The Music You Should Be Listening To: Jarell Perry

The radio waves are filled with a cycle of “popular” songs played on repeat, not because of the quality but because of their sheer ubiquitous-ness. So, as opposed to the other crap that you hear from every media outlet, here is the music that you should be listening to.


Jarell Perry

Have you heard of Jarell Perry? If you haven’t, you need to. He’s been featured on MTV, garnered over 1 million views on his YouTube Channel, and worked with Usher. He even co-wrote “Another Round” by Fat Joe featuring Chris Brown.

Hailing from Orange, CA (my neck of the woods), he fits right in the vein of current chart-toppers like Frank Ocean and Miguel with his experimental sound and floating vocal quality. But his work sounds even more progressive than his peers. There is something more youthful and decidedly R&B than other performers like The Weeknd.

Just a month ago, Perry released his debut EP, Simple Things. And it’s fire. While it is free to download, this isn’t your ordinary mixtape. This is an album. In its execution, quality, and cohesiveness, I could see this body of work sitting on shelves in stores across the country.

I’m loving all of the music, but there are a few standouts. First is the official single, “Getaway”. You’ll want this thumping bass blowing through your speakers. Perry is delightfully melodic over the soaring music. And even in his youth, he has impressive control over the delicacies of his voice. Definitely one to sing along to.

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Another cut that I love is “Awkward.” The marching drum beat on this song is crazy. It’s almost tribal. And for such an unorthodox track, there is an astonishing amount of crossover, pop appeal. In today’s music scene, lyrical content is often an overlooked afterthought, but you have to appreciate the care Perry puts into every word he writes. True artists work for perfection in their work, and it shows.

And these tracks are just a taste. As I said, the work is fire. For 14 tracks, Jarell makes his case for wide appeal, and I can’t imagine a better presentation.

Listen to the EP in its entirety below or download it from his official website.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Final Verdict: If you are a fan of Drake or the Weeknd, you’ll fall in love with Jarell Perry’s music. He has similar music production value, but he amps things up with his vocal talent and lyrical content. He’s one of the best things going in music right now … you just don’t know it.

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