Mahershala Ali Reflects on Blackness, Harlem, and the ‘Luke Cage’ Series [VIDEO]

Mahershala Ali is one of the hottest actors right now (based both on visual judgment and popularity) . Most of us remember him from his early days on The 4400 but far more know him as “Cottonmouth” on the new hit Netflix series Luke Cage.  Recently, Ali sat down to speak with NBCBLK about his newest roles and what they mean for the direction of the entertainment industry.

In the short film, Ali speaks at length about his experience in playing Cottonmouth and his craft at large. He minces no words with regards to the importance of places like Harlem in continuing the traditions of Black thought leaders and entertainers. Not only that, he explains why the increasing numbers of shows that feature Black leads and predominantly Black casts offer a depiction of a culture that is too far often excluded from entertainment.

Watch the video below:


Photo: NBCBLK screenshot

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Jenn M. Jackson

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