April Ryan’s face after Spicer’s Hitler comments is every Black person enduring bigotry in the workplace

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  • Shawna

    Was so shocked when I read his comments on CNN yesterday. This video says it all. I was like forget a history class, had this dude ever seen a movie? Even if he slept through history, it’s such a well documented FACT, he shouldn’t be so obviously ignorant about. Goodness! He needs to get fired for this and for everything! I’m starting to think he’s a conspiracy theorist like his boss. Maybe he really believed the Holocaust didn’t happen. Smh!

    Hats off to black women in the workplace everyday, enduring this and much worse….

    • Absolutely. Spicer is trash. Utter trash. The fact that these women have to sit there and treat him like an equal (or even a superior?!?)? I could never.