Black Girl Magic and the 2016 Olympics: The Water and Oil of Black Athleticism

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  • Shawna

    I definitely gained a greater appreciation for what early Black Olympic athletes overcame to showcase their athletic ability and hard work by watching the recent movie ‘Race’ about Jesse Owens. That should be required viewing for all Americans. As you stated, these athletes returned to even more dire conditions and I’ll add fewer job and educational opportunities and little or no endorsement deals enjoyed by today’s athletes. (I admire Usain Bolts $33 million per year, and the 10 times less earned by other track stars -that’s bank).

    Praise God things have improved!

    Also, I rejoice when today’s athletes win medals, and endorsement deals. I’ve always loved the Olympics since it was a common form of entertainment where I could bond with my parents, other adult relatives, and older cousins as a child. Such fond sweet memories. I wanted to be Flood. As a frustrated athlete, a non- athlete, I get great joy from seeing what they achieve and to know they are the best! The black women from numerous countries have showcased that they are far and above superior at what they do. I’m so proud of them all, especially those from the U.S. It’s home; they’re my homegirls, and yes, they represent us well in spite of every negative thing our country is going through right now. That’s no easy feat. God bless them! Big hair and all. ‘ All we do is win!’ And, as Dr. Maya Angelou stated ‘Still I/we rise’

  • BLACK GIRLS ROCK. Truth rises anyway; in every way–every day.