EXCLUSIVE: Creator of CBS’ ‘Extant’ Gives Clues About What Happens Next…[POLL]

extant2If you haven’t been watching the instant hit on CBS, Extant, you are missing out on a mysterious sci-fi powerhouse. To start, the ensemble cast is led by Halle Berry. Then there is the mind-bending mystery that shrouds her recent trip to space and the impossibility of her returning from a solo mission pregnant. It all makes for a roller-coaster ride that you’ll never want to end.

Now, I  won’t go into detail for those of you that may not have seen the show yet, but last night’s episode blew the doors open for the rest of the season. The theme for the series so far has been #MollyYouInDangerGirl as nefarious forces have been on her tail since the start, but from the preview for next week, we can see that they stole her unborn human baby, turned her best friend and main confidante against her, and seemingly wiped the mind of her robot child.

0Faced with all of this, you’ve gotta ask #MollyWhatchaGonnaDoNowGirl?

Series creator Mickey Fisher responded to one of my tweets with a bit of spoilerage during my live tweet of #Extant and #DemExtants (you know, the ‘blerd’ version) this week:

So what to you think is going to happen next? Vote in our poll to predict what Molly is going to do next. Tell us more in the comments below!

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