#BB16 Week 4: Caleb Narrowly Escapes Nomination (And Eviction)

BB16_LOGOLast week, Devin was unceremoniously excused from the house, things went back to standing operating procedure. Once again, women were the main targets.

There’s a new alliance in town, and they go by the moniker of “The Detonators.” This subset of the original Bomb Squad includes Derrick, Cody, Frankie, Christine, and Zach. They decided that Caleb and Amber were just too much drama, so without telling them, they were dropped. The advantage of this? You keep two votes on your side even though they are completely in the dark about what is going on in the house.

The producers made sure to highlight an extremely unnerving conversation about man-crushes involving Cody, Frankie, Hayden, and Donny. Cody went on and on at length about how much of a crush he has on Zach Efron. Hayden chimed in with his man-crush: Leonardo DiCaprio. And Donny … well he ate his sandwich, clearly confused by the conversation going on around him.

This week, Team America has tasked their players with putting a physical threat on the block, and they decide on Amber, the top female physical threat. Personally, this is a huge cop-out, and I believe that America should have been able to vote on whether or not they should get credit for completing the task. I get that Amber really is the top female physical threat, but there are way bigger male physical threats in the house. The whole point of Team America is that we are supposed to have some power over what goes down in the house, and if we’re being real about it, Amber wasn’t someone who America wanted on the block.

HOHs for the week Frankie and Cody nominated Amber/Jocasta and Brittany/Victoria respectively. The goal once again was to not ruffle any feathers, so the same people keep get putting up on the block. That makes for pretty dull gameplay, but in the near future, there will be no more sacrificial lambs. In the wake of these nominations, Brittany starts to implode because she feels like the “old girl” in the house. She is clearly over being around all of the young-minded people in the house, and being up on the block for a third time has her showing her spikes a bit.

bb16-episode-12-06-botb-00Jocasta and Amber end up winning the Battle of the Block, a challenge that entailed playing the part of a knight in the game of chess. Victoria struggled the entire time with grasping what an “L” shape is. More reason why there is literally no reason for her to be in the house.

Cody wants the nominations to stay the same so that they can easily evict Brittany, but he is getting majorly distracted by Caleb’s stalker-ish behavior. This included him using his experience in the armed forces to elude the HOH cameras and sneak up on them in the HOH room. This man is slowly losing his mind, and watching it play out on-screen is incredibly unnerving.

Caleb gets to play in the veto competition and ultimately gives up the veto to Victoria for $5K. This flies in the face of the “alliance” he is in, since this move forces Cody to nominate someone else for the block. Everything in him wants to nominate Caleb, but his alliance keeps urging him to put up Donny. He talks to Donny about it before the ceremony, and ensures him that he will not go on the block. All signs point to the physical threat that America wants (Caleb) actually being put up on the block, but he is swayed to put Donny on the block anyway. His real alliance said that Caleb is a vote in their favor and someone who would never put them up. These are completely valid points, but Cody gets his angry-cry on because he feels like he backed down to Caleb, inadvertently lied to Donny, and didn’t trust his gut.

Donny, even though he was assured safety, doesn’t take the nomination too hard, but he is keenly aware of the fact that Cody was coerced into making that choice. He is starting to get suspicious of Derrick, even though they are in Team America together.

Caleb’s allegiance to Brittany started to grow, and he campaigned hard for Brittany to stay, saying that she shouldn’t leave the house before Victoria because she is such a hard worker (even though he pretty much handed the veto to Victoria just days before). In the HOH room with his supposed alliance, they were all nodding their heads and patronizing him as if they had any intention of voting Donny out. And despite her efforts to prove that she deserved to stay in the house, including a veto competition penalty of having to kick 24,000 soccer goals in 24 hours, she was unanimously voted out.

Still, in the face of all of the secrecy, lying, and backstabbing that goes on in the house, the houseguests put it all aside with the news that Frankie’s grandfather passed away. Everyone was in tears, and a letter from home urged him to stay in the game because that was what his grandfather would have wanted. It was a sweet moment, and it was great to see that they could be regular human beings, if only for a moment.

The HOH competition ended in Detonator Dominance again as Frankie and Zach took the HOH crowns. Derrick gallantly gave up an opportunity to win the competition so that Frankie could get pictures of his grandfather. And on that note, another week of Big Brother was underway.

Big-Brother-16-Caleb-ReynoldsHouseguest I’d like to Evict: Caleb

He is still on his Robin Thicke status this week, somehow managing to get even creepier. He had an entire diatribe about how he is over Amber and doesn’t care, but he backtracked on that, spilling his guts to Brittany about how Amber hasn’t even floated so much as a thank you to him for all he has done. And the sequence of him trying to covertly get to the HOH room without anyone noticing showed that he is reaching new depths of insanity.

Beyond that, he’s not even really playing the game anymore. He feels so comfortable, he can’t even fathom that people might want him to go home. All the while, everyone is just waiting for the right time to get him out. My guess is that the show’s viewership can’t wait for that time to come.

frankiegrande_bioHonorable Mention: Frankie

Frankie is easily one of the smartest players this season (I think Derrick has him beat), but at the same time, his constant scurrying around the house is getting old quickly. He seems to be spending an inordinate amount of his time doing “damage control”. The moment anyone says anything to him, he is sharing it with someone else. For some reason, people keep thinking that he is someone they can speak to in confidence, but anything shared with him becomes common knowledge around the house in minutes. So, while he scores points for somehow still being seen as trustworthy, nobody likes someone who is a rat ALL the time.

Team America’s new assignment for the week is for them to play the role of puppet master and get two Houseguests to have an argument at either the nomination ceremony or the veto competition. Just how will Frankie, Derrick, and Donny pull that off? And will it affect their game? Now that most of the chronic targets are out of the house, will floaters be next on the menu or will Frankie and Zach target some of the bigger threats? Share your predictions in the comments below!

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