The ‘Chewbacca Mom’ Is The Definition of White Privilege

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  • j_rogowski

    the very absence of any comments on this site for the last two months is evidence of… lemme think… white privilege?

  • Totally off topic comment but I have fallen in love with the What’s Ray Saying podcast (, I’m in evangelizing mode! I first heard him on Snap Judgement this weekend telling the story Grits & Sausages ( I could go on and on but suffice it to say, he’s an amazing storyteller that is informed deeply with his knowledge, life experiences, humor and emotion.

  • Lauren

    Sorry but how is this anything to do with her being white? Would you be pissed if she was of colour and got a scholarship?

  • Jessica Ware

    Shut up. Just shut up. You’re stupid. This is incredibly racist. White privilege isn’t real. You’re stupid if you think it is. STOP BRINGING RACE INTO EVERYTHING OTHERWISE YOU ARE THE RACIST ONE! you’re all stupid if you think this is “white privilege” yoire racist. Yoire stupid. Yoire racist, yoire stupid. The author of this is stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Idiotic. Irrelevant. Killjoy. Just stop and shut up already dumbasses

  • Emilio Gonzalez

    “When I see the Chewbacca Mom, I see a funny lady who clearly has a great personality and a beautiful family whom she clearly loves. But, what I don’t see is someone whose family deserves a free ride to a private university. I just don’t.”

    Why? Because they’re white? You know absolutely nothing about her life or the life of her family prior to this video going viral. Who are you to say what they deserve? You try so hard to talk about how underprivileged people of color are, and how they would deserve it more. That’s racist! You are saying, “take away what these white people have and give it to people of color” for no other reason than the color of their skin.

    You are a racist. You have this platform to reach people with your thoughts, and you use that to take a fun story about a family and turn it into racial prejudice. Just stop. How about this…the next time you see a positive thing happen to a white person/family, just be happy for them? Better yet, the next time you see a positive thing happen to ANY person/family, just be happy for them! Just grow up and stop looking for reasons to bitch about race.

  • Allison Mac

    She didn’t get all of those things because she was white. She got those things and she’s white. There’s a big difference. Correlation isn’t causation.

  • Ginges

    Honestly I can’t tell you how many of my friends I know that are white who’s parents can’t afford to put them in college and who didn’t get scholarships because they were white, yes because they were white, because it’s better for a school democratically to accept someone of color with similar or less credentials than someone that’s white with similar or higher credentials. I know a few friends of color who get subsidized tuition from the government who hardly pass their classes or don’t at all and just cash their check on anything but school, a check that could go to anyone else of color or white who would utilize it for education and furthering their lives but instead these people were chosen because their race, financial status instead of effort and drive to learn. People say white privilege and this and that when as a young white person in this country who is not racist, not hateful, no correlation with the past discrimination or slavery none of that, I feel more discriminated and targeted every single day just because I am white. The more I go onto the internet, the more hate I see by all these movements and how they target white people for being white, whom they know nothing about besides their pale skin, the more I see this the more I myself hate my pale skin and hate myself because the entire internet makes me out to be a privileged, racist, hating human being.

    • Dusty Ayres

      Comically (and stupidly) missing the point seems to be a feature of the makeup of people like you. Flagged.

  • Andre Silva

    Mrs Jackson, I agree with you. United States is a racist country. I had no idea how racist this country would be, until I moved from my homeland (Brazil) to here. After moving I had many horrible experiences, from the girl that I was dating and started avoiding me because she was thinking that I was dating her for the green card, to the sellers that look at you different because you have an accent. It’s disgusting.

    I would like to ask anyone that didn’t see anything racist here, IF the “Chewbacca Mom” was Black, Hispanic or Asian; do you really think that she would receive the same benefits as the white “Chewbacca Mom” ?

    Another thing, IF racism is not present in the american culture, why whitewashing is so common in Hollywood ?

    P.S. Before calling me illegal or saying that I’m the racist here, two things.

    FYI I was born in US but I was raised in Brazil (basically, after getting my major and my Masters I moved here for a better quality of life) AND RACISM is a strange word when you were born as a white person in US 😉

  • Evelyn L Ray

    Umm…she didn’t go viral because she is white. She went viral because she was funny as hell. They gave her all that crap not because she is white but because she made them money. It is called marketing. Look it up. Come up with a really good youtube video and have it go viral. If it has a connection to a company – Bingo! – you have your scholarship, money and prizes and guest appearances. The company won’t give a damn what color you are.