#WhoIsBurningBlackChurches, Black Twitter Demands Answers

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  • jrogowksi

    No consideration of the extensive evidence that none of the cases are racially motivated? 330 million Americans means a lot of churches, some of which occasionally burn down…

  • disqus_6Ehjth661G

    Whether is is the norm or not..burning churches occupied by Blacks is juvenile, COWARDLY, and UNACCEPTABLE in 2015. How much longer are people going to accept this racial destruction from uneducated and ignorant White men? It further goes to set the truth that White men are dumb and ignorant. A President freed blacks back in the 60s, and from that time blacks have continued to go to school, get educated on the laws as it appeals to them all over this country. It IS NOT Blacks taking over this country it is everyone else not white coming into this country!
    It isn’t Blacks taking jobs from ignorant, uneducated, White men, it’s those men themselves who thought that being White would enable them to do whatever they thought they were entitled to because of their White skin. The Klan ISNT anyone else but ignorant, entitled White men all over America who have followed generations of men, fathers, grandfathers, uncles, or brothers steal land from American Indians; blacks who bought and tilled their own hard earned bought land in both north and south, wanted to, and stole from the goverment; acquire and use credit not pay cash, and have the audacity to dhoot and kill, mame others, just because of their jealousy of others who are coming into this country and buying the same with cash NOT credit.

    Oh btw, jrogowski, Do Your Research
    …330 church’s occasionally burn down? Sorry, NOT on their own. Kkk activities? Possibly, my suspicion, a bunch or poor White men living in the only places that accept being iliterate, poor, ignorant and uneducated, Southern states, and states where men are jealous of Blacks or any other race doing much better than themselves. I visit the South often on business. South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee surrounded by overgrowth, swamp, trees full of poisonous snakes, rattlers, cotton mouth, and others. Nothing in South Carolina getting better, Westinhouse and orher manufacturing plants gone. In 2015, it’s ridiculous.