I’m Not “Anti-White” But I am Anti-White Supremacy

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  • Sarah

    It’s funny, sometimes I think I hate white people, (including myself). But it’s not the right way to think. There’s a lot of crap that went on and a lot of stupid, awful things still going on, but I need to do my best to fix problems and be more positive and not a grumpy lump. I just joined the Southern Poverty Law Center and among the kit they just sent me was a map of all the hate groups still in operation. There are a lot…way too many. I knew there were still some KKK-ers out there, and I really hate that, but it was crazy to see just how many hate groups there were. But it sadly makes sense. There are more than a few jerks in my town who like to drive the confederate flag around on their trucks and put it in their house windows. I think maybe (hopefully!) they put them away after Bree Newsome made the confederate flag come down from the Capitol in South Carolina, because I haven’t seen them lately. I’m sure as heck still going to stay away from those neighborhoods though.

    Thank you for sharing this, and everything else in your blog. I haven’t read all the articles here yet but I’ve still been learning a lot.

  • iman

    Hey I’m the one who asked you the question! This is a great article. Now I really like this website but sometimes I felt that it’s an attack on whites. But as I was wrong. Thanks for answering my question in this article once again. 🙂

  • 재도

    People like you are the reason I’m voting for Trump. Thank you for waking me up.