Tamar Braxton ‘Love and War’ Video Premiere

rp_tamar-love-and-war-cover-300x300.jpgTamar Braxton has been on the rise for a few years now. With the success of her hit show (along with her four sisters and mom), WeTV’s Braxton Family Values, her name recognition has grown exponentially. And, she has been talking about coming out with her own solo project for quite some time now. So, with another successful reality series under her belt (Tamar & Vince), her solo project has finally come into fruition. The first season of her reality series was capped with a showcase performance that featured a number of her songs.

And now we have her first video for her debut single Love and War. To date, the song has been a success. Upon its release, it shot to #1 on the iTunes chart, and it has also hit #1 on the Billboard Hitseekers chart.

Sadly, I am not seeing the appeal of the video. Other than proving that Tamar is in shape, beaches are beautiful, and the black and white video medium does a great job of showing hard contrasts, the video doesn’t actually do anything. And I would expect more for an artist that has been chomping at the bit for so long to have her chance. Luckily, the song is brilliantly written and Tamar’s voice soars on the track. Her debut album “Love and War” is due out in March.


Another song that has been getting a lot of buzz is one of Tamar’s ratchet favorites Hot Sugar. Listen to her live showcase performance of the song below.

So what do you think about the songs? Hot? Not? Excited for the album? Sound off in the comments.

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