White People Say the Darndest Things, We Can Too [VIDEO]

im-whiteToo often in America, the racial majority dictates life for the minorities. White is normal and anything else is strange. This inevitably leads to uncomfortable lines of questioning like “How does your hair do that?” or “Are you really good at math?” and maddening allusions to starving children in Africa.

Lucky for us, there are always snarky and witty souls on the internet that have completely spun these notions on their heads.

Buzzfeed released two videos targeting the stereotypical lines of questioning that whites have towards blacks and Asians. By reversing the roles, it is plain as day how ignorant and basic these questions can be. And the results are both hilarious and thought-provoking.

If Black People Said the Stuff White People Say

If Asian People Said the Stuff White People Say

Similarly, Trans-Activist Janet Mock flipped things around with interviewer Alicia Menendez. And while the two were simply role-playing, the difficulties that they both had with the experience is illuminating with regard to our comfort (or discomfort) in dominant and outsider roles.

What was the most uncomfortable question you’ve been asked? Share your experience in the comments sections below!

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