Hispanics are Becoming White and It’s Not Good


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Latino Americans – or Hispanics – occupy a stigmatized status in America alongside blacks. For some, that is cause for activism, social change, lobbying for legislative action, or preservation of their ethnic heritage. For others, it is a reason to deny their own heritage and abandon their genetic makeup. Sadly, the number of folks who choose the latter option seems to be growing.

According to a recent Pew Research study, more than one million Americans who previously identified as Hispanic and “some other race” on the 2000 US Census checked Hispanic and white on the 2010 census form. While the number of people who change their race on the federal form varies every decade, this is the first time these statistics have been analyzed on such a large scale.

The study went on to note that most people who identified as white, black or Asian on the 2000 census remained in the same category in 2010. So, it is truly confounding that so many Latino Americans changed their ethnic identity over the course of ten years. One writer noted that much the same trend occurred for Germans, Italians, and the Irish when they first immigrated here. He notes that the arc of change for many immigrant populations is relatively identical. New generations are predominantly English speaking, children attain more education than their parents, and wealth increases intergenerationally. On its face, this seems to be an ethnic Cinderella Story.

Sadly, it’s not. Since race in this country is typically dichotomous and conceived of in the form of a black-white binary, it can be said that what Hispanics and Latino Americans are doing on the aggregate is further distancing themselves from blacks to assimilate with the dominant white culture. While this isn’t true for all Latino Americans, it is certainly true for some. Pew writer, D’Vera Cohn, alluded to this phenomenon saying that this could be happening because of certain “benefits associated with being identified with some groups.”

She said it the politically correct way. I will say it the blunt way. Many Hispanics see that they can get further in America if they simply say they are white, even if it isn’t true. She also noted that the number of people changing their ethnic identity might be higher in the real population. In other words, some people of color are closeted, checking their ethnic identity on the box for the federal government yet presenting themselves as white in public spaces.

This is not just a bad thing. This is a terrible thing. It is the Melting Pot Theory aka Colorblindness aka Post-Racialism at work. These individuals, after being bludgeoned over the head repeatedly by white ideas about beauty, respectability politics in the workplace, and white-washing of media images marketed to children, have acquiesced to the omnipresence of  white supremacy. There are certainly benefits to being – or becoming – a member of the majority. But, is it truly worth it if it means one has to abandon their own identity in the process? Certainly not.

Many have said that whites will one day become a minority in this country. With Latino Americans standing as the largest minority group, they were said to surpass whites in total population – making the US a majority-minority country as early as 2043. How exactly will that happen if Latino Americans are becoming white? It simply won’t.

You see, this is the danger of systemic, ingrained, institutional racism. It even has the power to change the ethnic identity of living breathing human beings. Sadly, this leads one to wonder if there is really any way to defeat white supremacy at all or if all of us activists are just chasing our tails. While I would love to say this is not a threat to our collective well-being, I can’t. It is a threat, an imminent threat. And, it just makes our fight that much harder.

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Jenn M. Jackson

Jenn M. Jackson, PhD is a co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Water Cooler Convos. She is a native of Oakland, CA. Jenn is a radical Black feminist scholar who believes none of us are free until all of us are free.

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  1. dira says:

    well technically speaking, Latino isn’t really a race it is rather a group of people who’s a mixture of different races. The original Spanish speaking people are from Europe which are indeed “white” people.

  2. Jenn M. Jackson says:

    Agreed. I don’t think I called “Latino” a race at any point in this article. But, Hispanic is a current race category on the census. And, white and black are not races either. But, the fact remains that “some other race” is becoming “white.” Whatever the reason for that, the change is concerning.

  3. John Henry says:

    This was a interesting perspective. It will definitely change the argument and the way I look at this in the future.

  4. LorMarie says:

    I actually think that hispanics are finally telling the truth so to speak. Hispanic and latino aren’t racial categories so they can be of any race. I’ve met countless hispanics that were clearly white but didn’t refer to themselves as such. I found that to be just as odd as one clearly black but not embracing the label.


  5. Miguel says:

    This is the same path to becoming white that other ethnic groups have taken i.e the Irish and Italians .While investigating my Italian heritage I found out that there was a huge influx of southern Italians to the USA in the late 1800s. At the time Southern Italians tended to be darker skinned and more influenced by Greece, Africa, Tunisia and other regions around them. After the unification of Italy into a nation they were facing a lot of discrimination and hence pressure to leave from the more fair skinned groups in the country.

    A lot of Italians landed in the North and South in places like New Orleans and Mississippi , Chicago New York and worked alongside newly emancipated African Americans on plantations, factories and fising. There was open speculation in the newspapers and public discourse of the day asking ARE ITALIANS WHITE? As Italians established themselves and became more successful this created animosity from whites in the North and South which led to lynchings, character assassination by stereotype etc Movies were made about “Dago Pete” and Italians were generally thought to be naturally criminal, less intelligent, shiftless, Mafia etc. Sound Familiar?

    As Italians gained more influence in society they started to challenge the social branding of them and used the legal system to be classified as “white” because being white in America then and now comes with significant advantages and privileges.

    Latino or Hispanic is a racial construct that only exists to categorize people for the benefit of a white dominant culture. As a result of looking into my own ethnicity I discovered that “Italian” didn’t really exist before the late 1800s. The notion of being Italian is a fiction like many other made up nationalities. My skin is white but my true ethnicity like many others is unknown. Italy like many other places in the world is and was made of of many small ethnic groups who were then conquered and stamped with the label “Italian” and forced to speak one language (Florentine) instead of their own.

    Latinos are currently under a lot of pressure from white dominant culture despite the fact that they are one of the largest ethnic groups in the USA and this country could not function without them. This country has a log history of aparathied and punishing the people who provide the very essence of our daily existence. Everybody especially white people need to start looking into and reconnecting with their own ethnicity and reject and push back against the false notion of race , white dominant culture and white privilege.

  6. Joe says:

    I remember bringing up some of your points when I (along with my family) filled out our documents for the 2010 census.

    The available “race” choices that the form provides places Latinos in a weird position because they don’t immediately identify with the White, Black, Native American/Alaska Native, or Asian/Pacific American options.

    As an American of Mexican descent, I view the follow up question as more important. This is the question that asks whether or not the person is of Hispanic/Latino origin.

    What if the only “race” options were White and non-White? And what if the question was followed by a question of ethnicity and national origin? I think then you would see Latinos identify as people of color instead of white.

  7. That’s definitely a logical perspective. I think though that “some other race” doesn’t readily become “white” without some forethought or coaxing. Maybe choosing “white” is shorthand for “I’m not sure.” But, it is still concerning especially given the projections about majority-minority changes.

  8. Joe says:

    Related article – Includes a discussion of Americans of M.E.N.A. descent. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/07/02/us/census-bureau-arabs-hispanics-diversity.html

  9. Lexxs says:

    The reason that Hispanic amnesty is such a strong goal of the government is that it is part of a strategy similar to the one that was carried out about one hundred years ago when the government imported twelve million poor uneducated whites from Europe to take the jobs of Black people. At that time Blacks were about one third of the population and the bulk of the tradesmen ( plumbers, carpenters, etc). The whites took those jobs and created a white majority. Even today you still see the phrase “European Craftsman”, or “Old World Builder”, which means “all white” It worked before and it will work again for those that hate us. When Latinos are allowed to be considered “white” the white majority will win again and hold on to “white” power.

  10. Sean Williams says:

    The Irish, Italian and Jews did not become white because they are, in fact, racially white. These immigrants simply became accepted as part of the American white population .. But the Latin American immigrants are a completely different case, because the vast majority of them are not white! The Irish, Italian and Jews immigrants came directly from Europe to the United States, differently the “white” Hispanic, who lived for centuries in Latin America mixing themselves with other racial groups (indigenous and blacks)!

    But even the European Latino (Spanish and Portuguese) are not really white. For centuries there was intense miscegenation in Spain and Portugal, which were invaded by the Moors [Black Muslims] and this fact is evident by the darker skin of Latinos compared to other Europeans.

    The vast majority of immigrants from Latin America who entered the United States in recent years, and which are known as Hispanic (or Latino American) are, in reality, INDIGENOUS.. In Latin America, “white people” (direct heritage of Spanish and Portuguese) have the best socio-economic conditions, so the need to migrate in search of a better life is much lower than in the less affluent classes, where most are non-whites (indigenous and blacks).

    In Bolivia, for example, Indigenous are 62.2% in the population, 41% in Guatemala and 24% in Peru. But most indigenous from Latin America are in Mexico (17 million). I am opposed to the percentage 15.1% indigenous peoples in Mexico. They are almost 90% of the Mexican population! The SELF-IDENTIFICATION, which according to UN report by ECLAC (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean), increased by 49% the number of indigenous people in Latin America in the last 10 years, can still attract many “Chicanos” to awaken to the fact that are actually indigenous; because just look at them and see that they never be considered as white in America, just as most other immigrants from Latin America!!

    Mexico is the country of origin of most immigrants from Latin America to the United States (about 70%), and the vast majority of them identify themselves as “Chicano”: separatist culture from underdeveloped country (remnant of the strategy that has been used for centuries by the Spanish to dominate the indigenous) DIVIDE AND CONQUER. (Chicano = Indigenous)!!!

    They can declare themselves as white for a census research, but be included in the white maisntream is something completely different and much more difficult. Therefore, it is much wiser to embrace the indigenous identity rather than stay on the fence insisting in mixed identities that make no sense.

    The same applies to other immigrants who aren’t indigenous! The Dominican Republic, for example, is a country predominantly BLACK, but many Dominicans bring to the United States the backward “mulatto”: separatist culture from underdeveloped country (remnant of the strategy that has been used for centuries by the Portuguese and Spanish to dominate the black people) DIVIDE AND CONQUER. (Mulatto = Black)!!!

  11. Nathan Alamilla says:

    Seem like white is different from being white. About 80% of the Mexico’s population are Indigenous. Among them, most have some Spanish heritage and some have exclusively native ancestry. But only 20% of the Mexicans identify themselves as white! Given that 70% of immigrants from Latin American to the United States are Mexicans, the conclusion is that the majority of these 70% are Native Americans.
    After Mexico, the other Latin American countries that contributed most to the increase in the number of Hispanics in the United States are El Salvador, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Guatemala. According to the Census research of these countries: 87% of El Salvador’s population are Indians with some European heritage; 84% of Dominican Republic’s population are African descents; 40% of Guatemela’s population have exclusively native heritage and about 59% of the Guatemalan indigenous have some Spanish heritage, whereas, the most of them are descendants of Mayan nations. It’s remarkable that among these four countries, only Cuba is mostly “white” (65%).
    It’s obvious that the majority of immigrants from Latin America to the United States come from predominantly Indigenous countries. Some of these Native American imigrants are “pure blood” and others have some “mixture”. Among these Latino immigrants there are also some blacks. But few of them are white! The vast majority of Hispanics will never become white simply because they aren’t white.

  12. Agreed. But, this post is about census data about self-identity. So, at least some Hispanics, are self-identifying as “White.” And, that’s significant. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  13. Sergius Tunes says:

    Your analysis of the Iberian people is completely wrong. Visit eupedia,com and you can check that the their most common genetic composition is Celtic. The Moors were not black and they are not blacks. Your knowledge of anthropology is very poor. Portugal and Spain were invaded by Germanic people (Sueves, Alans, Visigoths) as well. The Jewish blood is also very much present in the Iberian population. But the biggest genetic makeup is Celtic, more in Spain than in Portugal and very high among the Basques.

    Here is a table of composition for the Celtic countries (genetic studies):

    Ireland : about 75% of Y-DNA
    Spain & Wales : about 70%
    Scotland : about 65%
    France & Portugal : about 55% (recently corrected to be 59%)
    Italy : about 40%
    Switzerland, Belgium & England : about 35%
    Germany : about 25%
    Netherlands & Denmark : about 20%

  14. Muawiyah says:

    Hmm ~ with 50 million + white Americans having a black slave ancestor ~ that horse is out of the barn!

    Besides, Hispanics are/were/will be white people in a couple of generations of Northern Sun.

    Just the way that happens.

    BTW, not all people with heavy tans are black. And “brown” is a fiction. You get two colors in humanity ~ black/brown pigment, and red/yellow pigment. There are 6.7 billion of the black/brown pigment people, and only 300,000,000 of the red/yellow pigment. They are truly the oppressed and downtrodden!

    But, even though it’s a tough life, we can do it. Nothing like green eyes and red hair to make you back up startled when we come through your doors!


  15. Muawiyah says:

    The people who invaded Spain who became known as Moors were, overwhelmingly, of Berber ancestry. Modern science has demonstrated that THEY are genetically the same people as the Sa’ami in the Arctic, the Cherokee/Ojibway in America, the Basques in Spain and France, and the Irish in Ireland! (See X Factor Gene Sequence)

    Having lived several thousand years at a lower latitude (roughly the same as that of much of the United States) their populations (the Moors) became darker as nature selected those folks out for survival in the desert sun.

    There were a few Arabs, mostly in the leadership elites. who came with them, but the genetic predisposition to being darker than the Sa’ami, their closest cousins, had won out earlier.

    The native Iberian population today is about 24% Jewish in ancestry anyway. Now that’s a group with a serious set of tans, but otherwise clearly white.

  16. Muawiyah says:

    Basques came to Iberia FIRST. The various sorts of Celtic (cultural) people came later. One major group of Celts arrived about 1000 BC, and by 700 AD had arranged for some serious invasions of the British Isles ~ they are the first ones with a history having cleverly taken literate Greek slaves with them.

    The modern view is that during the last Glacial period modern humans managed to get to several spots in Europe where, as the ice built to a peak again about 24,000 years ago, they survived. These are called REFUGIA ~ there is one there in Western France/Northern Spain, another in Serbia near the Adriatic, another in the Middle East, several East of the Himalayas, but West of the Chinese plains, and so forth.

    The consequence is that Europeans are pretty much all closely related with some differences North to South, and very little West to East.

    Topping this off Scotland just North of the Wall seems to have been a major destination stopping point for adventurers from India ~ check out St. Gildas’ lifestyle some day. His name means Joyful Servant in Sanskrit (and he was from North of the Wall, had 24 brothers, lived on alms, wore only a sheet, slept on the open ground ~ on rock, at night ~ all sorts of Jain things) There was a college there that survived through the horrible events of the 6th and 7th centuries ~ still in existence in fact.

  17. Muawiyah says:

    There are no “pure blood” anything anywhere. There’s a sort of trend toward 4 or 5 major clusters ~ and that can be seen geographically.

    Now, about Spaniards, the families who threw there lives into Western Hemispheric settlement were descendants of successful soldiers in the Reconquista ~ those guys came from everywhere with a preponderance in the later years from Britanny (surplus soldiers from the now completed One Hundred Years War were taken to Spain to Ciudad Real to finish up the war against the Moors (Grenada was the last spot to wipe up and they did so).

    Left unemployed they hopped on tiny boats and went to America.

    Cortes, one of the big name Conquistidores was, himself, a minor nobleman ~ but out of his 8 great grandparents, 5 of them were members of a single major noble family!

    After he conquered the Aztecs and freed the people from tyranny he married the daughter of his chief Indian ally and personally began producing the Mexican people.

    ALL the Conquistidores who conquered Peru were of predominantly Breton families ~ and there were secret Protestants in their ranks. You really need to study Spanish and French history to figure out whose got what kind of name ~ spelling conventions tend to blur the identity of Basque, Breton, Spanish, Catalan, Occitanian, Gallo and French surnames! My own has quite different spellings in each ~ but after many years work I’ve got most of them tricked out.

    Once in the Americas these guys didn’t just sit around on the front porch sipping lattes.

  18. Muawiyah says:

    Take it from a fellow Siciliano/Oneida/Breton/Welsh/Irish/Jewish/Sa’ami/Scotsman ~ that is so much BS.

    If you tan, and you live and work outdoors in the American South, you will tan. If you have lighter skin you’ll get a red neck ~ that’s the way that works. The Siclianos tended to be LIGHTER than folks coming from North of Reggio, or from Napoli ~ and that was thanks to Angevin rule for a couple of hundred years, and a hot and cold influx of Vikings in an earlier period.

    The people you think of as Italian who came to Louisiana and West Florida in the early 1800s were actually, for the greater part, Occitan speakers, or Catalans, who lived along the Mediterranean coast line from the SE tip of Spain up to Marseilles to just North of Naples. That included the Isles.

    They created the Unione Corse, which is still in business, and of which it is still considered an honor by Sicilianos to be married into.

    The Mississippi Valley from the Port of New Orleans to Minneapolis has populations descended from these people who do have Italian-like surnames, but even their ancestors who came from Italy really didn’t think of themselves as Italians ~ that comes later with Geribaldi and Buongiovanni.

  19. Muawiyah says:

    Not likely since most Latinos are white ~ do not be fooled by tans from working out doors.

  20. Muawiyah says:

    BTW, virtually every Puerto Rican I know from NYC is now “white” ~ it’s a cultural thing, and it helps them differentiate themselves from immigrants (consider, Puerto Ricans, being American citizens from birth, don’t think of themselves as immigrants).

  21. Catfish Haggen says:

    One very interesting aspect of race with Hispanics is the race can change depending on the situation. If you are Hispanic and commit a crime, Majically . . . you become white. If you are a victim then you remain Hispanic. Odd how that works. Check the link and follow to victims. http://www.fbi.gov/wanted/topten/

  22. Bobloblaw67 says:

    Why are Hispanics stigmatized? The author gets to the real concern. She wants whites to be a minority.

  23. steve says:

    It isn’t true that they are black. It is more true that they are white. And this is going by behavior and by DNA. They have more European mixed in with their blood. They also behave more like white people, in a civilized manner. Blacks try to “claim” hispanic people as black, but they aren’t. Hispanic people choose to identify as white, not because they want to get ahead, but because the behavior of so many black people is so deplorable that nobody wants to be associated with them. The fact is that black people in black neighborhoods get their reputations from their behavior. As much as they may want to blame their troubles on racism, the truth is that all over America, the decent black people have integrated into what you would refer to as the white neighborhoods. These are the normal people, and they aren’t looked at as white, black, nor hispanic. In fact it’s usually the first thing any decent black person does, as soon as they get a job is to get the hell out of the black ‘hoods where they’re likely to be shot, raped, mugged, robbed or hit by a stray bullet in a drive by because there are so many violent blacks running around behaving in a manner which can only be considered unciviliized and violent. They’ve created an entire sub culture based on denigrating their own women to the point where they even refer to each other as bitches and hoes. The males call each other niggas yet scream bloody murder when a white man says it. There seems to be immediate reaction to stimuli with no thought involved, just violence. Where there are kids running around on skateboards and nurturing their animals in traditional neighborhoods, the norm in primarily black ‘hoods is the knock out game, pregnant unwed teenaged mothers and abused pitpulls treated almost as badly as many of your women and children are treated. So while you confuse your opinion with fact, it is in fact, just an opinion and the fact that you even had the unmitigated gall to print it shows your mental incapacity.

  24. Alex U Koyfman says:

    So basically, you hate white people. You hate everything they stand for. You hate their society and their culture and their guts, generally. Why didn’t you just tweet that and spare us the long, indirect, circuitous rambling diatribe?

  25. Sean Williams says:

    The author and historian Chancellor Williams said “THE ORIGINAL MOORS, LIKE THE ORIGINAL EGYPTIANS, WERE BLACK AFRICANS.” – The 16th century English playwright William Shakespeare used the word Moor as a synonym for African. His contemporary Christopher Marlowe also used African and Moor interchangeably. – Arab writers further buttress the black identity of the Moors. The powerful Moorish Emperor Yusuf ben-Tachfin is described by an Arab chronicler as “a brown man with wooly hair.”

    ALTHOUGH GENERATIONS OF SPANISH RULERS HAVE TRIED TO EXPUNGE THIS ERA FROM THE HISTORICAL RECORD, recent archeology and scholarship now shed fresh light on the Moors who flourished in Al-Andalus for more than 700 years – from 711 AD until 1492.

    I have big black friends, but I’m not black. I quote just facts! … Do not know why so much weeping and many arguments unfounded, if everyone knows that the Moors were BLACK, and the Iberians [Spanish and Portuguese] has a strong presence of black blood from these Muslims invaders – Hispanics/Latinos [originating in Spain and Portugal] need to accept that they are not really white!! I’m white but I think there is nothing wrong with not being white.

  26. Sean Williams says:

    “Grenada was the last spot to wipe up and they did so” .. Using the “wipe” word, you expressed their racism! You spent the idea that the black blood of the Moors is a dirt to be cleaned, eradicated.

    This story that Iberia has been wiped of Moorish blood only exists in your head. Even if other Europeans have reached later in Spain, the vast majority of Moors had already mixed with Spanish population after centuries of intense miscegenation (711 AD until 1492)… This fact, coupled with the strong INDIGENOUS ancestry of the “white” Latin Americans, makes it highly unlikely that they are accepted as white in the USA.

    Another story that only exists in your head is this lie that the invaders who conquered Peru were Breton families, and that the Spaniards liberated the Aztec people from tyranny. The real tyrants were the Spaniards who reached the American continent to steal the wealth of the native people, practice GENOCIDE and destroy the indigenous culture.. and they did so. You, Muawiyah, really need to study history!!

  27. Muawiyah says:

    Stupid person ~ I have noted numerous times that the Moors were actually North African Berbers (with a handful of Arabs). The Berbers are, as it turns out, of European origin, most closely related to the Sa’ami in the far North.

    And you are talking about BLACK Moors? Look, everybody in Spain lives out in the Sun more often than folks do in the US and Canada so they get a greater chance to tan.

    BTW, the Spaniards who arrived as Conquistedores in the Americas were a mixed lot ~ even more mixed than in Spain itself. Soldiers of fortune usually come from everywhere. The only way Cortes could even begin to contest with the Aztecs was with the aid of Indian allies ~ which is what happened.

    The Aztec had been preying on the other Indians in the area for a very long time. Those Indians were happy to smash the Mexica State and did so with relish!

    To Cortes the victory. You may not like him, and you may think the Spaniards were brutal, but they were all equal to the task. The Spaniards to their credit did not eat dead Indians although the Aztecs engaged in cannibalism with the upper classes eating the lower classes.

    I suspect you’ve been sucked in by English propaganda.

  28. Sean Williams says:

    The stupid here is you, who believes everything you read on the web! Look seek information from reliable sources. The original Moors were BLACKS; despite all the insistence on denying the fact! ALTHOUGH GENERATIONS OF SPANISH RULERS HAVE TRIED TO EXPUNGE THIS FACT FROM THE HISTORICAL RECORD, recent archeology and scholarship now shed fresh light on the Moors who flourished in Al-Andalus for more than 700 years. Say that the Moors were a people of European origin is very ridiculous.

    I have noticed that many racist Latinos, and obsessed with the whiteness, refuse to accept that the Iberian [Spaniards and Portuguese] have black / African heritage from their ancestors Moors!
    Most of the Moors who invaded the Iberian peninsula mixed themselves with local Europeans, and the few who were banished from Spain and Portugal, were sent to West Africa, from there some of them were sold to slavery in the Americas.
    Cortes USED natives from enemy nations of the Aztecs to defeat them. There was never no intent to respect any Indigenous. Fact which is proved by the indiscriminate GENOCIDE practiced by the Spaniards in their greed for the lands of the natives .. Than worth replace a tyrant by another MUCH WORSE?

  29. Muawiyah says:

    DNA tells the tale.

    Regarding genocide, there were not enough Spaniards in the Americas to have undertaken any sort of genocide. Just too many Indians ~ but there was disease, and not just European disease but native American disease like several species of HANTA VIRUS.

    They were in raging epidemic form before Columbus arrived. As they’d done for centuries these viruses were spreading all over the continents in the hemisphere killing people by the millions.

    24% of Spaniards, per se, have Jewish ancestry as well.

    If you’ll take a look at where Berber is spoken today you’ll notice it’s out in the Sahara ~ inland ~ and not in subsaharan Africa, and not on the coast. Due to early conversion by Moslem missionaries, the Berbers were selected to invade Spain. The people along the coast were subjected to substantial displacement later on by Arabic speaking Moslems.

    You really need to read much more Spanish and American history to catch up on this, and you might take a look at the various reports on the “X Factor Gene Sequence” ~ it’s fairly widespread, but the source are the Europeans living in the Western Refugia some 20,000 years ago.

    The first ones out of there spread to the Americas, the Arctic and Scandinavia, to North Africa, and even into deep Africa.

    Today’s people who think of themselves as white folks usually don’t have the X Factor Gene Sequence and hence cannot be considered indigenous or native to Europe. They came from somewhere else…..

  30. Sergius Tunes says:

    Almost 60% of the Portuguese carry the R1b1a-M269 haplogroup, the most common type in Europe. True, there is a large presence of Jewish blood in the Portuguese population, around 30%. The Suebi and the Visigoths (both invading Germanic tribes) were absorbed into the population as well. That is the reason you can find some Portuguese with blue/green eyes, which is present in my Portuguese side of the family (and Italian side as well). I am glad that all the genetic studies are helping to put an end to myths and also connecting people like the Irish/Welsh and the Iberian people.

    Visit this link and take a careful look at the composition of the British people, Germans, Swedish,etc. They have much of the Mediterranean blood.


  31. Muawiyah says:

    The most recent conclusions have been that outside of minor surface manifestations (pigmentation) Europeans are remarkably homogenized!

    Their location is far enough North that over pigmentation can have an impact on infant death rates ~ it pays, in Europe, to have little pigmentation.

    BTW, the green eyes derive, in part (there are 15 genes working together on this) from the possession of Red/Yellow pigment. You get that in two ways ~ (1) ordinary brown/black pigment is converted to Red/Yellow pigment with an enzyme, or (2) red/yellow pigment is produced directly by the cells that produce pigment. There was a third way used by European Neanderthals ~ some researchers think it’s still in use only we don’t understand the mutations.

    On top of the pigmentation genetics, there’s genes that SUPPRESS the production of pigment.

    Currently Europeans and Chinese (and Ainu and Sa’ami) are considered a single population more different from OTHERS than from each other.

    They also have a higher percentage of Neanderthal genes than the others!

  32. Muawiyah says:

    http://balagan.info/historical-setting-for-legends-of-al-andalus Neat Map

    This is after 350 years of Islamofascist occupation of the South ~ notice the Christian kingdoms in the North are just now starting to grow and be able to afford cities.

    200 years later they are thinking big and are planning on building Ciudad Royal South of Madrid ~ which didn’t even exist in the 1030 map!

    There they’ll take a short cut and spend 200 years reducing Grenada to NOTHINGNESS ~ whereupon they start deporting the foreign populations unless they become Christian.

    Anybody who imagines the USA’s involvement with illegal aliens and other invaders can be resolved with just a single law making session doesn’t realize what long term struggles are about.

    The Spanish were involved in a 700 year struggle ~

  33. Sean Williams says:

    Stop creating false arguments and accept that Latinos have heritage BLACK / African from the Moors. I’m not saying that Latinos [Spaniards and Portuguese] are blacks, just say that they have black/African heritage. That is a fact that will not change however much you deny. Saying in his previous comment that the Moors are of European origin, have you signed his certificate of ignorance.

  34. Sean Williams says:

    The inhabitants of Al-Andalus included these main ethnic groups:

  35. Muawiyah says:

    That’s the short list….. BTW, the Roman Empire had a large contingent of black people, even as far West as Wales!

  36. Muawiyah says:

    They are BERBERS and DNA shows them to be of Incredibly high European ancestry ~ and probably more so than modern Germans and English people.

  37. Muawiyah says:

    There are Scots just North of the Wall who are 30% Indian ancestry ~ which is remarkably easy to demonstrate. We always knew King Ad’s best friend was St. Gildas (Happy Servant in Sanskrit) who dressed in a sheet, slept on the ground year round, and otherwise preached the purest Ahemsa (Jain philosophy of total pacifism)

  38. JUSxxx009 says:

    Moors have always been and are still MEDITERRANEAN BLACK, direct descendants of sub-Saharan blacks who immigrated to the region. Recently, a group of researchers from several European universities and renowned research institutes analyzed haplotypes (types of DNA sequences) of the Y chromosome from 1140 men of the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands. The surprising results showed that on average 19.8% of the Iberian male population is descended directly from Sephardic Jews (Iberian Jews) and 10.6% descended from the Moors.

  39. JUSxxx009 says:

    Moors have always been and are still MEDITERRANEAN BLACK, direct
    descendants of sub-Saharan blacks who immigrated to the region. Indeed,
    for the science of genetics, the phenotype characteristics defined by
    certain genetic components of blacks are “dominant”, while in the
    white group are considered “recessive”; roughly speaking, means that at
    an intersection “interracial”, the genes of the Negroid group tend to
    prevail over those of Caucasians. Given that the Moors who invaded the
    Iberian peninsula were black and mingled with the local Europeans, this
    explains the darker skin of Iberians compared to other Europeans. And I
    agree with Nathan, most Latinos who have immigrated to the United
    States, and keep coming here, are Indigenous, NOT WHITE!

  40. Muawiyah says:

    Your imagination is running away with you. Most Latinos highly resemble Iraqis anyway.

  41. Muawiyah says:

    There is a large population of black people in Southern Portugal who were brought there as slaves in the 1400-1600 period. They came mostly through the Portuguese trading stations around the African continent.

    But the Moslems who invaded and conquered 90% of Spain in the 8th century were recently Islamacized Berbers, and Berbers are NOT Negroes.

  42. JUSxxx009 says:

    The Berbers-Tuareg-MOORS were North African blacks. The Moors/BLACKS invaded the two Iberian countries – Portugal and Spain – THIS IS THE TRUTH! The original Berbers were the North African ancestors of the present day, dark-brown peoples of the Sahara and the Sahel, mainly those called Fulani, Tugareg, Zenagha of Southern Morocco, Kunta and Tebbu of the Sahel countries, as well as other dark-brown peoples now living in Mauretania and throughout the Sahel, including the Trarza of Mauretania and Senegal, the Mogharba as well as dozens of other Sudanese tribes, the Chaamba of Chad and Algeria.” The Westerners have chosen to concentrate on the most recent world of the Arab and Berber-speaking peoples and present it as if it is a world that has always been. “It is like comparing the Aztecs of five hundred years ago with the ethnic mix of America today,” words from Dana Reynolds, Anthropologist.

  43. Muawiyah says:

    The original Berbers came from Europe probably anywhere from 20,000 years ago to 5,000 years ago (when the Sahara dried up).

    They were European then; still are. They have red heads with the correct red/yellow pigment!

    The Tuareg are rather mixed as well.

    HOWEVER, the current theory is that our pigment densities are set in place over a few generations such that in the far north you are lighter, and the closer you get to the equator you are darker, and this process is mediated by INFANT DEATHS, which means that if you are too light in the south you’ll get early skin cancer and die before reproducing. On the other hand if you’re too dark in the north you’ll suffer from a serious shortage of Vitamin D and die before reproducing.

    Our modern world tends to mask this process.

    LOOK AT THE DNA, not the apparent color ~ there are ONLY TWO colors of pigment ~ the one called Black/Brown and the other called Red/Yellow. Only 300 million people have Red/Yellow. 20X as many have Black/Brown (and that includes the blondes!)

    I’m light enough that a flash light shined through my hands is bright enough to enable you to read a book at 6 pt type. Your typical German, for example, is a pretty dark fellow compared to me. So are most Swedes and Norwegians and Finns ~ Dark skinned folks who TAN.

    So, no, I don’t really see the difference between average Europeans and Spaniards, or Moors, or even the Fulani, at least not using myself as an example, which I think is only fair.

  44. Sean Williams says:

    The Berbers/Moors arose in Africa, the originals were completely black, and the following generations had some Semitic heritage due to the Arab invasions. We live in an extremely racist world, which denies to black people anything that their ancestors performed. The intention is clear: perpetuate the lie that the history of blacks started from the ‘Atlantic slave trade’, and before that there was not black history.

    Jenn Jackson’s text touches the cultural issue, but considering the genetic question, I find it interesting show here a scientific text which discloses the results of a study conducted by a group of researchers from several European universities which analyzed haplotypes (types of DNA sequence) of the Y chromosome of 1,140 men of the Iberian Peninsula: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2668061/

    The results showed that 19.8% of the Iberian male population is descended directly from Sephardic Jews and 10.6% of Moors. You said to look at the DNA and not the apparent color, so, if 10.6% of these 1,140 Iberians descended directly from the Moors, I wonder what would the percentage if studied the entire Portugal and Spain population. Certainly find a very large percentage.

  45. Muawiyah says:

    The peninsula is multi ethnic and multi racial, and it always has been.

    But the people identified as Moors are nothing more than Arabicized Berbers from inland areas of North Africa. Those folks are of substantial European origin (going back 24,000 years).

    Of course they brought blacks with them ~ but in the 700s it was the leadership who got all the girls ~ which is where things show up differently.

    Regarding Y Chromosomes, a small tribe with sufficient power can FIX any deficiency in that regard. Or, they can totally evaporate in the mix. A good example of that are the Goths who invaded Iberia in the 400s. They left no discernible marker genes at all. There is an historical record they came, ruled, etc. but it doesn’t show up in the DNA.

    About African African civilization ~ you are referring to subsaharan Africa. Civilization has existed in fits and starts there for tens of thousands of years only to be WIPED out by recurring plagues ~ quite possibly EBOLA, or in that family.

    Most recently West Africa was almost totally depopulated about AD 600! When the Portuguese were finally attracted to the coast in the 1400s they found FEW people. The earliest travelers found so few people they had no idea what they could do with all that land.

    What they didn’t know is that Nilotic peoples were moving West at a fair pace, and within a short time they would be repopulating that region and producing products worth something.

    Which they did. More Ports showed up. Next thing you know America, another place subject to civilization crushing plagues, was added to the list, and by golly we all exist ~ still with only the most bare bones idea of how we got here.

  46. Leandro says:

    I think it is great that Hispanics are becoming White. My mother is White American and my father is a Hispanic of predominantly European descent. I am 85% European by ancestry and I look Southern European (as per dna test). Even my father who is 70% European ancestry could pass in Italy or Spain or Portugal. He has actually been asked by actual Italians if he is Italian.

    Why is it good? Because Hispanics don’t need a victimization mentality asking for hand outs and feeling oppressed. That is not good for anyone, including first and foremost, Hispanics.

    In my actual life, I feel very little oppression. When I get pulled over by a police man and he gives me a ticket he marks on my “race” as “White”. So, for all intents and purposes I am White. Why would me and other Whiter Hispanics want to go around asking for hand outs and feeling victimized.

    It is better just to join the White mainstream. By the way my fiance is White too and he family is American of Italian extraction. I think the Hispanics are marrying the Whites and this accelerates the trend of Hispanics becoming white.

  47. Lexxs says:

    Your assertion is completely false. Google pictures of ancient paintings of moors.

  48. Lexxs says:

    There were Black popes.

  49. Lexxs says:

    You are a prime case of self hate.

  50. Muawiyah says:

    Only those from Asturias, the Basque Country, Galicia and Braga ~ then there are the vast number of Breton and French soldiers left over from the 100 Years War who were shipped into Spain in the mid 1400s to prepare to finish Grenada.

    Otherwise, let me tell you, Portugal and Spain are a melange of races and ethnicities the likes of which are unknown elsewhere than in the United States and Malaysia and Goa.

  51. Muawiyah says:

    No, Leandro lives in a country with a totally inadequate method for determining class and status ~ we ask you what color you are, or do you dance the mambo.

    Give me a break ~ I spent a fair amount of time in Europe. When around Italians they’d try to talk to me in a Siciliano accent. When around Germans, they’d use that fast clipped Berlin patois. In France, they’d just shrug shoulders and flip their hands like I should know what they were saying.

    Today, in my neighborhood with people from 35 countries (in a county speaking 170 languages) I’m one of the “go to” guys because I can understand what you say ~ or at least I can make an attempt. I pass as a resident with ease.

    We tell the census whatever we want…

  52. Muawiyah says:

    Try GOOGLE SEARCH ~ look for BERBER! Today they are mixed race because they moved in on the Fulbe, a black African group best known for usually giving birth to twins!

    But they have BLONDS and that’s not from kidnapping white people. They are white people!

  53. Muawiyah says:

    Let me add tis ~ ancient painters didn’t have access to DNA analyses.

    What did they know anyway

  54. Lexxs says:

    They knew what Moors looked like

  55. Lexxs says:

    There are blonde Africans and aborigines. Black people have a wide range of genes.

  56. Lexxs says:

    All that verbiage doesn’t change the fact that Leandro is exhibiting distinct signs of self hate. Let me add that you seem anxious to be considered white too. Or at least as far from Black/ brown as possible.

  57. Muawiyah says:

    I have remarkably little black/brown pigment, but a whole lotta’ red/yellow pigment.

    You people are the overwhelming majority ~ BILLIONS OF YOU ~ I’m in a distinctive minority ~

    This has nothing to do with “white” but a whole lot to do with pigmentation, and not just the density, but the type. Humanity has but two colors ~ and the Gingers are persecuted.

  58. Muawiyah says:

    The penetration of the world is both wide, deep, and long ~

  59. Muawiyah says:

    THEY looked like that too. During Medieval times people lived out doors much more than they do now. They worked from Sun up to Sun down ~ everybody. That will give most folks a deep tan.

    They didn’t bathe much either ~ add dirt to a deep tan ~ well, that’s what a Moor, or a Spaniard looked like.

  60. Muawiyah says:

    blue men of morocco ~ you need to look that up. Many Berbers wear blue clothing and wraps that bleed blue dye into their skin.

    They look dark.

  61. Lexxs says:

    What a juvenile and silly thing to say. Have a great day and good bye.

  62. Lexxs says:

    You are babbling nonsense. Are you drinking?

  63. Lexxs says:

    Please don’t explain that vacuous comment.

  64. Lexxs says:

    The girl in the photo at the top of the article doesn’t look remotely white, she looks like an Indian. The title should have been: Hispanics like to pretend to be white if they can. Another title could have been : Hispanic self hatred drives them to pretend to be white. Sad and pathetic bunch of people.

  65. Muawiyah says:

    Boats work

  66. Muawiyah says:

    Bet you think there’s lots of different kinds of pigment in humans ~ in reality there are only two.

  67. Muawiyah says:

    Life was quite difficult during Medieval times. Everybody had to pull his or her weight. After the great plague in the 1300s even counts and dukes had to plough their own fields, and do their own planting.

    Their delicate nails broke, their skin tanned dark, and their legs grew strong.

  68. Lexxs says:

    Please go away with that nonsense.

  69. Lexxs says:

    Communicating with you was like reading a comic book. You are not an intelligent person. Please go away

  70. Muawiyah says:

    Your the guy who thinks blue people are Subsaharan Africans in drag ~ a totally strange belief.

  71. Muawiyah says:

    Yeah, the laid around eating strawberries and sipping lattes.

  72. Lexxs says:

    I think you mean “you’re”, not ” your” you illiterate fool.

  73. Muawiyah says:

    My spellchecker is set on “fast” and I have severe vision problems. Sometimes I miss a few on review.

    Live with it.

    I know you hate the handicapped, but do you think it’s all that wise of you to let others know?

  74. Lexxs says:

    I am truly sorry about your vision problems. Perhaps that explains your confusion about how the Moors looked? At any rate to accuse me of hating the handicapped with no proof reveals stupidity and prejudice.

  75. Muawiyah says:

    DARK people in centuries old paintings frequently get their darkness more from the paint/pigment used than from what they looked like.

  76. Lexxs says:

    That assertion is false. Spanish were not even considered white until well into the twentieth century.

  77. Lexxs says:


  78. Lexxs says:

    Thank you for revealing the ignorant white racist talking points. Whites always lie so it is not a uprising that your comment is filled with false statements and notions.

  79. Lexxs says:

    More lies and nonsense from you?

  80. Muawiyah says:

    You know nothing of painting technology ~ look up Restoration of Da Vinci’s Last Supper. Amazing the differences between the before and after. ElGreco certainly portrayed a number of people with dark pigment ~ or did he. Same individual at different times, different pigments, different color

    Whether it’s inside or outside, exposed to sunlight or not, in a humid building or a dry building ~ they can all make a difference.

    Another difference arises from whether you are painting an image of a dead guy lying there in front of you (usingly painterly techniques) or sketches made of a live person before death (using sketches and eidetic memory)

    There are two groups who want ALL MOORS to be subsaharan Africans.
    Those groups are racist blacks who imagine a former world order ruled by subsaharan blacks, and white racists who imagine they can distance themselves from darker whites by claiming a recent subsaharan ancestry for MOORS from North Africa.

    From the most ancient times North Africa has been, for the most part, desert. We call it The Sahara Desert. It’s empty, desolate, deadly. There are a few ways to cross it on camel going from oasis to oasis, north to south, or south to north.

    However, barely 5,000 years ago the Northern half of Africa went from lush plains filled with lakes, rivers, animals, plants….. to that desert. The transformation was swift ~ maybe less than a full drought cycle (of 70 years)

    They’re not completely clear on how long the wet period lasted, or when it started, but it may be as old as 10 to 20 thousand years long ~ at least in part in most places. (This whole thing has to do with the movement of the Monsoon cycle)

    That was a short time for people to move in and settle down. The Berbers are known to be among the first ones into the green Sahara and they have the same DNA markers as the Sa’ami in the far North.

    Black Africans from subsaharan Africa have moved North from time to time, and then the Arabs have moved into the areas closer to the Mediterranean, and then before them there were Greeks, Romans, Carthaginians and other European groups.

    You can argue that a black picture of a dark man is a central African if you want, but that has nothing whatsoever to do with the DNA of the Berbers who are today known to be derivative of Western Europeans!

  81. Muawiyah says:

    Extramadura sent all it’s best suntans to the Americas.

  82. melchior42 says:

    Is Ms. Jackson serious? Does she not know that Spanish language and Hispanic culture come out of Europe? And sure many Hispanics are mixed with indigenous peoples, but there are fair amount of Hispanics who are almost entirely of European extraction in countries like Argentina, Uruguay etc..and not just of Spanish heritage but French, Italian, German, Irish etc. So of course not a few Hispanics would consider themselves White..because they actually are.

  83. melchior42 says:

    I have studied this extensively. Some Moors were Blacks most were not and looked like the North Africans you see today in Algeria, Tunisia etc. The Moors also reached France, southern Italy and Greece. But one thing people overlooked is that Spanish made an effort to expel all people of Moorish origin from their territory. Current genetic studies show that Spain has on average about 6% percent North African genes. Not that’s a whole lot but you will North African genes all over Southern Europe sometimes reaching as far as Britain.

  84. melchior42 says:

    True. Female Berbers show a predominance of European DNA, which is why you have some light eyed blonde types.


  85. melchior42 says:

    Wrong. The Spanish are the ones who invented the whole gamut of racial terminology from dealing with the Moors and conquering the new world. Classifying people into White Mestizo, Negro, Mulatto etc. Other Europeans countries followed suite.

  86. melchior42 says:

    But Dna shows that the Blonde Berbers have European orgians. So scratch that African diversity crap. Here look at the African princess of Morocco. Where do you think her genes come from??


  87. Muawiyah says:

    And way way way beyond that ~ they have red heads with freckles.

  88. melchior42 says:

    You have a misconception about Spain. Most of the Moors were not Black, and the Moors were always fewer in number than the Spaniards were. And Spain was not the only European country to be invaded by Moors. So was France, Italy and part of Greece. Dna studies does not bear out the notion that Spaniards mixed heavily with the Moors. Most of the Moors were expelled and a great part of Spain was depopulated as a result and later resettled by people from the North. Also there are some Spaniards who are darker complected to be sure, but no darker than many Sicilians, Greeks or Albanians etc. However if you been to Spain you would know many Spaniards are not dark at all and could easily blend in in France or even Britain.


    You really need to get out more dude..

  89. D Jackson says:

    I think the point of the article is not to say Hispanics can’t be white, but that they are becoming white. And that shift in identification points at something deeper. As she says in the article

    “more than one million Americans who previously identified as Hispanic and “some other race” on the 2000 US Census checked Hispanic and white on the 2010 census form”

    Why change how you identify yourself on the census? I believe it’s more of a “white is right” mentality”, but as I am not Hispanic, I could be wrong. What are your thoughts?

  90. melchior42 says:

    You may be right. However, I think that perhaps many had considered themselves white in the past but did not assert their belief because of the strong bias many Anglos have had against them. However now that they see many other darker complected Mediterranean peoples such as Italians, Greeks, Armenians, Jews etc gain acceptance as White perhaps they now feel embolden to follow suite. But of course there are benefits to being considered White.. certain societal privileges, being able to claim European history and and achievement which gives a sense of empowerment which they might otherwise lack. Who can blame them really?

  91. Lexxs says:

    Completely false. The notion of white was created during the time of Bacon’s War. At that time the Irish were non- white. Spanish are not even considered white today by anyone but themselves.

  92. Lexxs says:

    Your claim is complete nonsense. It is odd that telling lies is so important to you. You must be a Spanish person who wants to be white. How pathetic and sad for you.

  93. melchior42 says:

    You’re being ridiculous. There are plenty of Spaniards who are quite pale with light eyes and hair but I suppose they shouldn’t be considered White because of some imaginary “one drop rule”?? I lived in France where there are many people of Spanish descent even quite a few celebrities like Jean Reno etc but no one considers them to be non white. Most educated people you talk to would agree that Spaniards are mostly White Europeans. Obviously your problem with this is a reflection of some racial insecurity on your part.

  94. melchior42 says:

    Try again. Have you ever heard of the term blue blood? The Spanish were the ones who spread the Idea of White European superiority when they began conquering the Americas..and created most of the racial terminology that others picked up on..even the term Negro for Blacks. Nuff said.

  95. melchior42 says:

    Lies? You are the one with an obvious agenda. Facts and common sense don’t sit well with you for some strange reason. But let’s see if you can wrap your head around this..

    “The sequencing of entire human mitochondrial DNAs belonging to haplogroup U reveals that this clade arose shortly after the “out of Africa” exit and rapidly radiated into numerous regionally distinct subclades. Intriguingly, the Saami of Scandinavia and the Berbers of North Africa were found to share an extremely young branch, aged merely ∼9,000 years. This unexpected finding not only confirms that the Franco-Cantabrian refuge area of southwestern Europe was the source of late-glacial expansions of hunter-gatherers that repopulated northern Europe after the Last Glacial Maximum but also reveals a direct maternal link between those European hunter-gatherer populations and the Berbers.”


  96. melchior42 says:

    Take a look at this website. This shows some of the earliest depictions of the Moors by the Spanish themselves. You see that there were some Blacks but most were Arab/Berber types.


  97. melchior42 says:

    There have been a number of studies measuring the percentage of North African DNA in Southern Europe including Europe. Actually People in Greece and the Balkans have more North African DNA than anyone else.

    A wide-ranging study (published 2007) using 6,501 unrelated Y-chromosome samples from 81 populations found that: “Considering both these E-M78 sub-haplogroups (E-V12, E-V22, E-V65) and the E-M81 haplogroup, the contribution of northern African lineages to the entire male gene pool of Iberia (barring Pasiegos), continental Italy and Sicily can be estimated as 5.6 percent, 3.6 percent and 6.6 percent, respectively”.[33] A 2007 study estimated the contribution of northern African lineages to the entire male gene pool of Iberia as 5.6%.” E-M81 is also found in France, 2.70% (15/555) overall with frequencies surpassing 5% in Auvergne (5/89) and Île-de-France (5/91)”

    “Within Europe, E-V13 is especially common in the Balkans and some parts of Italy. In different studies, particularly high frequencies have been observed in Kosovar Albanians (45.6%) (Peričic et al. (2005)), Macedonian Albanians(34.4% reported in Battaglia et al. (2008)), and in some parts of Greece (about 35% in some of the areas studied byKing et al. (2008).[15] More generally, high frequencies have also been found in other areas of Greece, and amongst Bulgarians, Romanians, Macedonians and Serbs.


    Many on here really know very little about the genetic make-up and origins of European populations etc…but the truth is out there..

  98. Lexxs says:

    It is well known that the Spanish have spent centuries lying about the Moorish invasion. Because of that well known fact the website is false.

  99. Lexxs says:

    Nothing changes the fact that the Moors came from Northwest Africa and were Black.

  100. Lexxs says:

    Blue blood was indeed a term invented by the Spanish as they desperately and pathetically try to escape the fact that after 800 years of rule by Africans every Spanish person has some African blood . The notion of white didn’t even exist when the European invaders first came to the US. None are listed as white. White was created at the time of Bacon’s War for political reasons.

  101. Lexxs says:

    The beautiful young woman pictured at the beginning of this article is not white, she is light brown. Many people in Spain have intermarried over the centuries with whites so they look whitish. However Spaniards have African in their background because of 800 years of Moorish rule.

  102. melchior42 says:

    Dna, don’t lie.

  103. melchior42 says:

    That’s not true. The Moors were spread thin over Spain after they reached into France they got pushed back and began to lose more and more territory over time, until all that was left was Granada. They never rulled all of Spain for 800 years, only parts of it. Most Moors who Arab looking were forced out. Only about some Spaniards have North African DNA according to studies, genetically they still cluster closest with France. If you really think some North African blood somehow racially taints people, then what about Greeks, Italians, Albanians and Southern French? There is North African all over Europe albeit at small percentages. But it don’t mean much. What about the much larger amount of Eurasian DNA in North Africans?? I think that is more significant.

  104. melchior42 says:

    Intense miscegenation?? Lol. The Moors were the ruling class, the masses were European converts who intermarried mostly with people of their own class. I’m not saying that there was no mixture but not to the extent you are claiming..Dna in Spain just does not reflect this at all. Besides most Moors were not Blacks and already had some European ancestry themselves.

    Here look at this world map of haplogroups, you will see that most people in Spain share the same DNA with other Western Europeans.


  105. Lexxs says:

    I am disengaging from this interchange. I try to avoid fanatics, white racists and other delusional types like yourself. I don’t know how I got involved like this with someone so insecure and troubled. All the best. Cheers

  106. Lexxs says:

    I am not sure that you know how to analyze DNA data. However nothing changes the fact that the Moors were Black and ruled Spain among other parts of Europe for 800 years

  107. melchior42 says:

    It’s a wise man who knows when to throw in the towel. Good move. You save me from wasting anymore of my time. But do keep learning..eventually your views are bound to change.

  108. Lexxs says:

    My views about reality will change when I start believing in Santa Claus.

  109. Ralph McKenzie says:

    Many Americans of Spanish-speaking backgrounds and of European roots, are now starting to also identify, racially, as Caucasian. Why is it that some groups, particularly, black groups, and black pundits, feel so determine to undermine this effort?

    These groups willl often refer to all Hispanics, as “people of colour”, or as “brown”, as if to foil Hispanic Caucasians’ efforts of emergence into the white majority. Do these groups feel threatened? Could it be that for too long black Americans, particularly, black leaders and black pundits, have tried to use Hispanic Americans as pawns and as society’s scapegoats in an effort for them to climb out of the minority social cellar?

  110. Ralph McKenzie says:

    Americans of Spanish-speaking backgrounds and of European roots, are
    now starting to also identify, racially, as Caucasian. Why is it that
    some groups, particularly, black groups, and black pundits, feel so
    determine to undermine this effort?

    groups will often refer to all Hispanics, as “people of colour”, or as
    “brown”, as if to foil Hispanic Caucasians’ efforts of emergence into
    the white majority. Do these groups feel threatened? Could it be that
    for too long black Americans, particularly, black leaders and black
    pundits, have tried to use Hispanic Americans as pawns and as society’s
    scapegoats in an effort for them to climb out of the minority social

  111. Alex de Benoiste says:

    I have Spanish ancestry and my autosomal DNA test shows no subsaharan African ancestry. Zero. I am Mediterranean European (E V13 just like my Greek and Roman forebears). Almost all admixture in Spain after the Muslim invasion was from Muslim (Arab and Berber) slavers and rulers taking European women as war booty and harem sex slaves against their will and capturing OUR genes. Both Muslims and Christians forbade intermarriage AND adultery so opportunities for Moorish (Arab and Metitid Berber) genes to enter the Spanish gene pool were very limited as modern DNA testing shows. You are simply incorrect about a large black African presence in Al-Andalus. The black African component in Latin America comes from Mexico, Brazil and the Spanish Caribbean receiving the vast majority of black Africans from the trans-Atlantic slave trade (run in Africa by arab and berber Muslims and black Africans). This major injection of black Africans IS reflected in modern autosomal DNA analysis of mulattoes from Mexico and Central and South America.

  112. Alex de Benoiste says:

    Northern Spanish have always been considered as white as anyone. Do think the Kings and Queens of England, France, Germany, and Austria thought their Spanish brides were not white. Can you prove that?

  113. Lexxs says:

    Can I prove what someone thought hundreds of years ago? Are you drunk or high?

  114. Lexxs says:

    The notion of people being white is fairly recent and was invented during the years of Bacon’s war.

  115. Jennifer Dinzey says:

    Hispanic is not a race. Its a group of Spanish speaking people with ties to countries that were conquered by Spain. There are Chinese Hispanics as well! The majority of hispanics are of black, white, or native american descent. Sometimes a mix of all three like me! I understand what you mean about most trying to identify as only white. I see it all the time. While there are white Hispanics…..we come in other races too. My black hispanic friend like to deny their african ancestry and prefer to lean more towards spain. Its sad but i see it. Many dont like african americans either. Argentina is mostly white but many descend from italians from northern italy who are white…..not the tan sicilian jersey shore types you see. But now u see what i mean. Not every hispanic has ties to spain because hispanic is not a race. Recent ancedtry dnas are finding jewish roots in some hispanics because of the spanidh jews who migrated to escape persecution and had to hide their religion. Most of these are being found in Mexico. I am not ashamed of my african ancestry. I am white with kinky hair. My mom is from colombia and she has spanish and native american roots. She is very white with indegenous features. My father was born in the dominican republic. He was born to a white puerto rican mother. His father was a black dominican of white british/african descent. My father was a mulatto but he came out looking just like his mom. Green eyes, freckles, white skin, and red hair that was kinky as hell lol. He looked like an irish boy. My great great grandmother was a free black slave who married a white british man who owned plantations in the carribean. They had two sons. My last name is british and i sometimes find myself explaining my british ancestry to other hispanics becayse they wonder where the last name comes from. No rodriguez or garcia like most hispanics do. So you see we can be big mutts too. I once met a white dominican girl with blonde hair and blue eyes and everyone called her barbie. According to all afro centrists….dominicans are only black lol. But i am proud if what i am. So when i sign a form and check hispanic….i also checked african, european, and native american. I will never deny my roots.

  116. Vicente Adolfi says:

    Dude your ignorance is so pathetic and amusing that it Actually makes me beleive you must be troll.

    First the Actuall origiginal latins/latinos where form italy, you shit for brains. Italians are latins Just like the portugese the spaniards and the french. The real latins and concept of latinity comes from latium, central italy not ibéria.

    And you are even more ridiculous for thinking that Italians (original latinos) greeks and even jews are White but the spaniards and portuguese are not. Not only theses groups have very similar average complexion and features but also like Melchior have already stated DNA proves they are very closely relate and similar and very tipically european. In fact jews are more distinct from average european than iberians but acording to you they are White and ibetians no. LOL

    Also as Melchior, muawhya and others properly stated most moors where berbers and an arab elite. Very few were Black. Most scholars and studies have proven that.

    DNA and history proves that.But no matther how proven and rational arguments are given to yoy you will just neve accept it. You are Just some stupidit delusional afro centrist o a troll. Trying to have a rational talk With you is pointless.

    By the way most people understant and accepts the iberians (portuguese and spaniards) as been overwhelming a white/caucasian people. Its only delusional afro centrists, nordicists,trolls or ignoramus who confuse iberians with mexicans who don’t.

  117. Vicente Adolfi says:

    Dude like sean willians you are just some delusional afro centrist or some troll so it’s pointless trying to have a rational talk with you.

    Have you ever been to portugal or spain? Have you ever seen a portuguese or spaniard? I’m of portuguese ancestry (besides italian) and have been to both countries. I know plenty of portuguese and spaniards and can tell you the average iberian is PALE/FAIR skinned, brown eyed and mid-brown (albrun) to dark brown heaired. Most portuguese and spaniards are quite pale light skinned unless they are with a good tan (than they become olive skinned as long as they are with a tan). The average iberian has a quite similar color complexion to average italians, greeks and southern french. It’s a common sense to any travelled person. Are you going to say those other cited people are not white either? Are they all “black” to you?

    You must be one of thos ignorant americans who have never been to europe/iberia and beleive the average iberian/spanaird is racially the same as the average mestizo mexican.

    Whe are educated people who try to dispute afrocentrist nonsense from the likes like you and sean with rational common sense but you seem to be brain whased and not looking for actual facts.

  118. Vicente Adolfi says:

    in fact most people consider spanish caucasians, apart from nordicists, afrocentrists and ignorant people from USA who think spaniard is the same as mexicans. Spanairds are mediterranean white such as italians, southern french, portugese and greeks.

  119. Vicente Adolfi says:

    Latino is a very broad, imprecise and fluid with context and time term. Original latins where from italy (more precisely from latium, central italy). But only considering the much more recent and narrower difinition of latino as stricly “latin american” its not a rece neither. Altought problably most latin americans/hispanics are not white (but mixed) and in USA most are mexicans (who are mostly native indians) you should detach the fact of being latino/hispanic from being white, black, etc and specially as usa is filled with more people from other “races” 9or mixed “races”) you really should think seriously stop thinking in this polarization of black/white that exists up there a start thinking in terms of a rainbow of colors or “races”.

  120. Lexxs says:

    The Moors imported millions of European women to north Africa during the almost 1000 years that they ruled Spain and engaged in adventures throughout Europe. Do you think that had an impact genetically on north Africa?

  121. Lexxs says:

    The Greeks had to lobby the US Congress in order to be called white in the census. The groups that you list are not considered white by white people. It is pathetic that they wish so desperately to be considered white.

  122. Blackaveli says:

    Yes they were and we created you lmao you are not a moor, Moore are white lmao claim anything in Europe please stop stealing cultures lmao

  123. Blackaveli says:

    White people can’t tan and and whites aren’t North African or African lmaooo. You are European your not a more you’re not indegnious Africa. You’re indegenious to the caves of Europe. The only propaganda I see is Yours. You have absolutely no melanin you can not tan lmaooo. You are not a person of color and the sun will never help give you color lmao. It just burns you lmao checkmate!

  124. Blackaveli says:

    Pretty sure it’s you whites who could use the extra numbers lmao. Since you guys will be a minority soon and need some some extra numbers lmao. Black people are doing just fine we are brithrates are great! How about youres ? Not looking to good on that department. You white guy might wanna start having sex with girls more often lmao.

  125. Blackaveli says:

    Good please join them lmao you’re not wanted you said you like white right ? Means you have neaderthal DNA and you are white.

  126. Blackaveli says:

    You can have them us pure humans do not wish to mix with you people. Take them all with you back to the caucus moutains. There you can drink all the blood and fuck all the goats you want to lmao. Keep them Neanderthals far away from me.

  127. becca says:

    Maybe instead of America becoming white Americans are going to become more of a Hispanic country although with English as the main language. HIspanics after all are a mix of all kinds of different races. After all Catholicism- unlike Protestantism was never against intermarriage. So groups moved down to Latin America/Central America. They intermarried. And that’s what is already happening. Intermarriage. And maybe it would be a good thing if we got you know past Black/White and more into American with all kinds of backgrounds..

  128. Normandie Kent says:

    He did not Free anyone from “Tyranny”! Give me a break with the revisionist history!!

  129. Normandie Kent says:

    Haplogroup groups and autosomal shows that Spaniards have both low levels of North African and Sub-Saharan DNA. Just like Northern Europeans have low levels of North Eurasian or Siberian DNA. No one is pure anything, just like the other poster said.

  130. Normandie Kent says:

    The Mexican people are the furthest thing from racist as possible! Just because they don’t acknowledge their that tiny percentage of Moor or African doesn’t mean squat! It just means that they could careless. They are mostly Native American with 5-30 percent European with a small percentage of African at 1-5 percent why should they care about that, when their last full blooded Afro ancestor was in the early 1500-1600’s. give me a break! There is only a small portion of Mexicans who still have some phenotypical pseudo-African features.

  131. Normandie Kent says:

    I rather be a Mexican with Native American blood, than a Spaniards with Sub Saharan and North African blood Any day!

  132. Normandie Kent says:

    Those mtdna haploids are only 1 percent of the whole Genome, what about Autosomal DNA?

  133. Normandie Kent says:

    Puleeeze! What about all the millions of Blacks who passed into whiteness as soon as their skin would let them. These Hispanics do not really see themselves as white anyways, they still have their culture , language, and religion. All that makes them different from whites. It doesn’t matter what box they check.

  134. Normandie Kent says:

    How the f**k are they confusing them as Mexicans, when the last time I checked the poster was call them moors or Africans, I think you are confused! Anyways if Mexicans have moor DNA or African DNA they got it from the Spaniards.

  135. Normandie Kent says:

    East Asians have the most Neanderthal DNA . And the Native Americans are the most homogenous group in the world and more closely related to each other with no overlap. They are their own race!

  136. Normandie Kent says:

    The Cherokee are NOT Berber or related to Berbers or Saami. They are closely related to other Native Americans or Amerindians. They have a lot of Foreign admixture. But thru ancient DNA and Skeletal morphology they are the Same As other Amerindians. Leave the Native Americans out of your Pseudo scientific bullshit!

  137. Normandie Kent says:

    The Sun has nothing to do do with it, because if a red headed / alabaster skin farmer is in the sun for hours working , he is going to be in a world of shit if he doesn’t have a wide brimmed hat and long sleeves. Spaniards, Greeks, Italians and especially Sicilians are dark because the are closer to the equater and Africa . There has been wave after wave of people from Africa, so Southern Europe got the brunt of all those waves. The DNA traces from Africa may not show in commercially bought Autosomal DNA tests, that only pick up ancestry in the past 5-7 generations. But they do show in the DNA Studies of Southern Europeans, that they have more Sub Saharan and North African DNA than Northern Europeans, who themselves have North Eurasian Siberian and East Asian DNA.

  138. Lexxs says:

    Normandie, you could not name even ten Blacks who passed into whiteness if your life depended on it. Lol

  139. TheChairman says:

    The ‘writer’ is a MORON, and knows nothing about the topic.

    “Hispanic” is a language group… derived from Hispania, the Romans’ name for Spain… in EUROPE.

  140. Genia L says:

    Sure, French People may be clustered closest with Hispanics, but I find the Baroque Composer Johann Sebastian Bach closest to looking Hispanic in the Modern Day Era when he was in his 20s or 30s. He had brown hair, and brown eyes just like The Actor Matthew Gubler. And that’s why German Europeans were never blonde hair, blue-eyed like Scandinavians.

  141. Gerald says:

    Nonsensical article.
    Some Latino Americans ARE White as they are the descendants of Colonial settlers from Europe who moved to South America who never mixed with the indigenous or Black people.
    That is true of 85% of the Cuban American community, who are all largely Cubans who immigrated from Galicia and the Canary Islands in Spain,and are thus White.
    Example is Marco Rubio
    Last I checked, Argentines are a mix of Italian and Spaniard and are thus, European and have never identified as any other thing other than White.
    The same applies to White Chileans.Who are a special mix of Basque, Croatian and even Swiss
    Some countries like Colombia and Venezuela which may have a large Mestizo population, it is the largely White middle and upper class that has migrated to the USA and they are of mainly Spanish,Italian and German ancestry.Some are mixed but claim to be white but that was very rare in both nations after the nations got their independence, especially in Colombia where to date towns that are entirely White still exist
    Or does Majandra Delfido (Venezuela)look remotely anything else???
    Many Brazillian Americans are not only of Portuguese Ancestry but also of Italian(Think Morena Baccarain who is a Brazillian of Italian ancestry and has acted as a Non Hispanic White in every role I have seen her on TV,from Gotham to Homeland), German,Russian and even Polish Ancestry.Not just the Mullato and Black footballers you see on Television
    So for part of the Latino community, they are White and have always been.
    The second fact is that Hispanics who have stayed long in the US tend to assimilate, mainly into the White community. At present, 80% of Third Generation Mexican Americans are of partial White and Hispanic ancestry. So are many Cubans who are white anyways.
    Our best example is none other than Rafael Edward” Ted” Cruz. Whose children do not look anything like the stereotypical Hispanic but instead look like they were born in rural Nebraska

  142. Gerald says:

    Incorrect. The vast majority of Mexicans in the United States are from the Northern Mexican states, where most Mexicans are mixed race but the admixture is 90%European.Some of those states still have White majorities to date.

  143. tom perez says:

    Go back to the real school, I bet ur black or indigenous, I,t,s reverse race…

  144. tom perez says:

    I agree ,Thank you !!!

  145. tom perez says:

    Go back to another school . U have been tought wrong . LMAO !!!!!

  146. tom perez says:

    Thank you …

  147. tom perez says:

    Thank you , You said it right ….

  148. tom perez says:

    No, they dont Native American thank you …

  149. tom perez says:

    Both ,lol ..

  150. tom perez says:

    So true…

  151. tom perez says:

    Ha HA …

  152. tom perez says:

    So true …. Nuff said …

  153. tom perez says:

    Shut up u fool …

  154. tom perez says:

    Yes mame or sir …

  155. tom perez says:

    OMG you said it right, THANK YOU …

  156. tom perez says:

    Oh Please, I can not understand why you are not able to talk about this matter. Do white Hispanic,s bother you ? Go take a cold shower you,ll be ok ….

  157. tom perez says:

    So you think you know it all ? You,r funny …

  158. tom perez says:

    That is a lie. Than why are we still white ??? Where did white Spanish come from ? You piss me off.

  159. tom perez says:

    LOL you are funny . Go find the truth…

  160. tom perez says:

    Oh Please .it,s becouse they mixed with whites . I can not believe stuip ppl ..

  161. Christian Soto says:

    I’m 65% European, 19% Native American, 10% African, 5% East Asian, 1% Ashkenazi Jewish. I obviously come from a family that transcended race. It annoys me that you just see us as pawns for your ends. I’ve heard more racist things said to me from African American people than from white American people, because I look so “White”.

  162. Nova Anglia says:

    The moors in Spain were mostly Mediterranean white berbers with a few arabs as leaders. North Africa was historically Medetid-white. The assumption that all people living in African are black is racist and historically incorrect.

  163. Nova Anglia says:

    North African does not = black. North Africa was always a part of the Mediterranean world, cut off from black Africa by the saharan desert until after the arab invasion in the 7th c. Some scientists suspect E V13 may have been the first light skinned tribe in Europe. I any event, the littoral E V13 tribe was a major component of Greco-Roman civilization, and they are can be fair-eyed. blonde, and fair-skinned, as well as brown-haired and brown-eyed.

  164. Nova Anglia says:

    The moors were mostly white Berbers and a few Arabs. They were definitely not black people. Read the original records of their invasion and occupation of Spain.

  165. Nova Anglia says:

    The moors were mostly white Berbers and a few Arabs. The sub-saharan black African genetic component in “Latin Americans” comes from the tens of millions of black Africans imported by Mexico, Brazil etc. The vast majority of black slaves that were not sold in the Caribbean were sold “south of the border” – not in North America. Mexicans have around 2 – 4% black African ancestry – not the Spanish.

    People should not assume that North African = black. North Africans as depicted by the Egyptians are varying shades of white.

  166. Lexxs says:

    See Link. Or simply google “ancient paintings of Moors” . There is nothing to argue about, Moors were Black men from Africa.


  167. Lexxs says:

    Not to mention that Moors also ruled as Princes and Kings in Croatia, Italy, Germany and other places. See link:

  168. Lexxs says:

    See links:


    White guys feel physically ill when they see proof that Moors ruled in Europe. Notice the crowns and regalia on many of the men pictured. Seek training to help yourself get over your white racism. Lol

  169. Nova Anglia says:

    That’s just silly. A 16th c. – 19th c. European dipictions of Blackamoors are not picutures of Berbers prior to the Islamic slave trade trade from the sub-sahara. You are making a fool of yourself.

  170. Lexxs says:

    Non-academic rubbish. A complete waste of time. Stop being pathetic.

  171. Nova Anglia says:

    So If North Africans are black, then blacks were enslaving whites for centuries before whites turned the tables on them and got their revenge by enslaving their former captors…

  172. Clytemnestra says:

    If anything race is a social construct, it is the Hispanics who were always identified as white before the Nixon administration gave them their own classification. The northeastern coastal states are peopled with swarthy white people who call themselves Italians, Greeks, and Jews. I don’t understand why a new racial designation was made for Hispanics. Even if they have Indian ancestry, guess what? So do many Americans identifying themselves as white.

    The largest group that white people, male and female, indiscriminately mix and intermarry with are Hispanics. Much like the Irish and the Poles on the East Coast mix and intermarry with Italians (see Joe Lando and Johnny Galecki).

    If Hispanics become the majority, they won’t be a minority anymore, will they? They will have the demographics to turn the culture more along the lines of Mexico, Central and South America. In certain counties of the Southwest they have reached enough numbers to make the official language Spanish. Even now, many whites cannot get a job in their field because they don’t speak Spanish, because local demographics have changed so quickly and dramatically.

    If Hispanics take over, Anglos will have to speak Spanish or be marginalized. I have no idea how blacks will fare under Hispanic rule.

  173. tom perez says:

    wow that is so tr;ue

  174. Omnis Odium says:

    fuck you, both for your comment and your heretical name
    Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaat and the Shia’tu Ali both hold the Qur’an to be eternal and uncreated

    also, the Moors were not “Black”.
    because US EUROPEANS ARE FUCKED and forgot our DIETES (our traditions, especially the idea of who eats with us, who shares our customs, this is who we are, and that we do NOT believe in race, an idea that goes back to Ancient Athens, so don’t think I’m crediting other fair skinned people like myself lol)

    so that we could TAKE SLAVES and STEAL LAND
    I’m not mincing my words at all because you need to understand
    racialist ideals, especially ones who say things like “wir sind ze real Jews, because wir are descendant of Moses through Tiesto who is descendant through Ashkenaz, son of Gomer, son of Japheth, and wir call ourselves ‘Aryan’ after ze Magi at Christ’s birth! those Jews who say they sind Jews, they are not ze real Jews!”

    are made up fucking bullshit
    Dietes or die
    customs and communication are all that matters
    if we can eat together and speak
    we can get along

  175. Omnis Odium says:

    The Moors were a nation from Iberia, a TAIFA a THING, similar to the Latin word “res” in a place that had been a mix of groups, albeit with a conclavistic culture, for hundreds of years.

    When Hispania was actually invaded, the upper class who led Muslim Vandals, Muslim Libyanites, and Muslim Bedouins (who come in all skin colors my dude), Berbers (who also come in a wide array of skin colors) as well as the Khajirites (the military who defected from the armies of Ali ibn Abi Talib [alaihi al-salam]) into Visi Hispania and Suevi Galicia (kind of a union of two kingdoms at that point) were:

    The Umayyads, as in the banu Umayyah of Qurtuba, they were North Arabs

  176. Omnis Odium says:

    you’re insane if you think 24% of Spaniards have Sephardi heritage
    I’d bet more fucking DUTCH people have Sephardi heritage
    and Spaniards aren’t even a thing
    who do you mean? Castellanos? Gallegos? Lusitanos? Leonese? Catalanos? Catalanos are basically French looking they’re so fair skinned. In fact, the northwest, the place that was the LEAST conquered, probably has the “darkest” Spaniards. They can have pale skin but often have VERY dark, lush wavy hair. Because they’ve got a lot of Celtic heritage, and look just like the “black Irish”. (Like Audrey Hepburn)

    The reason the Spaniards are darker on average? Because LIFE IS LIQUID TO IT’S ENVIRONMENT AND THEY’VE BEEN IN THE DESERT FOR THOUSANDS OF FUCKING YEARS! Even without Arabs, Berbers, Bedouins and Vandals to mix with from the Umayyad invasion, especially considering the extreme population bottlenecks common to both Visi Hispania and Suevi Galicia (which pretty much got conquered down to just being “Asturias”, with many independent Christian cities across the peninsula), you WILL get darker. Especially if there is sufficient nutrition to facilitate it.

    It’s just how life works and adapts

  177. Omnis Odium says:

    @Sean Williams
    The Moors were a FUCKING NATION, a SMALL PART of Muslim Iberia
    Black is indigenous to the Americas

    There were BERBERS, ARABS, BEDOUIN (<- some Arab, some not, as this just means nomadic essentially and can apply to other cultural and linguistically focused tribes), and EVEN VANDALS, that would've made up the population, that eventually became "the Moors"

    you're tlaking about AN EXTREMELY mixed placed and acting like a culture, from the Americas, is synonymous with the entirety of the Moors, WHICH IS OBJECTIVELY INCORRECT

  178. Omnis Odium says:

    no idiot, Black Americans are indigenous, specific ot the Americas

    Latinos, even those with Native heritage, are not indigenous once they leave the area they are indigenous to
    The modern Nahua speakers, in their land, are indigenous and native
    But if a Nahua speaker comes to the US, they are just native
    And also it’s important to remember like in South America, most “natives” prefer the term Amerindian

    its like just a difference in preferred term
    like how here you would use Black to refer to Black Americans and their culture, African-American for immigrants, etc. etc. in South America, particularly Brasil, Amerindian is the “correct” term,b ut if youre talking about a gropu indigenous to the Amazon, you can also say indígena / indigenous

  179. Sandyel Martins says:


    You just gave me cancer with your blunt stupidity.
    Witch is ironic for one who claims to “know” history.
    This picture is the coat of arms of a southern city in Portugal. Those severed heads are Moorish.
    How desperate you must be to claim others as your own, Amazigh are a proud people that don’t want to be associated with African Americans, the most degenerate lot of misfits that this world as yet to bear witness.
    Or any other more respectful Africans generally speaking, or even Semites.
    I should know since our 400 years war is very well documented in the tower of the Tomb witch ended with the capture of Ceuta, the next 5 centuries were spent killing anything that resembled our foe.

    I’m Portuguese by the way, since I live in my ancestral lands and culture, I am allowed to be as obnoxious and racist as I can be to defend my heritage and identity from low life thief’s.
    You sorry lot have yet to learn that tolerance for your fellow human being isn’t acceptance.

  180. Lion of Truth says:

    Seems like Sean Williams is trying to blanket the entire African Continent with one DNA. LOL

  181. euda says:

    What is this obsession PLEASE? I can almost hear your shouting and your insecurities rattling. Frankly, I wish everyone would stay in the corner of the planet they and their ancestors adapted to environmentally and STOP running all over the planet. As soon as one area is destroyed by over-population and ignorance the the great migration starts and the next place gets destroyed the very same way. This is insanity no matter what all of you rattle on about – use some common sense.