5 Ways ‘Scandal’ Can Handle Kerry Washington’s Pregnancy

kerry_washingtonThe hit ABC show Scandal is currently in its third season. Producer and series genius, Shonda Rhimes, has been kicking butt shocking audiences worldwide for the past few years with her racy scenes and steamy onscreen romances. And lead actress, Kerry Washington, has been giving us life as the uber-powerful, well-groomed, man-eater Olivia Pope. But now, congratulations are in order because the lovely Ms. Washington is expecting her first child with NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha. The two were wedded in June in a super secret ceremony in Idaho.

So, to help Rhimes out a bit, we decided to start writing Washington’s pregnancy into the show. Why? Well, mainly because nobody has time for any unexpected breaks. Yes, Kerry and Shonda, we are talking to you. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Why else? Well, because Washington’s pregnancy could make for some pretty juicy storylines in Season 4. Dontcha think?

1. Olivia Pope can get pregnant by the President

Now this storyline is the most obvious. What would happen next? Mellie would lose her dang mind, Olivia would spend the entire pregnancy in that emergency bunker from three episodes ago, and the President would head straight to Babies’R’Us. He’d have a registry before Olivia could finish saying “pregnant.” But, in the end, Mellie and Cyrus would spin the pregnancy and subsequent delivery into some sob story about how the First Family adopted an orphan.

2. Olivia can be a surrogate for Cyrus

This storyline would make Olivia a saint. It would help the President’s campaign for his second term because Liv would look like an angel to the American public. I think I like this one. There are so many dimensions here.

3. Olivia can get pregnant by Jake

Now, this would piss a lot of folks off but all the #TeamJake ladies would be jubilant. Olivia’s love triangle with the President and his basketball buddy has been causing drama for a while. Rhimes could spin this one for daaayz.

CREDIT: E!Online

CREDIT: E!Online

4. She can have a mystery pregnancy

I kind of like the idea of having Olivia just walking around pregnant episode after episode without her divulging who the father is. Is it Fitz? Jake? Edison? Who the heck knows? This plot summary would provide the Scandal-esque twists and turns we have all come to expect from the show. Meanwhile, we’d all be simultaneously clutching our pearls, biting our nails, and holding our breath until the final seconds of the season finale when the baby pops out and looks like Huck!

5. Olivia gets kidnapped and disappears for a few episodes while Pope and Associates is on the case

I think this would be absolutely riveting. We would get a chance to see Quinn, Huck, Harrison, and the other girl (sorry, not a fan) rip running the streets looking for Olivia. Harrison (Columbus Short) would obviously take the lead role cause he is a bauce. Quinn would keep walking around behind Huck looking like a hungry mouse. Huck would be talking fast, looking down and to the right while repeating the same phrase over and over again. I think it could make for some good TV watching.

No matter how they spin it (or if they choose not to at all) there is no doubt that the writers will have us reeling for seasons to come. And as long as Washington keeps giving us life in these gorgeous dresses, white jackets, and custom suits, we won’t really care anyway.

What do you think? Should Olivia Pope be preggers? Who would be the dad?

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Jenn M. Jackson

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