Why I Couldn’t Make it Through Fifteen Minutes of MTV’s ‘White People’

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  • Perriheyy

    I found it underwhelming.
    After 5 minutes, I was only half watching it. I found myself rolling my eyes. It was watered down and weak. I kept thinking if MTV casted Franchesca “Chescaleigh” Ramsey in place of Vargas, this would be so much better. She does MTV’s Decoded which is a web series that discusses race. She does it with flair and unapologetically.

    • I would have loved to see Franchesca do this documentary. I think that would have been a great choice and would have challanged many existing stereotypes. Vargas was a very safe choice.

  • DMC15

    Asian Americans are a weird paradox.

    They’re seen as the most “gentle” of the minorities and the most assimilable: an industrious, studious underdog that made it in the US despite all the odds against them.

    Yet at the same time racial violence against them is the least recorded in the media (that’s a big part of why you don’t hear about racial violence against Asians, as well as the lesser amounts of it). Nobody sheds a tear about reverse discrimination against their students.

    They’re taught to “whitewash” themselves and change their beauty standards to be more white.

    The American genocide in the Philippines isn’t even covered in American history. Vietnam isn’t that big a deal. The immigration act isn’t a big deal. The atomic bomb is a step to righteous American power, not a war crime. Japanese internment never existed.

    And in a way that only really latinos and Muslims will understand, they’re seen as the enemy. African Americans, for all the racism they face, will always be Americans. Asian cultures (broadly grouped, for the sake of argument, as “civilizations” under Samuel Huntington’s Clash of civilizations argument) are the “yellow peril,” the eventual threat to western civilization that the mighty west (which includes African-Americans) will eventually have to defeat to keep its noble head above the other civilizations.

    Haven’t seen the movie and probably won’t, it sounds like a coddled attempt to preserve white feelings though whilst still trying to make us look sensitive to the suffering of others.

  • jrogowksi

    did you just learn the word “problematic”? say it again. lol.