Music Monday: Amber Riley – Colorblind [VIDEO]

Marie-Claire-Amber-Riley-1I don’t watch Glee anymore, but Amber Riley’s return to the show is the one thing that might make me rethink that decision. Last week, she premiered her new song “Colorblind” during an episode of the show. And her pipes have never been more pristine.

I won’t go into how the song integrated into the show as it actually makes no sense, but the song itself is a ballad for the ages. She sings about how someone she loves stole the color of her world. It is a beautiful and simple way to describe deep hurt and loss.

Coming off of her near win on Dancing with the Stars, let’s hope that her star only continues to rise and her talent can finally be showcased on a full length album.

Check out the theatrical Glee performance and a live performance from The Queen Latifah Show below.


Don’t forget to purchase the song on iTunes and Amazon!

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