2013 BET Awards Recap

bet-awards-2013-400x197A lot went down at the 2013 BET Awards last night. I live tweeted as best I could, but there was no keeping up with the string of crazy happening on the screen. So for those that missed it, here’s is my recap for the night.


Charlie Wilson BET AwardsCharlie Wilson – He won the Cadillac Lifetime Achievement Award and was honored with performances by India Arie, Jamie Foxx, and Stevie Wonder. Then he performed an 11 1/2 minute long medley of his songs with Pharrell, Justin Timberlake, and Snoop (Dogg) Lion. This was the centerpiece of the entire night.

Miguel – His falsetto was questionable on his “How Many Drinks” performance, but he managed to get through the entire show without drop-kicking or concussing anyone. He even managed to weather all of the jokes coming his way in stride. Add in his other performance and “Best Male R&B/Pop Artist” win, and Miguel comes away on the plus side.

Gabrielle Douglas – She won two awards, “Young Stars Award” and “Subway Sportswoman of the Year”, and she did it while looking poised and respectable. She graced the stage in stellar shape and maintained her spot as role model to children across the country.

dwayne-wade-gabrielle-unionGabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade – These two are quickly becoming the new Black power couple. Gabrielle Union is getting a lot of shine from her BET TV movie “Being Mary Jane” and Dwayne Wade is making moves on and off the court, as shown in Humanitarian Award he received that night. If they get married, Will/Jada and Jay/Bey will definitely have some company.

Kendrick Lamar – He won “Best New Artist” and “Best Male Hip Hop Artist” honors, and his acceptance speech was both simple and inspiring. He also his high notes for his performances with Miguel and Erykah Badu (and her booty). Standing as one of the few true rappers finding success in today’s market, his hype still grows and he keeps delivering.

Burnell Taylor – Seated 2 rows behind Charlie Wilson, the season 12 American Idol standout had more screen time than most. Can’t wait for his new music.

Pharrell – Performed with Charlie Wilson and Robin Thicke. Somehow, his N.E.R.D. brand is on the rise again and topping charts.


R.-Kelly-608x439R. Kelly – Performed a medley of his hits for 7 long minutes. Thanks for the reminder of how good you USED to be! Oh, and her performed literally covered in spiky studs. #FASHIONFAIL.

Chris Tucker – I thought he did a pretty competent job as host, but the reviews have been highly negative. Add in the self-deprecating humor and Michael Jackson impression, and you’ve got a missed opportunity for a comeback.

Censorship – Play back nearly any performance that Nicki Minaj was a part of and it is clear that the censor was a little slow at the controls. F and N bombs were clearly overlooked. For a while there, I thought that they meant for the curse words to air and the rest of the lyrics to be cleared out.

RapJanelle Monae‘s masterful flows and Kendrick Lamar’s sheer star quality were not enough to save the sinking ship that is Rap. J Cole did his thing, but I think he is hitting the big stage a little before his time. Are 2 Chainz and A$AP Rocky really supposed to pass as rap now? I think they are the real reason Snoop changed his name and turned to Reggae. There is no way he wanted to be associated with that.

Mariah Carey BET AwardsMariah Carey – She stood still and lip-synched her Miguel assisted smash #Beautiful whereas, Ciara (of all people) actually sang live through her twerk and gyrate session. Mariah … there are officially no excuses left in the entire world.

Rapper Ankles – This new trend of men wearing parachute pants needs to stop. Now. The MC Hammer days are gone and those pants were supposed to go with him. That means you, Pharrell.

Embellished Jackets – R. Kelly wore spikes all over his. Miguel’s was covered in hair. 2 Chainz had knee-length fringe. And they all were laughing stocks for the night.


Meagan Good – Viewers across the nation collectively spit out whatever they were drinking when Good took the stage to present the award for “Best Gospel Artist”. The preacher’s wife wore a blue plunging neckline dress, nearly exposing her entire chest and stomach. I’d post the pic, but I classify it as NSFW. I just KNOW there is some irony in there somewhere …

showbiz-nicki-minaj-bet-awardsNicki Minaj – She performed with almost everybody, but for once, she’s not the one being talked about the next day. Chalk that up to her more “conservative” approach for the night, meaning she decided to not let everything hang out or be beyond graphic throughout the show.

Kevin Hart – His movie Think Like A Man took home a win for “Best Movie”, but his onstage antics are teetering on the edge of too much. He is coining catch phrases (Turn Up!), promoting movies (Let Me Explain), and keeping the promo train moving for his show Real Husbands of Hollywood. I think the man is hilarious, just better in moderation.

Ciara – She gave a blazing performance of her two singles “I’m Out” and “Body Party”, even managing to sing live. Her trademark hip pops, rolls, and shakes were all there, but Ciara is going to need a new gimmick if she wants to hang around in the biz.


And there you have it. The 2013 BET Awards is a wrap. In all, it was a vast improvement over previous incarnations. The ratchet was kept to a minimum and most brought their A-game.

Did you watch the music and celeb extravaganza? Tell us what you thought of it in the comments section below.

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