‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’ and the Birth of My Black Womanhood

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  • Zack

    This incredibly self-aggrandizing bullhorn call for attention is indicative of the issues that modern race relations face in first world countries. Your unabashed, blatant comparison between yourself and a proven successful artistic influence portrays narcissism on a level that I can’t fully comprehend. I think I understand why you feel the need to jump on a bandwagon issue long after its importance has faded to a relatively backpage issue compared to the other conflicts of the world. Reading this, I can see that you do not actually care about the plight of equality and fairness you claim to uphold. Everything you do and every stance you take is nothing but a venue for you to inflate your ever-bloated ego. Monopolizing the moral high ground to keep an argument perpetually in your favor is also a privilege. You can’t teach anybody anything because those that agree with you will only take your grossly biased opinions and use them to cherry-pick information for their own flawed reasoning, and those that disagree with you or offer any kind of dissent are instantaneously branded as “moronic.” You would rather use the concept of human rights as a shield for you to hide behind and preach your message of “equality” to a middle class, homogenized society while women are being forced to wear burkas and flock in harems around men in the Middle East. While South Africa struggles with the ugly remnants of apartheid, you ask your peers to love you for doing what is easiest: having an opinion. This is deplorable.