#BB16 Week 3: Acting Like Robin Thicke Is Not A Winning Strategy

BB16_LOGOThis week, Big Brother really began. Personal differences deepened, gameplay got more complex, and most players started to realize that they are playing for keeps.

Last week, The Bomb Squad blew up, Paola was sent packing, and Nicole and Derrick were crowned the new HOHs for the week. Devin became public enemy #1 and suddenly, Big Brother was in full swing.

In the wake of Devin’s implosion from last week, he decided to start telling people all around the house about The Bomb Squad thinking that disseminating that information will put targets on other players and maybe buy him more time in the house. But no one was falling for it.

Unbeknownst to him, the real gameplay was going on behind his back. Here’s how it all went down:

Derrick proved that he is the master manipulator of the season with his stroke of genius to have Nicole nominate Amber and he nominate Caleb. He knew that Caleb would voluntarily ask to be put up so that he can throw the Battle of the Block and keep Amber safe. This also would keep Derrick as HOH so that he could backdoor Devin.

Nicole then shared this information with Donny, who got diarrhea of the mouth and told other people in the house. This inevitably got back to Nicole and lead her to nominate him and Amber. Derrick nominated Jocasta and Caleb.

Team America’s first assignment: Convince 3 people that a houseguest is a relative of another houseguest. They came up with the devious idea to Amber, Caleb, and Victoria that Zach is a cousin to Amanda from BB15. And everyone fell for it with little to no effort.

Caleb has started developing some sort of Amber psychosis, and he somehow believed that throwing the Battle of the Block would get him some play with Amber. She promptly shut that down. But when he saw Cody and Amber hanging out, he started to feel threatened, even though Cody has zero romantic interest in her. And as a result, Cody and Derrick hatched a plan to evict Caleb if he cannot remove himself from the block.

At the veto competition, the whole house was stacked against Devin, and even though he luckily got selected to play in the competition, Donny eventually defeated him. And judging by the roaring applause that this elicited, his fate was sealed. Donny then used the veto to take Jocasta, who had been suffering from heat exhaustion, off of the block. This of course paved the way for Derrick to place Devin on the block.

But Devin still stood a chance at staying in the game. Caleb’s suspect behavior around Amber cast doubt in the minds of the houseguests, and Cody started to lead a charge to get Caleb out instead. But none of that was enough to overcome all of the ill will that Devin had sown and he was unanimously voted out of the house.

Big-Brother-16-Caleb-ReynoldsHouseguest I’d like to Evict: Caleb

His antics have reached Robin Thicke status this week. He put himself on the block to ensure her safety, he tried to leverage that to get her to like him, and he has growing tension with Cody because Amber is good friends with him. His attraction to Amber is quickly turning him into a stalker, which includes spying on Amber around the house, and if it goes any further, I wouldn’t be surprised if the production team removed him from the game.

Now that Devin has been evicted who becomes the next big target? And will any alliance rise from the ashes of the Bomb Squad? Check back next week to get caught up on all of the craziness in the house.

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Daren W. Jackson

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