“All Lives Matter” but the KKK is Marching in 2015

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  • John Henry

    This a good write up.Thank you!

  • truthseeker2436577@yahoo.com

    This article has a great message.

  • Brian L.

    I absolutely hate the KKK, but I hate censorship more. As long as they’re not breaking the law, anyone’s free to organize a march in public.

    It completely sucks that some of the worst people in life exploit that freedom, but if you don’t hold to that claim of principle of free speech being a freedom, you’ll run into far bigger problems than the KKK…

    Hello, Orwellian society.

    I’d rather silence people with logic, not laws.

    • I agree with your sentiment I just find it both odd and hypocritical that so little attenton is paid to this hate organization by mainstream media and many Americans. They aren’t just some random club. Like, we need to be honest about what they represent and support. Thanks for commenting!

  • Alex Amerling

    Couldn’t agree more.