#BB16 Week 1: A Whole Lot of Stupid Is Afoot

BB16_LOGOIt’s a new season and Big Brother has been revolutionized. The rules are turned upside-down, the cast is drowning in paranoia, and, for the first time, the show is in true HD. And within the first week, the game has already taken an insane amount of twists and turns.

At the end of each Big Brother week, I will be recapping all of the highs and lows of the goings-on in the BB House. It won’t be comprehensive (between the edited broadcasts and the live feeds, that is way too much to cover here), but I’ll give you the most important points. If you need a refresher on who was cast this year, check out Big Brother Might Be Better This Year.

Naturally, I went into this season feeling like the game may have been born anew with how the producers had changed the rules and young-ified the cast. But a battle of the sexes in this first week seems to have already defined this season to be just like so many that have come before.

Due to Big Brother’s super-sized two night opener, this first week of the game has seemingly lasted forever. And there have been so many twists and turns already, it’s amazing that anyone is able to keep up.

Here are the new rules:

  • Each week will now crown two Heads of Household (HOHs), each with the power to nominate two contestants for eviction
  • These pairs will then engage in the new competition, the Battle of the Block, and whichever duo is victorious is safe for the week while the HOH that nominated them loses power and is open to being backdoored through the Power of Veto
  • America will also be forming its own secret alliance (Team America), voting in new members each week and giving them the opportunity to win extra cash

Though this feels immensely complicated, it definitely puts the houseguests in more danger than ever. And this has already born fruit. While Donny was the initial target and he lost the Battle of the Block competition, he won the veto and was able to save himself.

These changes will also test their gameplay skills to show who can not only keep themselves safe but also try to control who goes out the door. But perhaps the best feature of this change is that there are more ways to earn your safety. There are now two competitions that can get you taken off of the block. As the weeks progress, this twist will become more and more important as the houseguests that are still available for nomination dwindles. This is sure to cause some major tension, paranoia, and backstabbing.

From the moment the houseguests walked into the door, it seemed that everyone had their eye on someone else for a “showmance”. And while most of those attractions at least seemed to fade, Caleb has a major fire burning for Amber. Caleb has made it clear to numerous other players that he really has a thing for her, and they have been brainstorming for ways to get them together. Just wait for this to stir things up for everyone.

There have already been a wealth of alliances.  “The Crazy Eights”, “The Double D’s”, “El Cuatro” and “The Bomb Squad” have all taken shape, and these are just a sampling. An all-female alliance has already been exposed and disposed of. Many others have already fallen apart. And there are so many “secret” alliances, I’m not sure the houseguests can even remember where their allegiances are supposed to lie.

The highlights of the cast so far have been:

  • Frankie: He is the brother to pop singer Ariana Grande. There was no way to miss this as it was repeated about 50 times within the first episode.
  • Paola: She quickly became a stalker of another houseguest, publicly screaming that she could lick a mystery substance off of him like ice cream.
  • Devin: The clear winner of the “Houseguest that is playing too damn hard” award. He thinks he is running things, but he’s not. He believes his “charm and charisma” gives him massive influence over the house. Without consulting his all male alliance, he brought in two girls (Christine and Amber). He is running around with paranoid delusions about Donny. And his alliance, that just formed, is already trying to come up with ways to dump him.
  • Donny: Most promising houseguest. Though he is only a mild-mannered groundskeeper, he is majorly outplaying the other houseguests. They have convinced themselves that he is actually anything from a comedian to an ex-army man. Still, the only person that is suspicious of him is Devin.

For enjoyment and clear-headedness reasons, the best alliance so far is between Christine and Nicole. These two have an alliance because they actually like each other. You don’t get much of this on Big Brother, so you’ve got to celebrate it whenever it happens.

The worst alliance by far is “The Bomb Squad”. This quasi-all-male alliance has brought together most of the annoying personalities in the house with the most muscle-headed. But what really makes this the most annoying, is that alliances like this have tended to run the house from season to season. I hope this thing falls apart … quickly. If it doesn’t, it just stands to make the show predictable and boring.

Unfortunately for Joey (the first person voted into Team America), her plans to form an all-female alliance blew up in her face because the type of women cast for this show are seemingly incapable of trusting other women. When everyone started acting strange around her, she tried to come clean, but she was unceremoniously ushered out the door by “The Bomb Squad”.

Then, in dramatic fashion, Amber and Devin won the two HOH positions for the week. Looks like “The Bomb Squad” (I don’t know how many more weeks I can type that stupid alliance name) is running things for another week. Yippee.



zach-rance-02Every week, I’ll give the Houseguest that I’d vote to evict if I had the power. This week, the clear winner is Zach. He yells in all of his diary sessions. He believes himself to be the brains of “The Bomb Squad”. He flaunts his unemployed status. And at the end of the day, he’s just a douche. Every week with him in the house is a week too many.

Who do you want to see walk out the door? How many weeks do you think the “Bomb Squad” will last? Discuss in the comments section below!

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