New Music Videos from Fantasia, Janelle Monae, and … Eddie Murphy?

This week, several high-profile artists released music videos. From the highly anticipated visual treatment for Fantasia’s “Without Me” to a shocker from Eddie Murphy, I’ve got you covered on which ones you can’t miss and which ones aren’t worth giving up the few minutes out of your day.

Janelle Monaé – “Dance Apocalyptic”

Janelle_MonaeJanelle Monaé is most known for her socially conscious tracks, like “Q.U.E.E.N.” But on this one, she goes for all out fun. The sound is still uniquely hers, but she actually flexes her vocal muscles a bit more than usual. She let’s her hair down and seems to be busting at the seams with pure energy.

And when I say that she let’s her hair down, I mean that both figuratively and literally. Gone are her trademark conservative black and white uniform and up-dos. The robotics are nowhere to be seen. And the fortitude she usually sings with has been replaced with a rocker edge.

The vid is inspired by American Bandstand, and she takes the idea somewhere it’s never gone before. There’s no denying the fun and addictiveness of the song and video. Just go watch it already.


Fantasia – “Without Me” feat. Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliott

As I talked about in my review of Fantasia’s new album Side Effects of You, “Without Me” is definitely one of the highlights of the album. The additions from Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliot feel organic, and you can tell by watching the video how much fun they had making the record. From listening to the track, you might have been worried about if Fantasia could bring the sexy that it carries. But Fantasia delivers. Rocking catsuits, leather, and the like, Fantasia breaks out her dancing shoes and plays the part of a woman in control to the hilt.

We all know that this is familiar territory for Kelly Rowland, and she performs just as you would expect. The camera plays up her figure and she brings that trademark Kelly attitude that she has been cultivating over the years.

It was so nice to see Missy Elliott return and bring the breath of fresh air that only she can provide. I’ll never get tired of her facial expressions and the jovial attitude she keeps in her back pocket.

This is Fantasia like you’ve never seen her before. And she manages to do it all with class and finesse.


Eddie Murphy – “Red Light” feat. Snoop Lion

This is where things get really screwy.

Out of the blue, Eddie Murphy released a music video for his new single “Red Light”. And it’s a reggae song. And it features Snoop Lion (Dogg). To my recollection, the last and only music video he made was for “Party All The Time” way back in 1985.

With all of those reasons why this could be so crazy, the weirdest part is that the song isn’t half bad. Reggae music actually suits his voice pretty well. The video literally consists of Eddie, Snoop, and background singers recording the song in a studio. For someone with a sizeable back account like Eddies’, the video quality leaves much to be desired, but honestly, you’re watching it to get confirmation that it really is Eddie Murphy singing the song.

I don’t see this one topping the charts, but you’ll at least have to take him a bit more seriously as an artist.

Which video is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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