The Farce of the Derelict “Beyoncé Voter”

beyonce-ghetto2Ever heard of them before? Apparently the folks at Fox News believe that any “single ladies” who vote are technically “Beyoncé Voters.” You know because she made a song about being single like umpteen million years ago (or a very long five years ago for those of us outside of the music industry). They also think that these ladies typically depend on the government because they don’t have husbands to depend on for birth control. It’s funny though because Beyoncé actually is married and her pregnancy happened within marriage. Sadly, she doesn’t even live up to the distasteful moniker Faux News made up from her namesake. I’m not sure anyone else does either.

Last week, Fox News’ Jesse Watters went on air during the show “Outnumbered” and gave his reaction to Hillary Clinton’s comments regarding the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision. The Court ruled in Hobby Lobby’s favor, stating that the government cannot force “closely held” corporations to provide contraceptive coverage due to religious exemption. Clinton, who has always been pro-choice, expressed sentiment one would expect of any liberal potential candidate vying for the highest position in the US. But, somehow, Watters took the opportunity – while on a panel comprised of four women – to demean single women who rely on contraceptives for their medical needs.

“I call them the Beyoncé voters, the single ladies. Obama won the single ladies by 76 percent last time, and they made up about a quarter of the electorate. You know, they depend on government because they’re not depending on their husbands. They need things like contraception, health care, and they love to talk about equal pay.”



Such despicable women with their ovaries, and uteruses, and their equal pay demands. How dare they…exist?

The notion that single women are the only folks who depend on contraceptives is so uninformed it’s scary. As a married woman, I have been using oral contraceptives for over a decade. Many of us married ladies do. Why? Well, because we would like to have control over our reproductive choices. Some of us would like to plan our lives rather than pop out babies once or twice a year for the hell of it. I would like to think Beyoncé falls more in this camp since she has been married for quite some time. But, maybe Watters knows something I don’t.

With regards to single women who do use contraceptives for reproductive needs, I just can’t see what is so wrong with that. I know conservatives don’t like sex and all, but I thought they were all about having children within the bounds of marriage. Or, does that only apply to folks who swear off sex before they meet their life partner? Or, what seems more likely, maybe this is just a bunch of drivel from conservative non-journalists who just don’t like anyone who votes differently from themselves. Maybe their palpable hatred for all things at the intersection of liberalism and women’s rights is just so intoxicating they can’t see straight. Clearly, something is amiss.

This infatuation with Beyoncé from conservatives is actually disturbing. I personally think she is incredibly talented. I have some critiques of her brand, but I respect her work and business acumen. For conservatives to continually paint her as some amoral sexpot who’s akin to the imaginary black, gold-toothed, welfare mom of seventeen who only exists in their heads is misleading and shameful. Frankly, this is a farce. It’s a media stunt parading as conservative logic. I am sick of it.

Calling out a prominent black woman who is everything but a government fund siphoning vagrant to make a point to viewers that single women are bad is not news. It isn’t journalism. It certainly isn’t informative. This is yet another attempt from conservatives to egg on existing racial animus to keep their bottom-line in the black. I’m not here for it. She is probably worth more than their whole damn studio let alone the staff within it.

I know Fox News viewers are not bright enough to see through it. I also know most of them actually believe this garbage. But, that doesn’t mean we should rest idly by on our laurels watching the collateral damage. We should demand better. And since “Beyoncé Voters” are so powerful, maybe we should rally together and get that whole circus shut the hell down.

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Jenn M. Jackson

Jenn M. Jackson, PhD is a co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Water Cooler Convos. She is a native of Oakland, CA. Jenn is a radical Black feminist scholar who believes none of us are free until all of us are free.