Let’s Get Real about “Zola”

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  • Mary Burrell

    Found the whole thing crazy and disturbing I don’t like these type of stories.

    • There have been major questions about the truth of the story too. But action packed, danger filled stories like this are compelling to read, no matter how much truth is in them.

  • BM1111111

    Man…you are just butthurt. This argument comes down to….”i spent hours and days and weeks in the studio perfecting my song, and this bitch releases an improvised cover on YouTube and she gets a million more views than me! Wahhhhhhh.” Grow up. Secondly, who are you to define masterful writing for anyone? Just cause you can string a few adjectives together? If James Joyce wanted to write ” The Fucking Dead Asfuq” in 2015 it still would be hot regardless of the style. It’s about content and speaking the voice of the audience. You just mad cause the audience responded to hers more than yours and your group’s. Just write better. Or be one of those hipster writers who are really good I swear but you know, no one appreciates him cause the masses can’t understand real art bro. Suuuuuure.

    • As I stated in the article, no shade to her. I can’t comment on her actual writing ability or the strength of any novel she might create. She could be the most prolific writer of our time. But when we as consumers of content take her string of tweets to constitute “masterful writing”, something is definitely wrong here.

      No jealousy. No hate. I wish her all the success in the world. I champion minority voices, especially in literature. This article is about us, the readers, taking a hard look in the mirror.