I Might Be ‘With Her’ For Now….

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  • Shawna

    Well stated! I also think it’s incredibly important for young people to realize and harness their power to decide elections, and for all people to realize that voting is an important privilege and right and to get out and vote at all levels of the ballot. Without the help of Congress, a Presidents effectiveness is tempered. Please find Congress people you like that serve your best interest and vote them into office to get things done, no matter who the President is!

  • Matt Jarvis

    What “dog whistle” politics? Trump has been using a megaphone!

    I’m perfectly fine saying that I’d vote for the “less qualified” candidate. I did it in 2008, for example. I also did it in 1992, when I voted for a long-time governor of a small state over a former head of the CIA/Vice President/President/head of the GOP/member of Congress/ambassador to UN/envoy to China.

    I’m less fine saying I voted for an UNqualified candidate, who also happened to be DEEPLY racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, etc….