Ray J Writes New Song About Kim Kardashian

Ray J, Ray J, Ray J… words almost escape me in this moment. Reducing himself to an all time low, Mr. J has embarrassed himself and the Norwood family once again. In a new single, the struggling singer is referencing his sexual escapades to further his sales.

His quest for fame has seen him usher two television series to cancellation, star in his own dating reality show, and most notably, support the release of a sex tape. I thought he couldn’t get any lower. But I guess his string of low-selling singles and unreleased albums were cause for a new level of desperation.

Ray J has a new single set to be released on April 9th. And it’s titled I Hit It First. Any ideas who the song is about? Maybe Cocktail or Mz. Berry from For The Love of Ray J? Possibly Whitney Houston? Nope. Wrong. It’s about none other than Kim Kardashian. So now he is hinging his career on the current relationship status of his sex tape partner  from 2007. Late much?

And if you couldn’t get that the song was about Kim K from the song title, he pixelated a picture of her and used it as the single artwork.

And just check out a sample of the lyrics:

“Hit it from north/Brought her head down south/Now that I’m finished/She’s on to Mr. West.”


Now Ray J has never been the pinnacle of artistic achievement, but he has had some minor hits. He put out “Wait A Minute“, “One Wish“, and “Sexy Can I“. He’s been in a number of TV shows. But now his entire career is based on the fact that he had sexual intercourse with Kim K. This is just pathetic.

Be on the look out for my review once the single is released. I’m sure there will be LOTS to talk about.

What do you think of Ray J? Is this as low as he can go or are there still new depths to be explored? Share your opinion on the commets!

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Daren W. Jackson

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