White Ignorance Is Re-Writing The World As We Know It

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  • Thank you for writing about Charles Mills and his efforts toward understanding white ignorance. His notions about an epistemology of ignorance has been among the most useful platforms I’ve found for trying to comprehend and grapple with being an oblivious white man. It’s a pain in the kabooka to grapple with my obliviousness….but…Dr. Mills work is heartening in that it demystifies some of the processes that encouraged and maintain that lack of comprehension. Systems of oppression have a much “higher IQ” (as a friend of mine expressed it) than we might realize.

    I’ve found it to be illuminating also to consider the suggestion that each system of oppression may well have its own epistemology of ignorance associated with it and struggle to escape one configuration of unawareness doesn’t automatically translate into comprehending other areas of harm or obliviousness. This stuff is complex.

    Thank you again for your writings.

    • Thank you for reading it and for grappling with complexity of the subject.

  • HOPE FLOATS. JUSTICE ENDURES. TRUTH RISES. The deplorable Blind Dead will continue to see what they want to see and hear what they already know. This is TPPS – Tiny Pink Penis Syndrome–at its least erect–run amok–gone hog pink wild. They are so deep into the belly of this beast of their own making that the only exit left is through the demon’s ass. [White] America is rotten to the core with a corrupt, decadent, and insane system of criminalized justice where protecting the myth of white [male] supremacy has always been more important than truth and justice. Hate and greed is the cancer causing American way. As they continue to shovel junk food onto the white paper plate called their bottomless egos, their cancer cells gorge in gluttonous abandon. Truth rises along with rampant levels of drug addiction, mental illness, cancer, diss-ease, impotency, and clinical sterility. Sooner has become later, and yet, Truth rises anyway; in every way–every day. In this Time, rarely will the only head that can hang on a deplorable [white] male hold itzSelf up again. Prepare for the shunning of a wetigo stricken [white] America. It will be called 2020 Vision.

  • Florian Steinmann

    stop using buzzfeed for your information