag Pole, Still Can’t Be Seen

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  • Sarah

    I kept reading her name as Bree Awesome. It’s true though. She’s got some serious guts. I definitely couldn’t have climbed a flagpole, even with climbing gear! Speaking of, I’m glad she used it. It’s good that she was being brave and safe at the same time. ????????

    I won’t be reminded of America’s past just because of the confederate flag, but I will be reminded of places and people I need to avoid because it’s a dangerous symbol.

  • Lexxs

    Please contribute to our brave sister Bree’s legal defense fund. I would like to see every Black person in America give one dollar each to her and the young brother who was emasculated by his mother in The Baltimore uprising. That would make these heroes rich. Who knows, one might be the next Malcom.