6 Funk Artists Bruno Mars Can’t Hold A Candle To

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  • Ryan Gebers

    I really liked this part,
    “producer Mark Ronson, a well-to-do Jewish man from the UK. And if you can’t look past the translucent veil to see what all of this really means, I can’t do anything more to help you.”
    You do know that Ronson has helped produce albums for plenty of non-white people, right (Macy Gray for instance)?
    What about that Jewish asshole Leonard “Chess”?
    Clearly a part of the white power structure when he worked with a bunch of pale-faced artists like Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, or Chuck Berry ammirite?
    Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of my fellow white people that just create subpar appropriation albums, but it’s not like all white producers do this (see Rick Rubin).

    Btw, I hate Bruno Mars (granted he’s talented), and I would greatly prefer most of the above artists to Mars.
    It’s not that this is a horrible article, it’s just that you make stretches, and leaps without much more than a simple supposition.