Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop The Feeling” Is Why I Hate Justin Timberlake

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  • Shawna

    I love, love, love JT. But, I don’t like this song and won’t spend my money on it. I prefer the soulful singing Justin. So, I’m passing on this though I am still huge fan. I just hope it’s not, as you predict, the ‘best’ his future work will be. I suppose it’s good enough for s kiddie movie, but is not the J.T. I know.

    Last I heard him in an awesome soul and blues-infused duet with country music phenom, Chris Stapleton, on an award show I thought it couldn’t get better or worse for J.T. I’m praying he goes back to delivering what I’m accustomed to and soon! Cause that performance was awesome!

    • Agreed. I read somewhere that he put this together while concurrently working on his next album, so I’m not feeling much faith for his next work.