Politically Correct White People Are Terrible For One Specific Reason

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  • Superlative!

  • truthseeker2436577@yahoo.com

    Excellent Article. Many people refuse to take the time to progressively understand the aspirations and the intentions of black people, women, etc. No one should lecture any black person how a black person can identify himself or herself as. Black people’s humanity must be respected.

  • Dan Shannon

    I’m just concerned the use of the term “the Google” may marginalize other non-dominant search engines.

  • Black Bart

    You know what I am tired and bored of? This. All of this. The world is on fire. People are dying of starvation and drug addiction. No jobs. Corrupt politics. And I am not talking Africa. This is the USA. And people like you quibble over semantic frivolities. Wake. Up. It’s not Republican vs Democrat. It’s not black vs white. It’s ultra wealthy vs. Everyone else. And you people who keep crying on the internet about race and gender and quotas and fairness…… you are the ones enabling the wealthy to keep on stealing the whole enchilada. Never has there been a moreblind ignorant bunch of Americans than the people who propagate this PC crap. How about this? Pick up a shovel and clean the crap out of Congress your own families and communities and the world and then…. once you’ve fixed all the REAL problems…then go back to ivory tower circle Jenks, white guilt, censorship, and general lunacy. Bunch of pretzel headed douchebags.

    • Lance Schwerdfager

      Envy is a destructive emotion. Why is it “ultra wealthy vs .Everyone else”? Is it because the “ultra wealthy” actually EARNED or invested their money intelligently? Poliitcal correctness is just a way to cadge money out of people. Period.