Joss Stone’s Billboard “#1 Reggae Album” Is Further Evidence of Our “Adele Problem”

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  • Shawna

    Ha! HAPPY NEW YEAR from the west coast. TV is boring tonight. I finally got a chance to read through. Whew! I haven’t heard the Joss Stone name since her early years and I appreciated the fresh sound she brought as a soulful white female solo artist and the fact she trained under Betty Wright, one of my all time fave singers played during my parent’s 70s card parties. BUT, I can’t say there are any artists bringing their own brand of hip hop, country, soul, r &b, rock, pop, reggae, etc. that do it as well as the originators. Entertaining or not, the original sound defines the genre for me. Flattery is fine though it can’t redefine something that already existed. And, I agree the sounds that make music you can feel is born out of experiences, and struggles a lot of the time

  • Viky

    As Chris Rock has said in his baseball rant, “Black America decides what’s hot and what young people get excited about” … I agree that black artists are not getting their due and that needs to be addressed, but I can’t help but think that some of the appropriation is a (somewhat misguided) attempt to tap into that excitement.