What if We Loved Black Women Like We Love Black Male Rapists?

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  • Penelope_21

    Bill Cosby is absolutely disgusting and hideous. As is R. Kelly. As far as I can tell society protects and forgives rapists in general– especially if rapist is white, and especially if survivors are black women (eg Daniel Holtzclaw). Is it possible to be concerned about black female rape survivors and racist stereotypes leveraged against black ppl at the same time? Can we talk about the fact that Bill Cosby, R Kelly are hideous rapists without utilizing “black male” in the title of a think piece about rapists?

    • A. Langston

      Precisely. This idea of black male rapists detracts from her more important structural arguments.

  • Bathabile

    This is not a think piece about rapists. This is a think piece about the power dynamic between Black men and Black women set in the context of rape.

    Ms. Jackson is absolutely correct to bring Bill Cosby’s ethnicity into it. There is a long history of Black men (and women) demanding that Black women stand down and keep their mouths shut about the violence that Black men do to Black women so as not to make Black communities look bad.

    At this time arguments are being made that a conspiracy to destroy an important Black man is the reason for Bill Cosby’s admission in the deposition being made public. Never mind that he admitted to a heinous crime. They’re mad that his reputation has been sullied.

    So, yes, it is entirely right that the question be asked: When will Black women matter as much as Black men? That is what this think piece is about.

    • Penelope_21

      Ah. I definitely missed that this piece was about power dynamics between black men and women. It seems rather obvious now that you spelled it out for me. Thanks for explaining!

    • real