Watch the ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Trailer Folks Are Mad About

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  • Sarah

    Comedian Donald Glover was nominated for Spider Man a while back….I think he’d be great. He’s great in his show and come on, as long as he’s good, but in his show he mentioned that some people were upset that there’d be a black Spider-Man. Honestly when I see Spiderman I think his costume is how he looks 24/7, so there’s that problem sorted for me (if it were Donald, maybe he’d be a cool, nice, funny Spider-Man). Though while the subject has been brought up….Hollywood seems to whitewash a lot. Do the people who say things like “why is there a black actor?” only have one type of friend, or what?

    • I’d definitely recommend this movie to break your movie hiatus. The rumor is that it will be pretty long (over 2 hours), but a least from the trailers, it looks to be beautifully shot and well put together.

      I think the subject of changing the race of characters is an interesting one. In the case of Star Wars, these are completely new characters, not ones that already existed but were changed. The same thing goes for the Spiderman reference you made. There were rumblings of a black Spiderman film, but that depiction was to be of an actual black Spiderman that exists in the comics (not the classic Peter Parker version). On the other end, there are Hollywood films that are taking actual minority characters and casting them with stark white people. In the face of all that, I think it is funny that anyone gets so upset whenever a minority character/actor gets just a bit of the spotlight.

      • Sarah

        There haven’t been many movies out I’ve been interested in seeing so I hope I can go out and see this movie soon. I also don’t watch cartoons much anymore so I think ill check out the Marvel cartoon. I looked it up after reading your response and saw Donald Glover actually is voicing a version of Spiderman in an alternate universe and that was cool to hear.
        It makes me worried when minorities are the bad guy for no obvious other reason, because only the white guy is supposed to be the hero, as if that’s supposed to be the absolute norm. That might be connected to the “damsel in distress” era but hopefully those things won’t stick around for too much longer.

        • I haven’t seen that cartoon myself, but I’ve only heard good things about Ultimate Spiderman.

          I think it is connected to the damsel in distress era, but with all the work people are doing, it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. However, that is why Star Wars VII is so promising. A lead hero and assumed Jedi is black. This is still rare in Hollywood.

          • Sarah

            Yeah. I’m excited to see this one. I’ve seen some of the past Star Wars stuff, and I liked it alright, but I didn’t grow up with the old version. I’ve heard of a handful of the actors and actresses for this new Star Wars and I like them.

            Thanks for talking with me! I realized I commented kind of a lot…I hope that was ok. And hopefully I didn’t sound annoying.

  • Sarah

    Just a few more days till the movie! I’m pretty happy about it. I haven’t really cared about seeing movies for a while. But I’m really excited now that the movie’s almost out.

  • Tir

    The comments about this movie reminds me why racism and sexism still needs to be fought in 2016….wow, the ignorance is staggering.