Big Brother Might Be Better This Year

big-brother-16-julie-chen-CBSBig Brother 16 is coming!

Loads of new information was released in preparation for the show’s premiere on Wednesday June 25th. And from how things are shaping up, it looks like this could be a huge improvement over the last few lackluster seasons.

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Julie Chen took to her personal platform, i.e. The Talk, to silence all.of the rumors that have been circulating about the show and offer up a glimpse at the twists this season’s houseguests have in store for them.

1. Two Heads of Household

Though not the first time there have been two heads of household at once, the previous attempt forced the two HoHs to have to agree on two nominees. Now the two HoHs will each get two nominees each. Yes. Four people on the block all at once. I can see the epic new level of scrambling now.

But most importantly, this season’s twist actually has the chance to really affect gameplay. It’ll be tougher to protect an alliance and dominate power in the house and possibly make that first eviction a bit more interesting.

2. “Battle of the Block”

This twist is a mystery, presumably until the first nominees are on the block, but we do know that it will mean that HoHs will not be guaranteed safety for the first time. All things considered, this summer is shaping up to be a reinvention of the game.


Meet the Houseguests

This year’s crop of contestants, on the whole, seems to be aimed at having a bright and youthful run. Just look at the plethora of hair colors. The oldest woman is 33 years old and the oldest man is 42, so there is not that wide of a range in ages this year. And it’s probably for the best. I’m assuming (hoping) that we’ll see less of the racism/ageism/sexism that has plagued the show in the past and instead have a show based around competition and strategy for a change. Check out the faces and bios below.

The Ladies


























The Men


























And check the video introduction below for a taste of what is in store this summer:

Are you hyped for another Summer of Secrets in the BB House? Tell us who you think has the best shot of winning it all in the comments section below!

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