New Group “Lady” Brings Back Soul Music

You may have heard of Nicole Wray before. She was Missy Elliott’s protegé in the late 90’s, releasing her first single “Make It Hot” in 1998. But her level of fame declined after that.

And Nicole Wray’s career was pretty much mirrored by Terri Walker in the UK. Her debut single “Guess You Didn’t Love Me” garnered her a lot of critical notoriety in 2003. And while she has been releasing music since,  she has yet to attain that breakout star status.

But when the two met in 2009, they made an instant connection over their love for classic soul music. Now, joined under the moniker Lady, they have released some of the most authentic soul music to grace the Earth since the 60’s.

The lead single, “Get Ready”, has a fire and a passion that instantly transports you back to Motown’s heyday. Nicole has a grittiness in her voice that is seemingly unleashed on this record, and I don’t think I have ever heard her sound this good. And while I am not very familiar with Terri Walker, she gives off a realness and regalness that could put her in league with Gladys Knight, Diana Ross, and Aretha Franklin.

Check out the video for the single below. Shot in black and white, it’s got a real cool, understated vibe. The two are belting the song on street corners, and you almost want to believe that they are in Detroit back in the 60’s. There is just so much power, honesty, and harmoniousness. And I can’t praise their musical achievements enough.

Their self-titled debut album was released on March 4th. Purchase it on Amazon.

What’s your verdict? Loving the throwback? Not feeling the soul? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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Daren W. Jackson

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