White Fear: The Single Greatest Killer of Black People in the US

news-missouri-shooting-1-slWhile writing a piece yesterday about John Crawford – the 22-year-old killed in Walmart for playing with a toy gun – I became aware of another story of ‘homicide by cop’ inflicted upon an unarmed black teenager. Michael Brown, 18, was seen running in his home town of Ferguson, Mo, a suburb of St. Louis, and moments later, he was shot dead in the streets by Ferguson Police. I am just so tired of covering these stories. And I feel overcome with powerlessness as white fear claims yet another innocent life in the black community.

Explanations as to why Brown was killed abound. According to the AP, the FBI is already looking into the causes of his death. But, initially, police authorities were not releasing any information regarding the homicide to anyone including the teen’s family. Following the shooting, police sectioned off the area and left Brown’s body lying in the streets for hours as the community looked on in anger, hurt, and rage. As the crowds grew and organized into a protest, over 100 cops with assault rifles, shotguns, and dogs were called in to ‘protect the crime scene.’

While watching this horror unfold, all I could think about was the multitudinous historical events of terror inflicted on blacks since the 1790s. From the mass beheadings and maimings on the heels of Nat Turner’s Rebellion to the destruction of private property in the 1920s burning of Black Wall Street conveniently called the “Tulsa Race Riots” (although only whites were rioting), white fear has taken the form of terror for black folks attempting sanctity and mobility in their own lives.

White fear has manifested itself in outright violence post-slavery through the imposition of Jim Crow segregation. White fear has manifested itself legislatively via redlining laws and cruel lending practices barring blacks from owning property in ‘white neighborhoods.’ White fear has manifested itself in so many structural ways that it has become part and parcel with the fundamental functions of every private and governmental institution in this country. White fear is inescapable.

The fear that black people would become too wealthy or accomplished was what caused early twentieth century southern whites to strategically lynch some of the most accomplished black families, the ones who owned a horse and buggy or a nice suit jacket. The fear that black women would steal white ‘massas’ from their whites wives resulted in the intentional objectification of black women’s bodies and hair, demoralizing them, beastializing them, making them into sexual beings rather than human beings. The fear that blacks were thinking too highly of themselves and threatening white business ownership was what caused them to burn it down on June 21st, 1921. White fear has systematically and by design demolished and suppressed black wealth, mobility, and familial progress for over three centuries. What we are witnessing today is no accident.

When black families were lynched, whites would congregate, often taking pictures with the corpses of black bodies post-mortem. They would leave the bodies for days – and sometimes weeks – hanging in trees birthing the phrase “strange fruit.” This was a primary point of control for whites because seeing the swinging corpses both struck fear into other blacks, potentially dissuading them from rocking the boat, and also made clear that whites deemed blacks absolutely worthless. While we rarely see hanging nooses now, we often see dead, dying, or demoralized black bodies struggling for humanity in streets, Walmarts, apartment hallways, etc. We see them and their purpose is identical.

White fear doesn’t just exist on an individual level. Yes, it was to blame when Michael Dunn shot and killed Jordan Davis, when George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin, when Theodore Wafer shot and killed Renisha McBride, when Johannes Mehserle shot and killed Oscar Grant, when Officer Randall Kerrick shot and killed Jonathan Ferrell, and even now as we discuss John Crawford and Michael Brown. But it is much graver than individual animus.

You don’t have to be white to suffer from white fear. White fear causes upper-class black people to whitewash and downplay their own blackness just to achieve social ‘success.’ Perceived social benefits of ‘acting white’ cause many blacks to also fear ‘the other’ black people who might harm them or their families. But, make no mistake, it is a tool of oppression created by whites seeking unrelenting and perpetual dominance in the US.

Many (white) people believe it only exists between people because they choose to ignore its tentacle-like influences on public media, popular culture, education, immigration policy, and social welfare programs. They use their fear to justify their senseless aggression toward black and brown bodies. Then they sit as judge and jury indicting black teens for eating snacks, smoking weed one time, or running fast. Meanwhile, white teenaged boys live fruitful lives after mowing down entire groups of people while under the influence of stolen alcohol because they suffer from ‘affluenza.’ A drunk white murderer is worth more than a dead black honor student. Such is the function of white fear.

White fear is killing us. It is causing us to fear black skin. It is segregating neighborhoods. It is closing public schools. It is cutting welfare benefits to mothers and children. It is undermining a presidency. It is criminalizing black bodies. It is incarcerating black identities. It is limiting black potential. It is sexualizing black girls. And, it is shooting black boys in the streets of their own neighborhoods.

White fear is the single greatest cause of death for black people today and has been so since this country’s inception. White fear.

 *Writer’s note: The post image has been changed as the Brown family has requested the social media removal of Mike Brown’s lifeless body.


Watch coverage from KMOV below.

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Jenn M. Jackson

Jenn M. Jackson, PhD is a co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Water Cooler Convos. She is a native of Oakland, CA. Jenn is a radical Black feminist scholar who believes none of us are free until all of us are free.

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  1. Lashuntrice says:


  2. ATLmom says:

    Thank you Jena for this insightful piece. I would add one more source to the cause of White fear. In the plantation era south, black slaves outnumbered their white owners 4:1 in the general population. However, on a large plantation, the slaves might outnumber the owner and his family by 20:1. There was a constant fear that if they allowed the slaves any power at all, they could easily uprise and overtake their owners. So, to maintain control and appease their fear, they used terror and intimidation to ‘keep the slaves in their place’ I think this fear – and the desire to keep black folks down – continued on in Southern culture well into the 1970’s and still exists in rural areas of the deep south. And the remnants of that fear linger on in anyone who was born before the 1980’s – it was taught to us by our parents and grandparents. For instance, growing up in a small southern town, my mother would not allow me to go downtown on Saturdays because this was the day the black folks did their shopping. As if some black man was going to attack a little white girl at the bakery in broad daylight! I have witnessed this white fear in myself, and I hate it. So I work hard to acknowledge it and try to overcome this unjustified fear….but I think too many white folks don’t even accept that it exists, much less attempt to correct it.

  3. Mary Burrell says:

    Glad to find you, This is a great blog.

  4. Mary Burrell says:

    Yes and Yes to all of that. Well said. So glad i found your blog.

  5. truthseeker2436577@yahoo.com says:

    This is a very excellent article that people should read.

  6. Ara Marliala says:

    Well written piece. I wanted to write something but I’m filled with too much anger towards Whites at the moment to be objective in my writings so my question is: WTF do Whites have to be fearful of? They invaded Africa, killing, stealing, enslaving and dragging the people out of their continent for hundreds of years, brought them to a land they stole from Natives, torture, raping, our children, men and women. We’ve had years of apartheid, Jim Crow, racism, mental and physical abuse, denigration, humiliation at the hands of these SAVAGES but they’re fearful of us? WTF do Whites have to be fearful of? TELL ME!!!

  7. Jimbo Franks says:

    what a fucking load of horse shit this article is.

  8. Mark Bryant says:

    White fear? Another racist idea invented to supposedly solve racial issues. Whites kill blacks, but blacks kill more whites, and blacks kill more blacks, so should we also go around discussing “black fear” and “double black fear”?

    No. The reality here is, anytime anything goes wrong and a white man and a black man are involved, absurd ideas like “white fear” are posited as the root cause. You have no idea what went wrong in this individual circumstance with this man/policeman. You think you can solve racial issues through broad generalizations and stereotypes? You are part of the problem.

  9. Linda Gonzalez says:

    This was the result of the hate started by our Republican leaders. It is time we took them out of office before the create any more damage. We must vote them out of office and out of our Nation. We must let them know this is our Nation and not for sale. We can not allow them to continue spreading hate and fear. It has to stop. We demand Human Rights laws be followed by other countries yet our own Nation leaders are slowly but surely trying to take every right we have. Enough! We must get them out of office! OUT! Show them the door and don’t let it hit them on their A.. on the way out!

  10. TheZuluNation says:

    Thanks for proving the point of the article LMAO

  11. jeanette says:

    Because karma is a B#$%h! That is why they fear us!

  12. True Black says:

    Wow such dynamic writing, I can see the tears of our ancestors and can feel that pain Unfortunately whites could never see nor feel it as you nor I , maybe that is also a part of white fear acknowledging their ancestors also but not in the same way and have to face themselves.

  13. Scottlowther says:

    > they’re fearful of us

    No, we’re really not.

  14. Susan says:

    What a horrible state of affairs that white people could have kidnapped black people from their homes of origin in Africa and drag them against their will, in great fear, and in terrible, even death-dealing, circumstances across the ocean to another continent, treated them as animals, sold them at auction, owned them, worked them, beat them, deprived them of the comfort of family and culture, only to eventually be forced by a devastating war to free them. Then, and still to this day, to continue mistreating and abusing the modern descendants of those earlier enslaved black people is even more horror. I agree with this author that FEAR is at the basis of not only the historic behavior, but lies at the root of today’s hideous present ongoing demeaning and assaultive behavior and murder of black people – killed just for existing.

    It is utterly WRONG to treat our fellow citizens in this way. No matter that the original black people were forcibly brought here against their will…their descendants are citizens of America by their very birth and are entitled to each and every freedom and every bit of human respect and decency accorded every white citizen. This SHOULD be reality, but it is NOT YET the reality.

    I am ashamed of what white people have done and continue to do in their horrible actions against our fellow black humans. What could possibly ever be the thinking that would elevate the color white above any other color?? Whatever it is, it is all fear-based and I reject it. I refuse to fear my black brothers and sisters. Refuse to do it.

    Those of us who are white and do not support and condone this heart-rending, tragic assault on our fellow black countrymen (or for that matter our fellow countrymen of any non-white color) have a special responsibility to get off our asses and start standing up to the bigots with power, as well as the small-minded, mean-minded white trash in this country, who continue to live in fear of black people. We must stand together with our non-white fellow countrymen and demand and work for an end this senseless violence and killing. We simply MUST STOP IT.

  15. John says:

    The term “white fear” does not apply to all whites and could do a lot of harm if it catches on and pi**es off the crusty, pathetic old white billionaires that control the media and government. All stereotypes and labels need to be dumped and ignorance on both sides needs to stop. Skin color does not matter at all, we are all part of the HUMAN race. If you are white, talk to a black person and be polite. I promise they will not bite.. After a while you will not even notice the color of their skin. We need to come together to peacefully fix our broken, oppressive system and biased media ASAP. Race and/or religion (or lack thereof) does not make anybody a monster. We all came from the Earth and will return to the Earth. Sooner or later all humans will have “mixed blood” as well. If we unite we could make America greater than it ever has been and advance faster than ever thought possible. The whole world would benefit from the results of a truly UNITED States.

  16. Damir says:

    You seem to live on some other planet dude… Just have a look around the world about how many innocent people has your white government killed so far. More than nazis. Let’s not talk about your history of slavery, and you still dare call other people a problem? Yes, you have proven the point of the article. I just wonder, if you are armed enough to fight your own shadows once you kill everyone else?!

  17. Damir says:

    Do you get paid to be a dumb troll?

  18. phil says:

    Yet you are the pathetic troll that is trying to start s**t in the CNN
    comment section… I am sorry that your mommy does not love you, but
    being rude to others is not the way to go. There are more healthy
    outlets. Take care of yourself, champ. You will overcome the
    d o u c he baggery and make us all proud…..

  19. John says:

    Good job copying and pasting a response that I made to your post, and was deleted by the mods I am flattered that you think so highly of what I said that you try to make it look like your own post. You are a special guy.

  20. donlon77 . says:

    It’s odd when white males play victim. Doesn’t seem genuine. Reverse racism is a myth. Not saying only whites can be racist. But white males run the world, unfortunately.

  21. phil says:

    Yawn…Thanks i am special. You? Not so much

  22. Mskby says:

    Exactly right. If we deny it’s existence we can think better of ourselves and live in our bubble. It exists, but most deny it’s existence and fail to realize when they are acting upon it.

  23. Dottie says:

    There are days I pray, the average white person would be able to step into my shoes. The stereotypes they are feed each day by television will become obsolete. They would recognize the lies they have been feed by the people (family, friends and teachers) that are supposed to present them the truth. When they actually come to terms with what it’s like to be in a world that was created for them. They would seek to destroy it as it goes against creation.

  24. Crystal Thomase says:

    Stfu you blued white devil. You whites are murderers, from back then to. Through out history, you murdered raped indigenous peoples of earth. Even my Latin America u stole, you damn thieves!

  25. Crystal Thomase says:

    Omg! This guy is my hero for this one. Well said.

  26. Get Off The TIP says:

    water cooler HELL… Integration full of tricks… come on ova… SYKE… just fooling… gv me a few more years in power… SYKE… Black President… SYKE…. Strange Fruit now Road Kill… u feel ME…

  27. Donna Green says:

    White do it all the time….Broad generalizations and stereotypes. Police in NC fires 4 shots at Black man reaching for his wallet. Black man trying to get help, police shoots without asking question. Yes Mark there is White Fear & no it won’t solve racial issues.

  28. LeBalt says:

    Black folks, let start your own country, not racist, without any whites in it. Then move in there and live your happy life without “white fear that kills”. Sounds like a good idea?

  29. detroitrockcity says:

    Strange you would say it’s the fault of the Republicans. Do you realize that the staggering majority of Americans are… Wait for it.. Republican. In fact conservatives/Republicans outnumber liberal/Democrats by almost 3 to 1. (and growing by leaps and bounds as a result of Obama’s laughable, incompetent, disastrous joke of presidency) 8 out of every 10 Americans reaching voting age this year will be conservative. To disparage nearly everyone you know with these kind of false generalizations is unfair and misplaced. If you love your country, if you’re a parent, if you have a job, or just believe in the future, you will never ever vote for a Democrat. Now unless you’ve been in a coma for the past six years, I don’t have to tell you how badly the Democrats have screwed up this nation. It’s down to you and just a handful of low information voters that are still in support of this nefarious fringe party. Their incompetence have turned millions of former Democrats into lifelong Republicans. They have shown in stark clarity the failures of liberalism. The people have woken up to the evil and corruption of the dem party. They are finished. And Obama and Harry Reid have nailed the last nails into the Democrat coffin. All that’s left is for the 78% of the American electorate that are absolutely disgusted with liberals and Democrats to bury them next week at the polls. The end of the Democrat party is a big win for the American people. The only unfortunate aspect of the approaching demise of the dem party is that it didn’t happen sooner. That so many Americans had to suffer great harm at the hands of Democrats is truly unfortunate. But at least it’s finally happened and we can join together as one people and drive liberalism and socialism from this great country once and for all. The next 30 years will be similar to the 30 years after Jimmy Carter, but without a Bill Clinton to break up the conservative hegemony.

  30. detroitrockcity says:

    Yeah. And it can be self financed solely with black wealth. Sounds like a winner.

  31. detroitrockcity says:

    So help me to understand this… The whites with hoods over their heads, torches in hand, armed to the teeth, galloping over the hills on horseback in huge raiding parties.. Were afraid of blacks? I used to think it was the other way around..

  32. detroitrockcity says:

    Nothing at all. Whenever there is a riot of blacks in this country, you hear talk of a race war. With blacks only constituting roughly 10% of the US population, it would be more like an ethnic cleansing than a war. Blacks and white will forever have their differences, as long as the history from 100 years ago is not let go. Not all blacks are the same as the stereotype. Not all whites are violent and war like alpha males who want to beat up and kill blacks. It’s all stereotypes. There needs to be honest and open discussion amongst all Americans of every color and religion. A race war would mean the end of blacks in America. Not the answer.

  33. Are you implying that people who inflict violence on others can’t possibly be doing it because they are afraid of losing power? Why does blacks being afraid of the KKK mean that whites aren’t afraid of a black majority? This must not be a serious comment…

  34. Jaster says:

    No shit right? Whites are pure evil. All they do is kill non-whites. In fact, there has never been any documented instance where a non-white has ever done anything even remotely wrong.
    I mean look at North Korea. That place would thrive if it wasn’t for the white dictatorship. Oh, and how about those whites that behead people in the middle east. Nasty whites. Oh, and that white governor in the Mexican town that ordered white policemen to kidnap those college kids. Then they were turned over to the white Mexican gangs to be brutally murdered.
    Of course we have all those white Africans that sold blacks to American whites back in the day. And, regarding present day slavery: whites are the only race to still have slaves.
    What’s also interesting is that white countries are SO BAD for non-whites that the non-whites are LEAVING white countries in droves. White countries have the lowest immigration rates because their countries are so oppressive to non-whites.
    Everytime I talk to a white person all they say is, “I need to kill me some non-whites.”
    White people countries are the least civilized, most oppressive, least progressive, and the least diverse. Non-whites would never move to a white country.
    If you research non-white history you will find nothing bad.
    I really wish whites would stop their mass immigration to other countries.
    It’s OK to lump all people of one race together, if they are white that is.
    Only whites can be racist. Why? Oh, because you know, they deserve it. I mean come on, slavery and all. All whites today would go right back to slavery don’t you know?
    All non-whites are perfect.
    White people are bad. It’s science.

  35. Jaster says:

    I’d be willing to bet Mark Bryant has zero history with slavery.

  36. Jaster says:

    I don’t get white people. How could they ever play the victim? Not one white person has ever had anything bad happen to them.

    And I agree about the turmoil. Every non-white country lives in complete harmony, while every white country is complete shit. No wonder everyone is immigrating to non-white countries.

  37. Randall says:

    Ever heard of a black guy shooting up a campus, elementary school or movie theater?. Exactly..most whit people are normal and good people. Some though, are still very stereotypical and scared of blacks. Maybe they’re scared that African-Americans have dominant physical genes. Or maybe its that we are naturally more outspoken and confident. Maybe subconsciously some white Americans still hate because they want to be us.. who knows. All I know is that one day in the summer, I was walking to the other side of the street and the car t hat was at the stop sign rolled up its driver window, (white woman) and left the passenger one down as I had to pass the car and cross the street. Stuff like this has been happening to me since I was a 10 year old kid…so yea.

  38. USMC_Hoosier says:

    The single greatest killer of black people in the US is other black people. Additionally, what happened to Michael Brown was not homicide. Evidence has shown Michael Brown in fact did assault officer Wilson. If we want racism to stop, we have to be truthful about what is going on. Stop race hating or this will never get better.

  39. USMC_Hoosier says:

    Reverse racism is not a myth. It fully exists and until you acknowledge it, you will not make things better. All people should treat all people with dignity and respect.

  40. USMC_Hoosier says:

    This is a true statement. But to portray our nation as one that white hate blacks is not totally true. Yes, some whites hate blacks, some blacks hate whites. If you don’t believe that to be true, then you must be willfully turning a blind eye.

  41. USMC_Hoosier says:

    See, thanks for showing how reverse racism works. Certainly not a myth.

  42. USMC_Hoosier says:

    What does karma have to do with it? How many whites, in your lifetime, have owned black slaves? Stop presenting yourself as a victim because your ancestors were slaves. Whites were slaves as well, just further back than American slavery. We live in a culture that gives government backed preference to people of color, yet you still cry victim.

  43. USMC_Hoosier says:

    Do you?

  44. donlon77 . says:

    White males are in positions of power. They aren’t being discriminated against because they don’t fit into someone else’s culture.

  45. USMC_Hoosier says:

    Racism has nothing to do with power. It has to do with race, religion and any other difference and how an individual feels about them based solely on that aspect of the person.

  46. Schmitty says:

    Why do blacks insist on believing whites are afraid of them? Disgust would likely be a more accurate description. Perhaps black people should conquer their fear of being constructive members of a society they take so much from. Maybe stop listening to the gangsta rap and aspire to be more in life than an idiot. Stop blaming whitey and look in the mirror.

  47. Chukky says:

    And the single greatest killer of white people is white people, people generally do crime in their own neighborhood. and what makes you think Michael brown assaulted the police officer, just because he said it,how do you get assaulted riding in a police car with a simi shotgun , a 38 revolver, a 1000 volt tasser , a 4ft long 22pd billy club, plus a set of brass knuckles on your side, all the while wearing a kelvar bullet proof vest, for anyone to believe this shit you have to be a racist of all racist or one very dumb ass person, and as the article states, you must be one scared ass punk armed like Wilson and still murder an unharmed citizen and cry …. I FEARED FOR MY LIFE. give me a break, GET SOME F…..G BALLS.

  48. Chukky says:

    LOL, I know what you mean, I’ll give you one better, Me and a friend of mine go fishing at the river, so we walk down this little path and see an open spot wide enough for the both of us, their are four white men fishing about 30 yards from us, they look at us and fear seem to come over them. now mine you, were just there to fish and we don,t crowd them, making sure they have much more space , well after 5 min’s they pack up and leave, we stay and spread out and catch all kind of fish, well finally the fish stop biting and its getting dark anyway so we pack up and leave, we have to walk up a hill and climb over a rail to get to our vehicle, when we climb over the rail we see the white men sitting in the car,,,THEY NEVER LEFT. well we pull out and I look in the rear view mirrow and see they have got back out and started back down toward the river, me and my buddy we laugh all the way home, its a shame some one is so insecure of being around another race that they would give up a great fishing spot , but hey; this happens a lot and we take advantage of their insecurities .

  49. darryl bonner says:

    New black generation don’t give fuck bout that….we shootin

  50. Mark B. Beard says:

    Jenn Jackson is ignorant. 93% of black people are killed by other black people.

    Police kill 3 times more white people then they do black people even though black people (who are 1/8th of the population) commit half the murders in the US.

    If you are white and kill someone you are 50% more likely to be sentenced to death then a black person.

  51. Mike Larrabee says:

    Lol. And Africa is such a peaceful place.

  52. Mike Larrabee says:

    Pain and suffering doesn’t see skin color. This comment outlines the issues of rasism. An unwillingness to see things from others position because they are different and other.

  53. Mike Larrabee says:

    Michael Brown was a thug. He was a thief and got what was coming to him. You hit a cop you should be shot. You walk into a store take what you want and shove the owner a side you should be shot. White, black, yellow, red, or purple with poke-a-dots you hit a cop you should be gunned down.

  54. Nicholas says:

    A white person has never gotten cancer? A white person has never been murdered? A white person has never been raped? A white person has never been robbed? A white person has never died? Shut the **** up you ignorant piece of ****.

  55. Nicholas says:

    How can you say the government is white when the president is black?………

  56. Nicholas says:

    The amount of racism, ignorance, and stupidity in this article and in the comments makes my brain hurt. I immensely regret clinking the link to this page.

  57. Amanda says:

    Are you kidding me?!?! I am a white woman and three black girls beat my ass at the state fair when I was younger, 16 y/o- unprovoked for no reason at all! The girls ended up calling it a race crime and did not get charged with anything, of course. All other countries are living in harmony?! Another joke. That is why women have no rights and are being tormented in other countries like India and Asia. Nonwhite races- stop blaming white people for your current problems. Take out student loans and work hard for it like I did. Or if you’re going to hate on our country then go somewhere else.

  58. Amanda says:

    Right- whites are to blame for all the problems in the black community…..go visit other African countries, then come back to this country and then tell me how you feel.

  59. Amanda says:

    The statistics speak for themselves, far more whites today are victims of interracial crime. I am a white woman who was beat up by three black girls at the fair when I was 16 years old, for no reason at all. You non-white races obviously hate us for past wrongdoings that us current white folks cannot change……..so why wouldn’t we be afraid of violence at any moment?

  60. TheZuluNation says:

    What does Africa have to do w/ Blacks in the U.S.? Completely different culture. Seems like your guilt is getting in the way… and Whites have a lot to do w/ problems in the Black community. Which group of people are in control of the system?

  61. TheZuluNation says:

    “Are you kidding me?!?! I am a white woman and three black girls beat my ass at the state fair when I was younger, 16 y/o- unprovoked for no reason at all! The girls ended up calling it a race crime and did not get charged with anything, of course”

    This is fuckin’ BS. Those girls would be serving time if they committed a crime on an innocent, young, 16 y/o White girl. If it was the other way around, those girls would get off just like these cops do for killing minorities. FOH with that made up story. I hear that story too much on the Internet. You racists aren’t very creative or bright.

  62. Amanda says:

    I swear on Jesus Christ! I didn’t make it up. It happened at Minnesota state fair. I was pushed on the ground and swung around by my hair. God knows the truth. Whatever, continue believing the worldview that will allow you to continue to blame someone else (white responsible for everything) for your culture’s problems. Look at the statistics- they don’t lie.

  63. Amanda says:

    THANK YOU. Non-whites – start taking some damn accountability for your own lives and the current problems in your own cultures!

  64. Amanda says:

    Well….. When in your lifetime (I’m a white woman) there has been more black crime perpetrated against you and your family than the opposite….. I think to myself: Why shouldn’t I be afraid??? LOOK AT THE STATISTICS…. Black on white time is still very prevalent and more than the opposite!! I was beat up by black girls at the state fair for no reason at all! And my cousin was raped by a black guy and now has biracial girl by him. This “whites are responsible for all evils” mentality is such bullshit and is NOT going to solve the present day problems !!!

  65. Amanda says:

    (White woman): LOOK AT THE STATISTICS: I’m afraid of being raped (my cousin was raped by a black man), robbed (my roommate was robbed by black men right when he moved into his new house in MN), or shot/killed (again, refer to recent homicide statistics). Also I work in management consulting…. Afraid of being sued if I don’t recommend someone who is not white. Feel pressure to give special privileges to non-white races eve if they’re not bright or not the right person for the job. Fear that everyone hates me just because I’m white and will never stop blaming our race for present day problems that typically should be accounted for by personal responsibility.

  66. Amanda says:

    Also forgot: I swear to God I was beat up by three black girls at the Minnesota State fair when I was 16 years old. I was beat up because I was eating cookies and milk and one of them ran into me, and apparently I was on her way. I was thrown on the ground, punch, my hair pulled out. The girls ended up saying I was racist and it got charged as a race crime, the girls received no punishment at all. I have never done anything intentionally harmful to another black person. In fact, I am the first to donate money to special causes, I have even been on a mission trip to Haiti. I am beyond sick of this bullshit thinking that whites are responsible for your present day problems.

  67. Amanda says:


  68. TheZuluNation says:

    Ok, well if it did in fact happen I am sorry that happened to you. However I am sure you were granted justice and who ever did that to you had to pay for it, correct? And statistics? Where are your statistics? The media portrayal of African-Americans ain’t statistics lol

  69. Amanda says:

    No they did not pay for it because they called it a race crime the black girls called me racist even though they beat me up for no reason. No the cops let the black girls go, probably did not want to deal with a law dispute or something.

    The statistics I am referring to include interracial statistics, black on white crime, murder, violence, rape, etc. I am not referring to the media portrayal.

    I just don’t believe the “White people are responsible for present day black people problems mentality” is going to get us anywhere as a country.

    All I am saying is that in my little lifetime of real experiences, I have, and my family have experienced a lot more black on white discrimination and violence. So how is this fair, and I’m supposed to walk around feeling guilty??

  70. me says:

    Its just racism. There is no reverse thing going on. Your racist against white people and thats ok.

  71. Actually, I’m not “racist against White people.” I am honest about historic racism and it’s lasting effects on the US. Thanks for reading though!

  72. Black vs Paranoid White says:

    I hate paranoid white people. They are dangerous to innocent black people. They act as if they are always the victim when actually black people become the victim of their dangerous paranoia. I just dealt with this situation today. A white woman was parking her car in front of me saw me in my car when she came out of her car, then approached my car as if I was after or about to attack her. I came out my car and she acted as if she thought she recognized me basically trying to cover up the fact that she was checking me out to see if I would be a danger to her.

  73. caligirl says:

    it’s not just in the south–it’s all over the united states. the other states use the southern states as their scapegoat/cover. appreciate your honesty in this comment though. respect to you.

  74. caligirl says:

    what they “fear” is an honest discussion by POLICYMAKERS about robust reparations. too many people only think about a one-time payment to all descendants of slaves, but real reparations would have to go much deeper than that, because a one-time payment cannot address the centuries of domestic terror, imprisonment, actual slavery, etc. truly leveling the playing field would require much more legislatively, and whites fear that because — after all — look how much we’ve been able to accomplish with NO HELP WHATSOEVER.

  75. Kitty says:

    I was bullied, threatened and jumped by hispanic girls because I am part white and part hispanic but they only saw me as white because I’m light skinned. They didn’t believe I was part hispanic. I never did anything about it because I was pretty much afraid to I was also 14. Thankfully people don’t usually question my hispanic heritage anymore.
    When you say “Not one white person has ever had anything bad happen to them.” what do you mean? I am unclear of the context because obviously bad things happen to everyone. I could counter it and say “Not one black person had ever had anything good happen to them” but again this statement is false. Neither you nor I know every single black person to prove that statement true. However if you do not mean it literally it could be interpretred as “Not one white person has ever had something -racially- bad happen to them” again you do not know every white person. If I assume you mean most I would agree. You should be careful of your word choice. However if you did mean it completely literal or meant that no white person has ever been racially discriminated you are ignorant as discrimination- any type -is not exclusive.

  76. Kitty says:

    I’m do confused by this comment

  77. Lexxs says:

    In 1960 whites were 27% of the global population, today they are only 9% and falling. So progress is being made as whites are genetically annihilated thereby reducing white racism. That is great news!!

  78. Lexxs says:

    Before the evil white devils came to Africa no one locked their doors. There was no poverty, no police and no prisons. Whites brought kiddie porn and businesses that degraded women like strip clubs and porn. Whites brought dollar credit slavery and banking scams. Whites invented racism and feminism . Whites invented the sexodus and mgtow. Whites brought poisonous junk foods and environmental degradation. Not to mention corrupt laws and government scams. All of this and even more evils were spread throughout the world by whites.

  79. Lexxs says:

    Whites use lies extensively to advance their cause of white racist supremacy

  80. Lexxs says:

    Thank goodness that whites are plunging as a percentage of global population. That is the only way to reduce white evil and racism.

  81. Damon Craven says:

    Well. whatever the circumstances involving Michael Brown and officer Darren Wilson were, was it really that serious for him to shoot the guy? And not only that, Michael’s body was left laying out in the sun for HOURS!!! Not minutes. Not seconds. HOURS!!! When white men are shot and killed by police, are THEIR bodies left lying in the sun for HOURS at a time? Do the officers endangered or threatened when white men resist arrest and whatnot? And as far as white fear goes, white fear is VERY REAL!!!! Broad generalizations and stereotypes are basically the foundation of this country and what white folks used to BUILD this country. So, in a way, you’re right, white fear IS a racist idea invented to “supposedly” solve racial issues. But it wasn’t invented by blacks- IT WAS INVENTED BY WHITES!!!

  82. Lexxs says:

    White fear is an integral element of American life It exists in varying degrees in other countries with lots of whites too. Whites have a deep inclination to kill , steal, exploit and lie. It has been proven throughout history. Never fully trust a white person.

  83. Lexxs says:

    Whites will lie or do anything they can to diffuse recognition or discussion of white evils. Being psychotic narcissists is a component of the belief in white supremacy.

  84. Emperor Donlon says:

    Calling out racism doesn’t make me a racist. That’s another trick whites use to deflect attention away from their racism.

  85. Michael Aloi Jr. says:

    True asf

  86. Sergiethemeerkat says:

    The Mongols?

  87. corey says:

    the article mentions is about white fear right….you mentioned George Zimmerman and Treyvon Martin, … you do realize that George Zimmerman is not white dont you. and since 1999, cops have consistantly killed more white people than black people every year, almost double. And if this article is supposed to be about how racist white people are…the fact that you saying something negative about an entire race, means that you are exactially what you claim white people are….a racist. All races: Whites, Blacks, Asians, Hispanics….all races are killed by the cops…and it will never change until black people stop blaming EVERYTHING on racist white people and make it only about yourselves. Yes, black lives do matter, but so do white lives and no matter how often a white person gets killed by the police, you people completely refuse to acknowledge it. Like when a black cop shot and killed an unarmed 20 year old white kid named Dillon Taylor while he was walking do the road listing to his MP# player…where is his justice…..Everytime something happens and black people blame white people we take a step backwards…and constantly blaming white people and constantly pointing your fingers at white people is going to piss off more and more and more white people until this country turns into what you people already claim that it is…a bunch of white people that hate black people….stop blaming race because racism wont go away until you learn to shut the hell up and quit being so biased, ignorant and hypocritical….do the research, black people are not the only victim and they are not even the majority of the victims…2012, cops killed 183 black people and 323 white people

  88. Raja Bala says:

    Actually, I would assume that its white women who now rule the world. So the racism actually stems from them.

  89. OBree_Rock says:

    White fear can apply to white people too.

  90. OBree_Rock says:

    Police officers are a threat to us all.

  91. Tammy McPhetridge says:

    This piece should be removed or ammended for the racist bs it is. This was written without facts in these cases. With only assumptions that white racism cause these events! Now facts have come out that the feurguson claim was complete bs. Black witnesses and autopsy helped prove in 3 different investigations, including the DOJ report, that race was not factor and that Briwn was not running away as claimed. But blacks don’t care what those facts have been proven to be! CNN and all media should be ashamed because they still refer to this incident a year later as a unarmed black man. Not a black man fighting officer and then charging him again when shot! Get facts and quit being racist!

  92. Tammy McPhetridge says:

    Reverse racism is a myth you know why idiot? Because it’s just plain racism. Look up the meaning old the word. Any and every color, race can be and do have racist people . Blacks need to quit trying to change the meaning of the word and look in mirror.

  93. Tammy McPhetridge says:

    Um let’s see, Darren Wilson was the victim? Also your obviously ignorant and believe stereotypes while at the same time getting upset if blacks are stereotyped? lol what a joke. Blacks are creating more racism in last 10 years with their bs constant claims. Go to school, parent your kids, do the right thing, and quit blaming whites for all the black communities problems!

  94. Tammy McPhetridge says:

    Lol moron

  95. Tammy McPhetridge says:

    Lol your the racist sweetie so look in the mirror! ????

  96. Tammy McPhetridge says:

    Hide behind you racist crap online with no picture of who you are lol

  97. Lexxs says:

    You comment is irrelevant and does not change the truth is what I just said

  98. Lexxs says:


  99. Lexxs says:

    That does not change the fact that Whites use lies extensively to advance the cause of white supremacy/racism

  100. Lexxs says:

    You are unable to refute the truth of my comment.

  101. ScottyB says:

    That’s doesnt sound racist one bit. These are the types that support this site. Telling.

  102. ScottyB says:

    The woman checked you out to see if you were dangerous by approaching you? Yup, that’s what people do for sure. There’s no way this is serious. People seriously make shit up about white people.

  103. ScottyB says:

    It’s sarcasm.

  104. ScottyB says:

    That is sarcasm. The guy is basically matching the ridiculousness of this site with an equally outlandish reply.

  105. ScottyB says:

    That guy was being sarcastic.

  106. ScottyB says:

    You, and others that support this site, are racist as fuck. Just admit it already; it’s quite obvious.

  107. ScottyB says:

    These people dismiss Dillon Taylor, Kelly Thomas, and many others because it doesn’t fit the nice little narrative they’ve hitched their wagon to: whites are the problem. They can find a way to skew anything to fit this narrative, no matter how outlandish.

  108. ScottyB says:

    …each other.

  109. ScottyB says:

    So why don’t blacks just refuse to take part in any of that bad stuff whites do? Just don’t go to strip clubs and watch porn. Whites must be mind controlling blacks too right? Otherwise blacks wouldn’t do any of that crazy shit.

  110. Lexxs says:

    No, the culture that whites created in the US debases everyone.

  111. Lexxs says:

    You’re here so you must be talking about yourself.

  112. Lexxs says:

    Calling facts “racist” shows how bright you are. Answer; not very.

  113. ScottyB says:

    Yeah, that didn’t answer the question. Try again.

  114. ScottyB says:

    Oh wow. I’m dealing with someone who doesn’t understand the difference between “supporting this site” and “commenting on this site.” I refuse to believe people are this stupid, so I’m assuming this is a troll site.

  115. ScottyB says:

    Yeah, I wasn’t referring to your first sentence genius.

  116. tina says:

    Their are reasons why they run the world, is to destroy the poor.

  117. stopcryingyoulefties says:

    You do understand that slavery, rape, genocide and mutilation are still part of every day life in Africa, correct?

    I should also inform you that Europeans were not poaching black people in Africa. Rival tribes in Africa have for thousands of years hunted each-other killed all of those people who they did not deem useful and took the rest as slaves. They then began to sell them to European traders. So not it did not go down how you and other black people claim. That is just ridiculous.

    You call us savages and yet this still goes on daily in Africa and no where else in the world. Please use logic and critical thinking.

  118. stopcryingyoulefties says:

    How is it that you claim there is a white on black problem when you guys only make up 13% of the population, and yet commit the majority of murders. Not only that but the single greatest killer of black folks(supported by crime statistics) is…you guessed it, black people! Adding to that, you guys make up 13% of the population and yet murder more white people every year then white people murder you guys. How is that for size? Get real.

  119. Do you understand the words “reading comprehension?” This post is about White fear not White murder. When you figure out the difference, let me know.

  120. What does this have to do with the article? Atrocities happen all over the world, including the US. You are derailing and it’s pitiful.

  121. stopcryingyoulefties says:

    Apparently, even a moderator does not understand how proper discussion goes. Whether or not my comment particularly applied to the story, it was addressing a claim that the threads original post author had made.

    I quote: “WTF do Whites have to be fearful of? They invaded Africa, killing, stealing, enslaving and dragging the people out of their continent for hundreds of years”

    Also, the fact that you selected my comment is a bit curious, for the reason that if you believe my comment does not apply to the article(it shouldn’t anyway) than you should believe the all of the posts in the hierarchical thread should be moot as well, starting with the original post in the order.

  122. Alisoquoladi says:

    Well this is from a white perspective. I grew up in a California farming community about a hundred miles from SF. I had friends of all colors. Everyone was welcome in our home. I was about 10 before I ever heard the N word. I had read it off a fence in a new subdivision. I went home and asked about it. My grandmother became angry. Said it was the dirtiest word in history and never to repeat it. I didn’t understand but took it seriously because she never was angry. Then conveniently forgot about it. About a year later my divorced mother decided to move to Oakland for work. I’d been to Oakland lots of times. I was excited to go live in a big city. The year was 1968. We didn’t watch a lot of tv. My life had been spent outside or with my grandparents as they did work for veterans and poorer families. I guess I was pretty sheltered. Then the party was over. We moved into our new apartment in a building of every ethnicity imagined. Then my first day at school. I thought it was going to be great. I was going to get to meet people from all different walks of life. Well that’s where the illusion of racially harmony ended for me. Not that it ever really existed but at 11 I didn’t know I was supposed to hate people that were different from me. I was called words I’d never heard of. I still am confused as to what a honky really is. It took me a while to figure paddy out. Especially since I have no Irish blood what so ever. I was jumped, beat, had my clothes tore off, spit on and generally treated as I’d never seen anyone treated. All by black girls who’d I’d been so happy and excited to meet. Being so ignorant of racial issues a big down fall. I had no idea why someone I didn’t know would be so angry at me. Then MLK was killed and I wasn’t even allowed to go to school. Our apartment building was being razed for redevelopment (another word for tearing down affordable housing to create housing and business that people we in the area can’t afford). So my mother moved us out to East Oakland. I thought thank good different people. Then my 1st day at school. I was the ONLY white kid in my class. Only about 10 in the entire school of over a thousand. It wasn’t as bad as the last school but still pretty bad. Was harassed and called names and pushed around. I did finally fight back. Kicked the living crap out of a girl who’d kept pulling my long blonde hair. Well it did get better after that. I did make some friends. Black, Natives, Hispanics. All the non blacks in our neighborhood went to private school. My mom was a single parent before it was a norm and couldn’t afford that nor did I really want that. Over the next 4 yrs some abuse occurred. Couldn’t go to school on certain days because it was a beat whitey day. My black friends would tell me ahead of time. I came to dread going to school. Always some type of drama. I did become pretty angry at black people. I kept that anger for a decade after that. Maybe a bit longer. I was very disillusioned with my fellow citizens. In the mean time I finally saw my father. He’d been living in close by Richmond. It was my 12th birthday. We went over to see him and if I’d thought east Oakland was depressed his neighborhood was down right sad. Here’s the man whom I’d only seen maybe 4 in my life. Quiet, reserved, very schollary looking. He’d been a scientist. Marine biologist. Walls of books and shelves full of marine samples. Lost it all over a benign brain tumor. In a picture frame was him and Angela Davis. Another with a group of Black Panthers. He’d been spending his time fighting racial injustice. Marched with Panthers and gone to jail with them. I was told I couldn’t stay with him because he was a communist. He didn’t like America. Well that was a blow. While I was being beat he was marching in Berkeley for the same people that beat me. I was very confused now. It was a good visit. Only saw him briefly with his new spouse or what ever their relationship was. We’ll just go with spouse even though I don’t think that was their relationships. I think they were just good friends united in a cause. More room mates than spouses. I’d never really seen him smile. He’d always been so subdued. Here was this nice black lady that made my dad smile. She was cooking something wonderful smelling. A huge smile on her face too. A deep kindness exuded from her. I never saw him again. We moved back to the valley and I never did fit in again. The abundance of different people gone. Back to the white zone. You’d think I’d be happy but I wasn’t. It was very boring after all the excitement in Oakland. Now it was only Creedence Clearwater Revival. Over and over. No James Brown, no Temptations or my very favorite Marvin Gaye whom I had a big crush on. Hey I was about 14. I hated it more than Oakland by far but I didn’t get harassed and it’s not like I had a choice. But I was still very angry at black folks. Except my two black childhood friends. Wed spent a lot of time together prior to moving to Oakland. I didn’t have a clue we were so different. Talking and being with them curbed some of my anger. Then it started in with the white folks. I was a N lover. I hated my race. I was always like what race? Was it a contest or what. I harbored my anger at blacks and was pretty angry at whites at the same time. My education had been derailed since the black schools I’d attended were years behind my primary school I’d attended. I was way behind by now. Took me a year to catch up. I was very unhappy. Got into a few drugs. Nothing serious or lasting. Drank heavy for a bit. Got tired of that. I was just lost and confused. I didn’t know who to blame any more. Went through periods of hating black people. Hating white people. I was just totally at odds with the world. Got out of school with decent grades. Got married. Had kids. Was still angry. Didn’t even know what I was angry at. Yeah its a long assed story. Got divorced. Worked my ass off. And moved on. I finally made peace with myself. It wasn’t God. It was years of self introspection. I’d realized my treatment in Oakland was what generations of black folks dealt with on a daily basis. All I had to do was move. It was a society set up to benefit people who looked like me. I had to go back and think of my dad. Now dead along with his spouse. They died living their ideals but that’s another long assed story. I finally understood the anger I’d felt at being treated so bad was what black people suffered through everyday. There was no where they could go to escape it. It was there everyday. At work. In school. At the bank. At the grocery and especially at the real estate office. Then the Internet came. I could finally get the information that only the library held. I could finally talk with people of all races again. I’d become pretty antisocial and had moved 10 miles from a town of 90 people in the Sierras. I’ve lived out in the sticks for 35 yrs. I finally moved a little closer to a little bit bigger town. Got involved with progressive politics and racial justice. I truthfully think every white person needs to go what I went through. They’ll never understand what black folks go thru or get a clue what prejudice feels like if they never have been put in that position. Never understand the historic beat down that black people experience day in day out. Generation after generation. So now I talk with white people. I talk about all the history we in the US fail to grasp. The lies we’ve been told about black folks. The stereotypes we’ve been handed. The dishonesty of white folks just created to keep black people in their “place”. I’m now ashamed of the history of this country. It was built on the backs of my fellow black citizens with no thanks or compensation. Terrorized. Burned from their homes. The bread winners jailed on trumped up charges to steal their land and prosperity. The utter attempt to keep them down and out in housing, education and jobs. No one is going to tell me we have equal opportunity. The inopportunity is very real from the first day of school. I’m ashamed of my race and their devious tactics to crush a race of people who were forced to come here. Once their slave labor was outlawed coming up with new ways to still keep them enslaved. I now speak out and up to racist. I bring up the question of why are you afraid of the black man walking down the street. I now ask the question of why do you hate a people whom have never done anything to you. It’s taken me decades to come to peace with all of the things that happened. I ask myself would I be just as angry. Nope… I’d be even angrier. The worry of your child leaving the house just to be gunned down by fearful people who are terrified of a person’s skin color. The same people who are supposed to protect and serve. I’ve took off my rose colored glasses and took a real look at America. And yes I am ashamed. I can apologize and say I’m sorry but that isn’t going to do it. I have to speak up and lay it out there. I’ve made a lot of white people very uncomfortable. They know it’s the truth. But they’ll try to lay it everywhere but on themselves. It took those 4 yrs of being treated as black folks have been treated for generations to even get a clue as to how they feel. And I still don’t know. I can’t know. I’m not black. It’s something I think you can’t relate to completely unless you are black. I’ve been privileged from birth. My favorite things from white folks are ” I’m not privileged” and “if black people would only”. Some have never even spoke to a black person but they sure know what they should do. I’m still in a white world. It’s because I’m privileged I can live where ever I want. I’ve recently moved after 20 yrs to a small Oregon Coast town. My neighbors gun fire and Confederate flag was just the last straw. I just couldn’t take the ignorant conservative views any longer. I love it here. But I’m now on Social Security and work isn’t an issue. My work now is educating white folks to their privilege and changing how they view their fellow black citizens. I’m not writing this for kudos or thanks. I want neither. I just want my fellow black citizens to realize that there are people out here trying to tell the truth of your plight. I can’t change things for you and make it all go away but I can grind on white folks to see what has happened and continues to happen and will continue if they don’t open their eyes up and accept the history that really happened not the history in a book that was printed especially for them to make it seem like their way of thinking is just wonderful and correct. It’s not. It’s the history of the conquering elite created to keep certain people down. Wake up white America…it’s time to grow up and face reality. So I do want to thank my dad for giving me a foundation of love for others who don’t look like me. It was all about the smiles.That’s all folks. I’ve babbled long enough.

  123. johnbull88 says:

    Its because people like you don’t care about the suffering of blacks in Africa. Why?

  124. johnbull88 says:

    Having lived in Nigeria which has 170 million black people, never saw any white man run anything.

  125. johnbull88 says:

    That’s what the cultural marxist want you to believe.

  126. johnbull88 says:

    Yes no locked their doors, but they were still killing each other for fun.

  127. johnbull88 says:

    You only speaking about white countries. This statement does not apply to black countries were the vast majority of black people live.

  128. johnbull88 says:

    The last black genocide was in Rwanda, were 800000 black were killed by each other. How come the cultural marxist were silent about this.

  129. johnbull88 says:

    Every race has its bad apples. Talking about America, how come when i was in Nigeria, every second black person i met wants to live in America.

  130. johnbull88 says:

    lol. Thats what the cultural marxist want you to believe. Trying living in black Jamaica.

  131. Lexxs says:

    Please provide references from trustworthy sources or admit that you are just another lying white.

  132. Lexxs says:

    That is an obvious lie. The name johnbull is fitting.

  133. Lexxs says:

    The most recent genocide is the killing of unarmed young Black men and women throughout the US. You lie again devil.

  134. Lexxs says:

    They have no idea how evil the culture really is. Nigerians I know who came to the US to study can’t wait to leave the country.

  135. Ivantheterrible says:

    Are you being serious. So 800000 killed in Rwanda and you don,t care. Obviously you have truly been brain washed by the cultural Marxist.
    I was in Jamaica another Black Country with a population less than 1 percent of America. Gues what the police killed 245 black people compared to 900 in America only last year. Once again you don’t care

  136. Ivantheterrible says:

    No I am not a white American, but I am also not a cultural Marxist. My advise to you is to go and live in a Black Country like Zimbabwe lol

  137. Ivantheterrible says:

    Do you seriously believe that’s my real name. Looking for a white American in Nigeria is like trying to find Hitler

  138. Ivantheterrible says:

    But America was built by poor immigrants and slaves who had nothing. You sound like a frustrated communist

  139. Ivantheterrible says:

    Not in all countries. Try living in Zimbabwe. Blacks have all the power but the black majority are starving.

  140. Ivantheterrible says:

    If that is case then why do hundreds of millions of black Africans want to live in America instead of a communist country

  141. Ivantheterrible says:

    But lots of killings and rape.

  142. Ivantheterrible says:

    More Marxist tales.

  143. Ivantheterrible says:

    They were selling blacks to Arab traders on the east coast of Africa, well before the Europeans arrived

  144. Lexxs says:

    Yes, whites traveled the world killing, stealing and raping. Today they lie about it

  145. Lexxs says:

    Do you seriously believe that I think John Bullsht is your real name? No I agree that there are few whites in Nigeria (thank goodness).

  146. Lexxs says:

    Sorry I posted my response to the person before you.

  147. Lexxs says:

    Most that I have known come here to study and want to get back to civilization as soon as they finish.

  148. Lexxs says:

    I never take advice from stupid people. ….What country are you from? I am reasonably sure that you are white from somewhere.

  149. Lexxs says:

    I never indicated that I don’t care. Weak attempt to deflect what I acutely did say. You lie again, devil.

  150. Antoine AutomatikAwesum Lewis says:

    Fool. If we are only looking from eyes privileged by white supremacy, then your words have value. In RL, however that shit is hollow and meaningless. You get to occasionally ‘hear about’ racial issues that distract from your day to day but for many, it’s a constant fact of life. Sorry to interrupt your existence with my oppression lol

  151. Sharizzle Fob says:

    As much as you want to lie to us and to yourself. We know exactly what it is that you fear.

  152. Sharizzle Fob says:

    Man you all not understand the term racism and how to define it correctly. Racism is not a moral issue. It is a power dynamic. A person of color can hate you, discriminate against you or be bigoted but they can’t be a racist. You all do not fully understand the concept of racism. I am really getting tired of people misdefining the term!!!!

  153. Ed Bonfrancesco says:

    Yo explain to your audience what polar bearing is and how it works…. No problem gal I will tell the white folk who have never heard of this racism 101. The term Polar bearing started in Florida. Its a term that I am sure the general black community supports were black youths pick out the most vulnerable white person they find and sucker punch them in an unprovoked attack. Usually 10 to 30 coward blacks against two or three white poeple. The goal is death but if the sucker punch just results in a long hospital stay they are ok with that. I had some military guys attacked in the same manner big mistake negros.the armed forces do stick together. Your protector is leaving….tick tock. One year have fun. The pendulum is going to swing the other way…….as a physics major we learned Newton’s 3 rd law. For every action there is an eaual and opposite reaction.

  154. Ed Bonfrancesco says:

    You are a racest dumb ass. You are like senator McCain repeating the same story of his time in captivity by the NVA. When were a slave. If you were I would be calling the police Becuase….
    Drum roll please it’s 2015 and you just won the idiot of the year award. Black fear my ass. Most white people applaud a black man who makes it to become a success. You are part of the racial divide in this country. With your black lives matter bull shit. You are the KKK without the robes. Why don’t you explain to your white sympathizers what Polar Bearing is. I’m sorry you don’t know what you are talking about. Let me tell the white folk what that is. Its a new game started in Florida where 3 to 30 black men pick out a random week defenseless white person and sucker punch them. If they don’t immediately fall the remaining 30 beat the victim fill they are dead or knocked out. You must be thinking wow how could we not hear of this. Simple the media is so afraid of being labled racest That these cowardly acts don’t make the news. Make no bones about this writer and our potus you are no better than David Duke. You blame everything on whitey. Suns not out its whitey’s fault. I can’t find a job in spite of Affermitive action a can’t find a job. Its whitey’s fault. My girlfriend broke up with me it’s whities fault. You make me sick and I am not buying into your white guilt bull shit. Get a job or better yet how about mental health. Must be great to have a scape goat for all of your problems. Racest.

  155. tdoubleyou says:

    Here’s the problem with this racist article. And yes it is highly racist. You’re lumping all white people into 1 big group. Apparently all of us fear non-whites and we have this huge conspiracy that we are in it together to oppress and maintain dominance. Trust me when I say this… The vast majority of white people don’t give 2 you know what’s about white dominance. They want to live their lives like everyone else. And they certainly do not fear success of non-whites. They welcome it because the more successful everyone is the better our society on the whole is. What whites fear for is their personal safety when in a high crime neighborhood. That isn’t a white thing, that is a preservation of self thing that most humans feel. You also mistake that the current contributor of death amongst black people and other non-white people is white people. That couldn’t be further from the truth. For any race of people other than cardiovascular disease, cancer, pulmonary disease, and other health related issues the biggest cause of death is their own race of people! Blacks kill the most blacks, whites kill the most whites, Latinos kill the most Latinos, etc… You pick isolated high profile incidences of white cops killing blacks. Okay what about the record amount of black on black murders in Baltimore this year? I’m curious as to how you could possibly pin that on white people.

    On top of that you say that all well off black people and minorities have to whitewash themselves to be accepted socially. Would you please explain yourself further here? By whitewash do you mean speak with proper grammar, dress professionally, and value education? What exactly does whitewash mean to you because every time I’ve heard that term that is exactly what the person meant. If that’s the case then by attributing these factors to whiteness you are in a weird twist being racist to non-whites. Here’s the reality… Those attributes aren’t white qualities, they’re qualities that breed success and wealth. They’re qualities that elicit trust in others which then opens doors and opportunities. Here’s an extreme example. If your lawyer or doctor (people you literally trust with your lives) didn’t have a real degree, wore jeans and a t shirt, and couldn’t properly annunciate their words you would fire them on the spot and hire a new lawyer or doctor. The point is that those 3 attributes are ones that incite confidence and trust from others. They are attributes that are highly valued in the professional world. And the best part is that they are totally within one’s control to develop. However by labeling those as “white” qualities then non-whites who exhibit those traits and subsequently succeed have only succeeded because they are selling out and trying to be white in a white dominated society. That is an extremely self defeating and harmful attitude.

    The point I’m trying to make is this. Your article demonizing white people in no way helps anyone. It breeds further mistrust amongst different races and is incredibly divisive. It is also extremely offensive to millions of whites who simply go about their business every day and have no desire to dominate society. They just want to happily exist within society and not at the expense of others. No the vast majority of us do not fear other races and their success. We’re too busy living our day to day lives. And frankly we’d be much better off ourselves if all races of people had similar socioeconomic standing.

    I’ll finish by saying this. Yes racism still exists and yes it is a problem. Yes there are cops that unfairly profile and unjustifiably kill. And yes racism is everyone’s problem to work on. But this article you wrote is poison and is only meant to reinforce fear and hate.

  156. Your comment is not based in fact. Try re-reading. Then we can discuss.

  157. Cristalexi says:

    I’ve also noticed these stories all over the internet too.

  158. Moment of clarity says:

    Through the 21 year’s of research of the human species….It’s a shame, that most of the people that bash this article, did not do there research. The fact that the suicide rates for white people in america, is higher then the rate of blacks being murdered in america. The fact that white people are the majority at this time in the United states. (72% White, 13% Black, 9% Caucasian and other race, 1% native and hawaiian). When in fact, white people are equal to black people as MINORITIES, on a global scale. Did you know that white people and black people equal to the same ratio of numbers in the worlds ethnic wheel, both at roughly 15%.(Census studies) I’ve studied the evolution scale, and there is nothing about a suit and tie involved in it…..the fact that evolution has been hindered by distractions of money and greed, an empty sense of power and control over a human being. How do you go from a tan skinned, muscle bound specimen, to an average joe, in a pinstripe suit. The whole idea of w.h.i.t.e supremacy, or supremacy over any person whether race, age, gender or other…..is nothing more then cowardice and weakness. Studying the behavior and patterns of the human race, lets me know that w.h.i.t.e people, not caucasian…but w.h.i.t.e people want the enslavement, if not the absent of any race that intimidate, or may pose a threat for equality with other races. Common sense tell’s you, that when you mix all colors together you get black. When you mix white with any color, it takes away from it, making it less then what it is. White is the absent of all color, if anyone tells you otherwise, they are a fool. W.h.i.t.e in definition is “We Hate Integration Through Equality.” All things have a balance, and the outline of some, if not most art and words, are written and drawn in black. If you write on a white piece of paper, with white ink…you get nothing. For the caucasian men and women, who fought for the rights of there fellow earthlings of different race, color and gender, you have deepest graditude. For if not for your actions, I would not have the intellect and understanding, to write these words today…nor the fact that my family would exist. People talk about all the horrors that go on in africa, but who are the main buyers of the diamonds that are dragged out by the bleeding hands and feet of the workers. The ones that lied, about taking there people to a better place to treat them right, who rained germ warfare on the natives of northern america (I’ll let you think on that, but we all know the answer.) Our only purpose as people in life is to exist in peace, not for oneself; but for the peace of mind and equality among those around us, and those who we have never met yet in life. I watch your debates on television for more strict gun laws, while w.h.i.t.e people are the ones causing mass shootings in public, as well as amongst themselves. If you want to make stricter gun laws, make them towards w.h.i.t.e people. When w.h.i.t.e people get tired of something they want to change it, if not destroy what they can’t control or understand. They turn beautiful women into profit in porn videos, they turn your sons into daughters (risperdal causing boys to grow breast, we have all seen the lawsuit commercials), purposely exposing people to hazardous materials, to keep there hospital beds filled, making more crooked laws to benefit privately owned prisons. Hearing the horror stories of incest, beastiality, necorphelia, and other things that would make god himself cry. How they purposely put drugs in your food and water, to keep those sterile, or docile so they don’t reproduce or think for themselves. Purposely giving disease’s to people and other contaminants, that would make a person or there child ill, if not mental damaged, or even death. The whole job equal opportunity is a joke, just like the justice system. (This started way back when the world was still learning to walk) Again, this message is addressed to the w.h.i.t.e people, not my caucasian brothers and sisters that want to co-exist with others in peace, in this world we call life. If w.h.i.t.e people need to fear anybody, its themselves, for there is a sickness that can’t be cured, a lust for absolute dominance for those that really don’t want to be bothered by there sick and twisted methods. Stop trying to fix things, that don’t need fixing. I’m not one for condoning a person to take there own life…..but if your a person, who’s soul purpose in existence; is to hurt, abuse, torture, even try to enslave and undo equality amongst others. One small suggestion, go off somewhere quietly and meet your maker, maybe they can tell you what to fix in your next life.


    A Moment of Clarity

  159. Chinemerem Nwuzi says:

    This article is GOLD

  160. Mark Manning says:

    Criminals who are overwhelming black are the problem. And the ignorant arrogance displayed by these blacks who believe they can do as they feel and get away with anything.Fools,you can’t and you won’t. Keep pushing and your end will arrive much sooner.I hate and despise every last one of you disease infested demonic black negroid devils.The sooner the race war comes,the better for all humans. Not so much for the nigger vermin.

  161. Natasha says:

    We are responsible for what we do individually. We are responsible for what we say, what we think, how we treat others. Race is a myth, we are all members of the human race. Stereotyping what all people of an ethnic group are guilty of, what they like, what they fear, what they say, etc., is a perpetuation of the propagandistic mind control that allowed for the institution of slavery in America, and has allowed for dehumanization everywhere since the beginning of written history.

    Feeling rage and fear is something we all deal with and no one of any skin color is perfectly enlightened in all their thoughts and actions.

    I have no control over anyone else. I have control over myself and I’m responsible for my thoughts and actions. I refuse to hate anyone, I refuse to pretend that all white people, black people, brown people, gay people, etc. are the same and that blanket generalizations mean anything in reality.

    When I see someone in need I will do my best to help them meet their need. When I see someone in pain I will do my best to ease it. When I see hate or fear I will do my best to balance it with love and freedom. We all need to feel important, to feel valuable and I want to learn to help each person I meet to feel worthy of life.

  162. gacekky1 says:

    Black men are the single greatest killer of black men in Milwaukee at least. Don’t believe me? Have a look at the numbers for yourself http://data.jsonline.com/News/HomicideTracker/Default.aspx

  163. Sharizzle Fob says:

    Don’t you have some polkas and some waltzes to go and listen to?

  164. truthseeker2436577@yahoo.com says:

    Very insightful article.

  165. Don says:

    There are a few harsh truths blacks must come to terms with. 1) Nobody actually likes black people. Not Whites, Hispanics, Indians, Asians, or Blacks 2) Black people are indeed terrified of whites, which is why no real revolts took place during slavery. 3) Liberalism has had an absolutely devastating affect on black America. 4) They lack the organization, leadership, or vision to improve there situation. 5) They are in desperate need of Republicans to guide them. For they have been deceived by democrats for far too long. 6) Lately they have been focusing on the sins of the past, but alas it will get them nowhere. 7) Blacks must stop stealing history that does not belong to them. Quit spreading lies like Jesus was black, or ancient Egypt was black.

  166. HarleyGurl2 says:

    Whatever makes you feel better!

  167. HarleyGurl2 says:

    “As if some black man was going to attack a little white girl at the bakery in broad daylight!” Where do you live? If a black man can entice a 9 year old black boy in an alley in broad daylight and execute him, anything can happen! I grew up in the ’60s and my elders did not teach us to fear blacks. Speak for yourself!

  168. IDS00065 says:

    There are a couple things going on here. Whenever Black people talk about their own experiences, white people see it as an affront to their own racial codes, which state that race is something that isn’t spoken about because it makes white people uncomfortable. The next step in order to not feel uncomfortable is to discredit. dismiss or the diminish the person’s lived experience.

    This is done here by positing the moral argument that “Rival tribes in African for thousands of years hunted each-other and killed all of those people who they did not deem useful and took the rest as slaves,” Africa is a continent, not a country, and Africans states, just like European states fought and killed their enemies and took slaves, you can find many examples of this in Greek and Roman history.

    This argument is used to excuse the behavior of Americans and Europeans who took part in one of the worst examples of chattel slavery in history. Your argument is essentially pointing to another person who did the deed with you and saying they ‘did it too’ in an attempt to excuse the behavior. It’s poor treatment of humans. Sit with that for a moment.

    White people bring up this argument because their own educational system has failed to teach them much about the lived experiences of others. There’s an understanding that comes with learning history from multiple perspectives. It causes one to appreciate the story and the humanity of others and not to be so goddam fragile.

  169. stopcryingyoulefties says:

    You are making far too many generalizations, and logical fallacies. You are also assuming that white people make this argument to excuse their own behavior, which leads me to ask the question, did you even read the comment I was replying to? It was a direct rebuttal, stating nothing but facts. I am not saying white people were not oppressive, or did not ‘own’ slaves, nor did I ever make claim that Africa was a country. You are deflecting from the actual discussion, and you are assuming far too much.

    Read it as a rebuttal and a rebuttal only.

  170. Tyrell D'Finkadink says:

    I feel kinda sorry for you dumbass Americunts. You’re so wrapped up in your own hatred for each other, over skin color no less, that your real enemy is going to pick you off systematically. Hope you dinks can speak Arabic, because you’re fahked.

  171. Tyrell D'Finkadink says:

    You’re comment doesn’t belong on this thread as it is both insightful and intelligent. These retards don’t respond well to logic.

  172. Tyrell D'Finkadink says:

    You’re a retard. Next time you post, be sure you’re wearing your crash helmet and water wings. FYI, each time blacks throw a tantrum in the streets, you cowards attack white WOMEN. You haven’t the balls to face your white boys. Personally, I think youre all useless, black and white. Looking forward to one of your many enemies your government created turning the U.S. into a radioactive wasteland. Then you can sit on your asses like you always do waiting for somebody else to deal with your problems, assessing blame on Whitey.

  173. Tyrell D'Finkadink says:

    What’s the problem, Mod? Truth hurt? Hoping to fan the flames of racism? Americunts are all the same, black or white. Equally garbage that will be exterminated like the cockroaches you are. Best part is people like you supporting this ridiculous article, anti white, anti black, doing yourselves in with your superficial hatred for one another. You derps never followed the golden rule; Learn from the past, don’t dwell on it. Your downfall. Now go ahead and delete this too, as we both know you don’t like truth.

  174. HarleyGurl2 says:

    Whites didn’t steal and drag blacks out of Africa, their own people said “PLEASE” Take them, we don’t want them here and you can’t rape the willing!

  175. sean says:

    you are trying to justify white people’s evil history by saying “hey you blacks did it too”. Stop sliding past the point that white people did horrible evil things. Hence the term white devil is fitting. Now you’re trying to justify your ancestor’s evil history. Like it or not, white people are evil. And you NEED to make the playing field unfair because you can’t compete when things are fair. And also, the slavery in Africa was not the same kind of DE-HUMANIZING slavery that white devils did. Slavery in Africa still considered the slaves as family they just had debt to pay for their wrongdoings.

  176. stopcryingyoulefties says:

    You speculate far too much. Also, what are you talking about, that they considered their slaves family? For one, it still is going on til this day, and for two, again what the fuck are you talking about? Not dehumanizing? Hacking off their limbs and chaining them to trees isn’t dehumanizing? We aren’t talking about keeping family members in slave like situations, we are talking about genocide, and slavery, though apparently you have your head stuck so far up liberalism’s ass that you live in some Orwellian world like the rest of the supremacists and modern racists.

    I think you not only need a history lesson, but you need to do some research into modern worldly matters, other than blaming white people for everything. Every race has evil people, and in history, every race has done evil things, and it still goes on in places that are not the west. Our history is just documented much more, and brought out of the wood works by liberal racists, as well as black supremacists, and revised by people like yourself, who tend to make things up based on your feelings.

    Stop being a revisionist, no one likes a revisionist. Thank god this progressive bubble has finally popped, and people are starting to use rationality again, rather than emotion. Time to get re-acclimated to reality. It may be hard, though you can do it. Your kind is dying.

  177. kristyle79 says:

    Well said, thank you..

  178. kristyle79 says:

    Wow, that was beautiful!! I really admire you for your honesty and integrity. Thank you so much. 🙂

  179. itsallgood4me says:

    Europeans murdered each other and glorifies it ,in their history books ! The barberians , the romans and the vikings murdered each other ,long before europeans ever found out that there were other people in the world ,who looked different than them ! Now you are trying to defend slavery by saying that others did it too? Whites provided the biggest market for slavery than anybody on earth ! Their excuse for committing the biggest crimes aganst humanity, was to make false claims that others were not human ! You seem to think that africans came up with the idea that whites take slaves ! White surely shouldn’t be blamed for going into the business of sailing back and forth hauling slaves all over the caribeans ,south & north america !!!! Cut the crap ,even your own history tells it much different !!!!!!!!!!!!

  180. itsallgood4me says:

    Its just their way of trying to shift the blame on to others ! They suffer from ‘FOXNEWS SYNDROME ! Twisting the truth or just downright lying ,means absolutely nothing to them ! They HAVE even given it a name ……………………………………………………..”PROPAGANDA”!!!!!!!!

  181. itsallgood4me says:

    FEAR THAT ONE DAY THE SHOE WILL BE ON THE OTHER FOOT !!!!!!!!! See how whites are acting in south africa ,now that things aren’t just handed to them ,JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE WHITE !!!!!!

  182. Suzuki35 says:

    but if black people always lie,how can we bother with anything said? single greatest killer is themselves of each other! either by the 72% out of wedlock births, the higher hiv/aids rates due to black women accepting homo back men into their bodies to disease them.. and shooting each other. if you lie all the time you wont be seen as something to discuss life with.and also how can white fear kill anyone unless you are DEPENDANT on white people?

  183. Ceirwyn says:

    The single greatest killer of blacks is other blacks.

  184. WhateverUSay says:

    “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race” so if you believe yourself to be superior, or me lesser because of race, then you are a racist. It has nothing to do with the structure of a society. It is not a “power dynamic” what ever that means. Only beliefs. I am getting tired of other people, like yourself misdefining the term too. Try and think for yourself. Don’t believe what the media and government like to tell you. You can make something of yourself without their nipple. You are not helpless because of “white power.” You really can succeed without big brother whatever pigment is in your skin. You just need family, determination and intelligence. Join the military. That’s what I did because I was too poor to go to college. They give you a free education. All you have to do is a little work.

  185. Jarrod says:

    Haha I didn’t read much of that cause its stupid just stupid. We have a black president like to me that says its fair enough! Guess what life is not fair go f**king cry some more about it blacks Im sick of hearing your crap sick of it. The only type of white fear there is, is the fear of how most of yall walk around with a chip on your shoulder, angry, so on and you can say it cause its not fair whatever you have to over come in this world not sit there feeling like your owed something. And im not a expert but take a look around the world, who runs almost all first world country’s, that are at peace, or cleaning up messes like drug cartels that kill and create crime, who do you see trying to feed the poor country,s the list can go on and on, your answer white people and countrys ran by white people and it is not a plot to hold the dam black man back, do you not see how much easier it is for you to get free collage, aid from the government so on? and where does that money come from o yeah white people! Hold you back that was the past it isnt that way now all you have is help and support, how dam much do you think the white man needs to kiss your ass huh? O and got to say this to slavery, the jews were slaves so much longer than you, everybody trys to kill them like wipe them of the earth and I dont hear them crying about it! And racism yall are the most racist, do you know how many times Iv had to deal with having to fight cause some big black guy wants to pick on the white guy? 3 times wait no 4 and Im the quiet type i was minding my own dam self every time, walk up to me calling me pussy ass white boy, nope not this one im indian and irish I dont mind getting in a fight and i have something to prove cause yeah most white dudes are punks well a lot and im a white guy saying this! Im not fucking intimidated by yall. You know the quicker you can just fucking get over it the faster you can learn to move forward how can you ever get anywhere when your so stuck on the past or the negative? Take what you have and blessed with use it to be your best and just forget about all this bull shit that is what will be the best for you but how dam long is it going to take for you to understand this? And being black is not as hard as dealing with four different mental dissorder’s not knowing if your coming or going, unstable, no self control, depressed, paraniod thoughts, soon as you get something good your brain fucks up and you lose everything, i could explain more but im not going to cry about my difficulty I qualify for full disabllity with a medical history going back to when I was 6 years old, but im not taking it I dont care what is fair my mind set is im going to make it over come one day or Ill at least live my life trying with that mind set. So shut up this is not how happy people that get what they want in life think!

  186. The [deplorable] Blind Dead continue to see what they want to see and hear what they already know. This is TPPS – Tiny Pink Penis Syndrome–at its most erect–run amok–gone hog pink wild. They are so deep into the belly of this beast of their own making that the only exit left is through the demon’s ass. [White] America is rotten to the core with a corrupt, decadent, and insane system of criminalized justice where protecting the myth of white [male] supremacy has always been more important than Truth and Justice. As Many More People continue to shovel junk food onto the white paper plate of bottomless egos, cancer cells gorge in gluttonous abandon. The need for Truth, Justice, and Integrity are on the rise as are rampant levels of drug addiction, mental illness, cancer, diss-ease, impotency, and clinical sterility. Sooner has become later and yet, Truth rises anyway; in every way–every day. In this Age of Aguarius rarely will the only head that can hang on a deplorable [white] male hold itzSelf up again. Prepare for the shunning of a wetigo stricken [white] America. It will be called 2020 Vision.

  187. Waldo Koma says:

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