It’s Time We Stop Asking Whoopi Goldberg Questions.

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  • Mary Burrell

    Whoopi Goldberg and Raven Symone two generations of coons. Whoopie Goldberg when she dated Ted Danson attended a Hollywood function together with Ted Danson in blackface and they thought it was funny. I lost respect for her after that. And calls Mel Gibson a good friend when we all know he’s a racist. And she supports that rapist/pedophile Roman Polanski. So i am not surprised Viola’s glorious speech was lost on her she’s just that out of touch.

  • lazy2010

    I agree with this. I for one really thought that Whoopi was going to be that take no prisoners voice of reason and experience but she proved me wrong. Its never smart to project expectations on people especially these celebs. To be honest if we really look into what we know of WHoopi maybe we would be less disappointed. Raven is ignorant but she is obviously a sheltered Hollywood kid and if Whoopi is meant to be her mentor , God help her. They are all there for the check and being a Mr and Ms Contrary seems to be the way.

    • Agreed. I’m so disappointed in Whoopi because so many people of color have patronized her work over her long career. But, now, she seems hellbent on ignoring those people. It’s a shame.