Hey Girl…It’s Paul Ryan Gosling…

At times, the presidential campaign can get waaaay too serious. And at times it can also get waaaay too hilarious. Just like the McKayla Maroney is not impressed meme, the Paul Ryan Gosling meme has taken off. With its first post appearing on August 11th, the meme mocking Vice Presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan (WI) seems to have an endless supply of material.

It’s really a brilliant idea: make memes in the vein of the Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” motif, but spoof their political history and platform. The Tumblr page has grown to be immensely popular, and it has even inspired the creation of a Twitter page┬áput together by 5 mothers who also run the blog The Mouthy Housewives. The Tumblr page is set up mainly to cause laughs, and at times, it strays from political topics. The Twitter page, however, takes a much stronger stance on the issues and skewers Ryan a bit more mercilessly.

And the sarcasm doesn’t stop with Paul Ryan. The idea has been adapted for multiple personalities, going so far as to chide Mitt Romney’s son Craig:

The way I see it, this Paul Ryan Gosling phenomenon has two major side effects:

1. People learn about Paul Ryan, his political platform, and his policies.

2. Paul Ryan’s name has much stronger recognition.

I am sure that these were the main objectives when putting these pages together, and I see how these methods could reach some people who conventional methods wouldn’t. I personally just like them because they are funny. Here are some of my favorites:

I personally don’t see anything wrong with these memes. They can be harsh and they can be crass, but in a twitter society, its gets its point across.

What say you Water Cooler Community?

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Daren W. Jackson

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