Serena Williams, Black Womanhood, and Why I Wanted to Be a Boy

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  • Sarah

    I don’t even know what the coach was talking about. All of it just was….nonsensical. He may as well have been speaking Ye Olde English. I feel the same when people say race stereotypes, and stereotypes in general. How do people come up with it all? It means they probably haven’t met whoever they’re talking about. Just treat people like people, right? It’s not so hard, and it’s healthy and normal to know different types of people. My dad said it isn’t healthy for everyone to be the same, and I know why. People get scared of “different”, and lots of the time that fear makes people do really awful things.

  • Lexxs

    White bigots are obsessed with criticizing Serena’s superior body while at the same time calling the transvestite Bruce Jenner a “goddess”.

    • Caitlyn Jenner is not “transvestite.” She is transgender. Transphobic language is not permitted on this site.

      • Lexxs

        I don’t know the difference. also I am not afraid of transvestites/transgenders so calling me phobic is a false statement. I am disappointed that you exercise censorship on your blog, we all cannot subscribe to the homosexual agenda.

        • Transphobia does not require fear. However, your language is antagonistic and violent toward trans* persons. We do not exercise censorship on this site because you have no rights to post here. Participating in this space is a privilege. Please refer to our terms if you have any further questions about our content and site use policies.

          • Lexxs

            Nonsense. I said nothing “violent” good bye and have a wonderful day.