Socially Constructed Furniture: Race, Gender, and the GapKids Ad

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  • mva1985

    Am I the first person to notice that their shirts read “love adventure”???

    Much ado about nothing. Has anyone asked the young ladies what they think?

    • To be bluntly honest, it doesn’t matter what the young ladies think. This isn’t about the personal relationships between the girls depicted in the ad. They are already in a group together, so i would hope that they are on good terms. This is about a message that Gap is perpetuating in the mainstream. This is about confirmation of a concept that is deeply rooted in history and is already held in the minds of many. So yes, much ado. But much ado about important topics many want to ignore.

      • mva1985

        So GAP, the ad agency, models, photographer, etc came together to try and send this message about “keeping the black man down” YET they pull the ad at the first sign of some people’s displeasure.

        It’s a stretch

        • That’s not what the article says. The intentions are unimportant. It is the impact on the people who consume the images. This ad is not saying anything about the company at all actually. Just saying that the response was logical when couched in a larger framework of oppression in the US.

          • mva1985

            oppression??? examples???

            you are writing a blog for the whole world to see. your freedom of speech is a protected right in this country

          • If you don’t know what oppression is, feel free to utilize the services of Google. Also, if you think the only form of oppression is denial of free speech, feel free to read a book.

          • mva1985

            Let’s face it you really don’t know what oppression is. Just think of all the women oppressed TODAY in predominantly Muslim countries trying to live under Sharia Law

          • You’re right. The likelihood that a doctoral student at one of the best universities in the world who studies political science and race doesn’t know what oppression is is much higher than the likelihood that you are an incendiary, lazy troll who would rather spew non-facts than read books before engaging with said doctoral student.