#BB16 Week 2: Pop Goes The Testosterone

BB16_LOGOThe testosterone was flowing this week and the fallout put the house on an entirely new course. Devin and Zach battled to see whose machismo would reign supreme in the house. And while the focus was on them, the other players were quietly bettering their positions in the game. Here is your one stop shop to get caught up on the goings on in the Big Brother 16 house.

When we last left you, Devin and Amber were crowned HOHs for the week. On the surface, it looked like a second week of domination for “The Bomb Squad” (I still hate writing that), but underneath, the alliance was fearful of what a Devin HOH reign would look like. At first, everything was all kosher. As a group, they decided who to nominate (Devin noms Paola and Britney; Amber noms Hayden and Nicole). Though there was talk of nominating someone from their alliance to help keep it a secret, that idea was quickly ditched.

But then things went horribly sideways.

First, Devin tells Paola to throw the Battle of the Block competition because he wants to make sure that his target, Britney, goes home. He promises that he will ensure that she stays as long as she throws it. And like a dummy, she actually does it. Zach is already sick of Devin’s ways, and goaded on by other’s annoyances with him, he causes dissention within the Bomb Squad when he rallies a few of them together against Devin. His plan? One of them wins HOH next week and backdoors Devin. For some reason, he thought having Caleb, Devin’s bestie, in the room for the conversation was somewhere near intelligent. Spoiler Alert: it wasn’t.

Caleb tries to help his friend out by pulling him aside and telling him that some people aren’t too happy with him and that he has been disrespectful to some of the women. The fact that people are upset with him he can take, but alleging disrespectful treatment of women (even though BB thoughtfully plays a clip where he blatantly disregards Amber in front of everyone) pushes him over the edge. Testosterone fueled arguing ensues and Devin throws a hissy fit. Now he wants out of the alliance. Caleb, who for some reason still wants to keep his friendship with the unstable Devin alive, pulls him aside again and smooths things over. Cooler heads have prevailed and things appear to be back on track, But then Caleb slips and tells Devin that someone in their alliance doesn’t want to go along with getting rid of Britney and was plotting to get him evicted. The solution? Alliance meeting time!

He brings up the whole squad to the HOH room and asks them who is working against him. Everyone is a “deer-in-headlights” for a minute, not wanting to fess up. But then Zach has the cajones to speak up and say that some people in the alliance just don’t like what he is doing. He says that Devin wants to get Britney out of the house for personal reasons, and that a lot of them like her. For some reason, he thought that other people would back him up, but he quickly learned that he walked out onto a very lonely limb. The meeting breaks up and Zach stays behind to continue talking with Devin. He doubles down with Devin, telling him that he was the one who said he wanted to get Devin out of the house, but he “Didn’t mean it.” But Devin would respect him telling the truth and be able to get over it, right? If you thought there was even a chance of that happening, you obviously haven’t seen one moment of Devin on-screen.

Next up is the Veto competition. For some reason, he tells Paola right before the competition that if he wins, he’ll put the necklace around her neck. Sweet, in a completely illogical way. Everyone is praying that Devin doesn’t win, so of course, he does. Cue to doom and gloom. But Britney, in a stroke of genius, appeals to Devin as a parent, saying that she hopes a parent wins because parents aren’t playing just for themselves. And Devin, the flip-flopper that he is, now decides that Britney doesn’t deserve to go home. And if she promises to always have his back, he’ll take her off the block. Take her off the block? He already promised that to Paola. And you don’t need to take someone off of the block to keep them safe. He’s playing hard and fast in Big Brother land, and that never bodes well.

Zach, while brooding on the couch, is approached by Devin. Eventually, Devin tells him that he doesn’t trust him and the two get into an argument. Zach blurts out that he doesn’t care if Devin puts him up on the block, and Devin says that he hadn’t even thought of that before then. And at the veto ceremony, the born again truth teller Devin pulls Britney off of the block and tells Zach to take his place. Somehow, he broke two different promises to two people at the same time. I’m not sure why he thought there would be no fallout from that, but the fallout was hefty.

Directly after the Veto Ceremony, Britney informs everyone that Paola is a liar and that she is her target because she told her she would try to win the Battle of the Block competition but threw it instead. Zach then takes the floor and rants about his distaste for Devin and that Devin told Paola to throw the Battle of the Block competition. Paola says that she thought about throwing the competition, but didn’t (a lie). Paola is screaming at Devin, Devin is fruitfully defending himself, and Zach is spilling the tea on aspects of the Bomb Squad.

Heads are spinning around the house, and Derrick let’s Zach know that he needs to do damage control if he wants to stay safe. He advises him to lay low, and despite getting into an argument with Paola, he pretty much accomplishes that. “Team America” is finally complete with the addition of Frankie and Derrick, and they decide to vote together to keep Zach (even though Donny secretly votes the other way). Once Derrick scores the votes to keep Zach, Frankie decides to tell Devin to circumvent any other shenanigans in the house. In the wake of hearing this new, he states that the Bomb Squad is over. If he ain’t running it, it can’t exist apparently.  He is playing a solo game from here on out.

And so, as expected, Paola goes home on a 10-2 vote. Like in every past Big Brother season, the pawn goes home.

The week is capped off with the crowning of two new Heads of Household: Nicole and Derrick. Here’s to hoping that intelligence will come to the forefront this week. We need some strategery.

Somehow, a version of the Bomb Squad still seems to be intact, but what will happen now that Nicole or a member of Team America could reign as the only HOH and Devin is a lone wolf?

Big-Brother-16-Devin-ShepherdHouseguest I’d Vote to Evict: Devin

There is no one that I want to see less every episode than Devin, the former baseball meathead with a “heart of gold”. He proclaims to be playing to make his daughter proud, but he consistently strong arms other houseguests and ditches his promises on a whim.

He thinks WAY to highly of himself and he cries like John Boehner. There is just so much to be annoyed by inside of one person, I’m shocked no one has voluntarily evicted themselves to maintain their sanity.

Head to the comments section to tell us what you think of the ridiculousness that was week 2 and how things will shake out going ahead!

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