CBS’ ‘Limitless’: For When You’re Laughing At, Not With, the Television

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  • Jonathan Jordan

    So if a show is unrealistic, and doesn’t conform to your idea of “character dynamics” which you haven’t defined as of yet by the way, it’s therefore not good? What comes through to me is a goofy show that centers around an interesting question. What would happen if superhuman intelligence was attainable through a pill?

    I think the character dynamics are great btw. Morra, is he good or not? Finch, is he an asset or a liability? I wonder where sands is from. How do we know Brian is the only one working for Morra? The fact that Morra is still using NZT adds new interest to the final scene of the movie, since he now know he was in fact bluffing.

    I don’t know man. Seems like you approached this review with some laziness. And you pull the race card? White privilege really? The special treatment came from the fact that he had a gun, and was very convincing. That’s it.

    • Jono Charles Davey

      He stopped to cry about it twice within the review – completely unnecessary.

  • Jono Charles Davey

    Written be a typical, bitter SJW, otherwise an accurate description of a modern cop show.