Music Video Roundup: Tamar, Toni, India, and Jill Scott

tamar-hot-sugarThe past week has been another strong one on the music video front. Two Braxton sisters offered new visuals, India Arie let her hair down, and Jill Scott got all artistic with Robert Glasper.

Tamar Braxton – “Hot Sugar”

Tamar has been hard at work getting her post-baby body in shape to shoot this video. She’s been itching to release this track as a single from the beginning, but due to her unexpected pregnancy, she had to release other singles instead. And now that she’s ready, Tamar is giving it all she’s got.

In this Instagram inspired video, Tamar sticks to a gold, black and white color palette while giving up several different looks. Plus, she finally gets the chance to drop it like its hot, throwing in a few dance sequences. Be sure to check out our review of her album Love and War, and look out for her Christmas album Winter Loverland hitting stores on November 11th.

Toni Braxton & Babyface – Hurt You

With news that Toni Braxton was coming out of retirement and reuniting with Babyface, the music world was buzzing with anticipation. And the duo delivered with a classic Babyface track and classic Toni Braxton vocal.

So it’s no surprise that they threw some classic elements into the video too. Toni is back to the short cut that made her famous. And the piano laden track gives you chills from the moment it begins. It feels like ages since we’ve heard Babyface’s tender tenor and Toni Braxton’s iconic voice soars. The “two room” structure is far from a new video device, but it is used simply and effectively here for winning results. Get ready for the release of their album Love, Marriage and Divorce hitting stores soon.

India Arie – Just Do You

India Arie, commonly known for her more serious side, lets us know that sometime you just need to let loose and be yourself. “Just Do You” is arguably one of the strongest tracks on her album SongVersation, and it’s great that she gave it the video treatment.

She starts off walking into a business meeting, but she quickly realizes that it’s time to ditch the stuffy routine and enjoy the sun outside. Not only does she strip down to share her physique (another rarity), she even engages in a bit of a dance sequence. Overall, India Arie gives the message that none of us need to care about what other people think because the best way to succeed is to just be yourself.

Robert Glasper Experiment – Calls ft. Jill Scott

Jill Scott and The Robert Glasper Experiment joining forces was one of the smartest decisions either party could make. Jill Scott has always had a perfect marriage with anything even close to jazz music, and Robert Glasper has a knack for making interesting and innovative work.

The video for the single feels like a clash of the classic and the current. Jill Scott looks fabulous in her vintage duds and her impressive acting chops are definitely on display. The whole treatment is beautifully shot, and the artistic efforts don’t go unappreciated. Vibe out to the mellow video below, and see if you understand the symbolism presented throughout the video.

 What is your favorite video of the week?

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