Album Review: Day26 – The Return


Day 26 has returned with an aptly titled EP The Return. The 8-track collection has all of the content you’d expect (love, raunch, and relationship issues), but that was a foregone conclusion. The real question hanging over their heads is “Can this still work?”

The R&B market is  fickle one, especially right now. There is the youth market that thrives on blatant sexual appeals and the older market that relies on slightly less blatant sexual appeals. And on the surface, it would seem that this would leave no room for a group like Day26. However, I’d argue that this gives them a golden opportunity. If done right, they can source fans from both age groups, something most other artists can’t manage.

The opener, “Touchdown”, feels like classic Day26. Smooth delivery, a hip-hop tinged track, and layered vocals makes this the type of “party R&B” that the group was known for. Even Baby Bash’s out-of-nowhere feature seems appropriate. However, the next track and lead single “Bulls#!t” sounds like those tracks on the album you likely skipped. It is a clear appeal to their male audience that must be off-putting for their (majority) female fans.

The most single-worthy track seems to be “Make It To The Bed” based upon its overtly sexual lyrics and radio-friendly chorus. The video literally writes itself. But the surprise of the set has to be “You’re Worth It.” The midtempo banger has a summer feel to it with the whistling in the background and laid-back vibe. And their voices really achieve the blend that they need.

There is definite room for improvement. Their sound isn’t as cohesive as it once was. They should work on having a signature sound that will set them apart from the crowded R&B pack. But still, there is (and always was) something special about this group. And now that they are out of the shadow of P. Diddy, Bad Boy Records, and the Making The Band franchise, they stand a chance at actually making a name for themselves.

Check out their ebook and stream the album below!

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Are you loving the return of Day26 or should they have left well enough alone? Hit us in the comments with your opinion!

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Daren W. Jackson

Daren is one half of the Water Cooler Convos team. He's a writer, music connoisseur, and comic book geek who spends his free time working on his novel and other short stories.

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  1. Korninthia Smith says:

    I love Day 26 and hope to see them come back with a vengeance. R&B is greatly needing a comeback by younger artist.