Hillary Clinton Is Trying To Bully Black People Into Supporting Her

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  • hlc

    I am thrilled to see that someone has the guts to write about this. Unfortunately, the mainstream media will never tell the truth about her. If we help this woman get into the White House we will surely regret it.

  • Viky

    I’ve been a Sanders fan since before he announced his candidacy — primarily because he’s been the first to call BS on many of the “capitalist” premises that have contributed to the inequality (racial and economic) that we currently face. I thought Nina Turner’s introduction did a great job outlining many of the reasons I am voting for him. https://www.facebook.com/berniesanders/videos/989856674402670/

    • Rod

      If it’s Hillary vs Trump, will you support an independent or Hillary?

      • Viky

        Good question, Rod — I’ve been trying to prepare myself for the usual lesser-of-two-evils vote that has been my choice for so many years and have planned to stand behind whichever Democrat wins the nomination. I am intrigued by an interview with Susan Sarandon where she said she could not pull a lever for Hillary and would rather see the inevitable revolution that would come with a Trump election … At this point I’m still feeling the Bern though …