Racism Doesn’t Work Both Ways and Neither Does Cultural Appropriation

katy-perry-appropriationSometimes people ask me really moronic questions. One that I get all the time is, “But, but, on your blog, aren’t you racist against white people though? Because you say some really bad things about us.” Short answer: no. I can’t be racist because I’m not…well…white. And, I also can’t – as a recent troll implied – “appropriate white ‘culture’.” Why? Well, because when a racial group decides their normative choices are “respectable” thus setting their lifestyle as the best way for everyone else to live, they don’t get to play “backsies” when others emulate them. Cultural appropriation is wholly different from taking on presumably respectable behaviors to garner material or social benefits. It isn’t a game of backsies and it is most definitely used to demean, undermine, and disadvantage minority groups in society.

There is no such thing as reverse racism. Comedian and friend of the blog, Aamer Rahman, handled that in his viral comedy routine some time ago.  In summary, because minority groups don’t have inter-generational privilege we can wield against whites (thereby limiting their possible wealth, educational, employment, and/or environmental outcomes), we really have no way of being racist against them. Racism requires power. Without it negative racial feelings might be discriminatory but they certainly aren’t racist. Any racial animus held by minority groups toward whites cannot be set apart on its own as an initial offense because we have already experienced centuries of targeted racial oppression from whites. So, the point of reverse racism is moot.

Katy-perry-grillNow, cultural appropriation is the act of taking the very physical, mental, or social features of a minority group which are used to belittle, mischaracterize, and otherwise isolate them and embody those features for personal social entertainment or monetary gain. When Katy Perry – a white girl from Santa Barbara – dons bejeweled grill pieces, long fake nails, and gelled down ‘baby hairs’ to promote her new video for the song ‘How We Do,’ she isn’t appreciating ‘black culture’. She can’t be because she only features stark stereotypes of black women in her imagery. In the new video, while satirizing black women, she answers a phone call from her friend “Jessica Thot” or “Jessica That Ho Over There.” The term”THOT” is extremely demeaning to black women and has been used by street harassers seeking to devalue black women’s bodies. Surely Perry knows that.

Similarly, when Miley Cyrus danced around with hypersexualized black women, put on a ‘Blaccent,’ and promoted illegal drug use as a means of having fun, she wasn’t showing how cool it is to be black. She was showing how limited her view of black humanity is. Both artists – though Iggy Azalea, Justin Bieber, Macklemore, and a host of others could be slotted in to make this point – play on the worst stereotypes of black people to make a mockery of actual human beings. By wearing us as promotional costumes or draping us across their shoulders like feathered boas, they fetishize black bodies and make us into novelties for white consumption.

Minority groups can mock white people. They can mimic dominant culture. They can even completely assimilate into “respectable behavior” if they so choose. There are levels of social benefits and costs to doing so. But, minority groups will never be able to appropriate ‘white culture’ in a way that is harmful or damaging to whites in the aggregate. White complexity is never denied nor questioned while minority group identities are countered with dangerous and even deadly caricatures.

redlands-east-valley-high-black-faceFor example, making fun of President George W. Bush won’t undermine the accomplishments of every white male president this country has ever had. Why? Because we have 42 others to compare to. But, in the case of slain black teens, the overwhelming social narrative mischaracterizes them as “thugs,” and “gangbangers.” An entire Southern California high school cheer squad was recently pictured posing as gang members with pregnant bellies, sagging pants, and turf signs for “team building activities.” This notion about the black identity has been at least partly responsible for the onslaught of shooting deaths in black communities by police authorities. To deny that fact is to gloss over how powerful this imagery truly is.

On the whole, there seems to be a deep misunderstanding regarding how dangerous appropriation is. What whites in black face (which you don’t have to wear to appropriate black culture) call harmless fun, black folks call a further stripping of our humanity. Cultural appropriation empowers racial animus against minority groups. It emboldens law enforcement looking for the ‘suspect.’ And, it mentally indexes the black identity as violent, ominous, and inherently dangerous.

Cultural appropriation doesn’t work both ways which should make it that much easier to do away with altogether (ahem, white people).

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Jenn M. Jackson

Jenn M. Jackson, PhD is a co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Water Cooler Convos. She is a native of Oakland, CA. Jenn is a radical Black feminist scholar who believes none of us are free until all of us are free.

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  1. creegal says:

    Well said. Thank you !

  2. Mike says:

    I don’t disagree with point you are making as a whole, cultural approptiation is shameful, distasteful, and wrong on every level no matter who is doing it. Its also a willful act. There are plenty of white kids who grew up “hood” or “ghetto” and its just as much a part of who they are as the minorities they grew up with. There’s another camp that emulates what they see because, for some reason or another, they think its cool, with no sort of malace or ill will. Your level of offence to people emulating some of the worse parts of our culture without knowing their intent is reckless. Painting with the broad brush of any white person who “acts black” as a racist is lazy and tired.

  3. Shannon Andrea says:

    Thank you for writing this article. It is very well written and these pictures speak volumes. Could you (or anyone else) elaborate on how Macklemore falls in this category? While he’s not my favorite artist, I haven’t ever felt like he is representing hip hop in a negative way.


  4. True Black says:

    Outstanding write up keep up that great work

  5. Lilly Mars says:

    Im sorry, but I dont see how you can make the assertion that racism can only be perpetrated by one group. I guess a good starting point would be how do you define racism? Then I can understand where you are comming from.

  6. Lilly Mars says:

    One more thing…I live in South Africa, where, as a white, I am the minority.At school and in the workplace my sister and I have both experienced some very cruel comments based on us being whites — for instance, a while ago a classmate told my sister that our father should die because he is a “Boer” (or Afrikaner, a cultural group of various European ancestry in South Africa), and menacingly hinted that this death was approaching. In primary school I was beat up by a black school mate who disliked me because I was white. Can you please explain to me how such incidences are not examples of “reverse racism”, and what they actually are?

  7. Since you live in South Africa, you probably have no understanding of American racism. You should look it up.

  8. Lilly Mars says:

    Well I think what happened in South Africa — ie apartheid — was pretty much based upon the same concepts as slavery in America. I agree that my knowledge of American society and history is not extensive enough, and that there are important nuances to both the South African and American experience of racism that necessitate a different approach to each. Nonetheless, I was just interested to hear your perspective on my experiences (which I had considered to be reverse racism). I see you have a different understanding of racism to mine, so I’m trying to understand where you are comming from?

  9. disqus_uNnBgAJns8 says:

    I find amazing your Orwellian skills at manipulating the definition of words. I agree there is no such thing as ‘reverse-racism’ because every form of prejudice based on race is racism, and so to have terms like ‘reverse racism’ is absurd. Every dictionary defines racism as “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.” Of course, that definition does not give you the benefit of immunity from hypocrisy while displaying the same contempt towards people of a different race. It is so that you can add clauses to exempt you from being defined as that which you criticized the most, yet your actions embody it so well.

  10. Jaster says:

    White people can’t be this…white people can’t do that.

    Sounds kind of racist…but it can’t be because your black.

    That is about the most convenient thing ever isn’t it?

    Once thing is for sure, we’ll never get over this hump if we continue referring to each other as “black people” and “white people” and creating different definitions of words for people of different colors.

  11. Dusty Ayres says:

    And she should also realize what white privilege is.

  12. Lilly Mars says:

    clearly you lack the understanding to give a direct answer to my question — or even any answer at all. Nice dodge — but it doesnt say much for your desire to actually have productive dialogue on race. Or are you afraid you are unable to defend your perspective?

  13. Lilly Mars says:

    Actiually, Dusty Ayres, I have written several times on the reality of white privilege. If you check out my blog, leelamassie.blogspot.com, you can read my three-part series on whiteness, an article called “Shades of race and rage” where I again mention privilege, institutional racism and misunderstanding between black and white, and finally a response to this article by Jenn. Do you actually know the works of Derrick Bell,Noel Ignatiev, Peggy McIntosh, Roediger, DuBois? Here are some quotes from my blog where I talk aboutr white privilege:

    “That white people often don’t understand the extent of white privilege – and how it impacts other races – is a very salient point. Sometimes we are embarrassed about it and try to sweep it under the carpet. Sometimes it is so entrenched in daily life that we genuinely aren’t aware of it. White privilege is generally something white people don’t want to talk about, and the loss of privilege for certain groups – such as white males – is very disruptive to sense of self. I was interested to come across the term “aggrieved white male entitlement syndrome”. I immediately thought of Steve Hofmeyr.

    Yes, when it comes to white privilege, whiteness theory has touched on some relevant truths about how white people are socialised to perceive themselves and others.”

    “Racism against black people has, for a large part of recent history, been the normal experience of blacks. Indeed, society has historically been structured to entrench white privilege and black disenfranchisement. In many communities, that structure remains subtly in place. When white people experience racism, they still have the protections of white privilege. Black people, however, must feel much more vulnerable and impotent in the face of racism.”

    “At the same time, I have to be honest that I have never experienced the depths of pain apartheid created for all people of colour in this country – and for this very reason, I am in danger of being that complacent white person who doesn’t try to understand the past’s influence on the present. Ido have to ask oftentimes tough questions about how being white has determined the perspective I’ve grown up with. I’ve had my own assumptions, and weeding them out is a daily journey. Ignorance is indeed bliss, and it has to be acknowledged that many white people dochoose it. We need to be shaken up once in a while – such as by initiatives like Mikki Kendall’s hash tag – and reminded that we have an active role to play in healing history’s wounds, beginning with awareness. We need to try swallow back our defensiveness and listen, listen, listen – with an open heart and mind.”

    Yes, those are MY quotes, and yes, I fully recognize the reality of white privilege. I just want to have a nuanced, balanced discussion about race that recognizes different perspectives. If you dont, whatever. Just dont assume you know shit about my knowledge and opinions.

  14. How in the world (as an American empiricist who studies, researches, and lives in America) could I possibly share perspectives on your experiences in South Africa? How ignorant it would be of me to attempt to breakdown the historical and societal contexts impacting a white person in South Africa. I really don’t understand what you expect me to say other than what I said.

    The audience of this site is clearly noted in the mission. Shockingly enough, it isn’t white South Africans. Take from that what you wish but you won’t be goading me into a conversation about your life. This blog is about black Americans. Period.

  15. So you are literally here to sell your blog? If you drop the link again, I will delete your comments.

  16. ?

    I am not here for you sweetheart. This is my blog. I don’t have to do cartwheels to appease you. You can google American racism, you can watch documentaries, you can read books, etc. No one is dodging your question. Instead, I am placing the onus on you to educate yourself in regards to a subject to appear to be so interested in.

  17. People of color didn’t start that trend. Don’t like people being labeled and treated differently? Tell white people. Maybe then it will change.

  18. Jaster says:

    At this point who started it is irrelevant; now everyone is doing it. Hopefully we can stop the blame game and work this out.

  19. If only people of color had to power to do something about that…

  20. Grow Up says:

    Wow, are you honestly going to say that apartheid in South Africa that ended frankly a lot more recently than slavery in America is less relevant today? You are idiot with a lot of followers ma’am. And I use the term ma’am here very liberally.

  21. I never said that. Trolls will be banned so goodbye.

  22. Hilda Sweck says:

    Actually, no we didn’t. The first culture that had names for different races (other than just ‘foreigner’ which isn’t nec. race specific) were the ancient Egyptians. Unless you think ancient Egyptians were white, non-white people are the ones who started the whole ‘naming different races’ thing.

  23. This is not true. At all.

  24. Edward Benn says:

    Your opinions disgust me. Racist, look it up in the dictionary, ignoramus, the discrimination against a different race because of the belief in the subject’s own racial superiority. It doesn’t require power, it requires only belief and prejudice. Disbelief in this moronic “reverse-racism” is intrinsically racist because it is based on a racial stereotype about white people, which is no longer true.

    Racism is absolutely a two-way street. I am white, am not a racist, and am not the white racists who have existed in the past, nor do I associate with them at all. Yet, just because of my race, I am attributed with the negative stereotype of being a potential racist, whereas a “non-white” person is not. Basically, I am designated a position of inferiority based on my race.

    You need to wake up, racist. Until racists like yourself stop spouting this kind of crap, society will never abandon the unfair, untrue racial stereotypes thrown about. If racism is reserved for one race only, that is racism. Thus, all you are doing with your racial assumptions is perpetuating and justifying yet another form of racism. Great job, barbarian.

  25. Edward Benn says:

    I am a white person. I am not a racist. The only separate I feel is from you; that I am indeterminably a racist who needs to be educated, rather than a person of the human family as you. This idea makes me feel separated from my black brothers and sisters, where there would otherwise be no separation. I agree that a lot of evil white people acted in very racist ways, but I am not those people, I abhor those people, but I do not apologise for them, because I am not those people. If I apologise then I take on their actions as my own, which they are absolutely not.

    Please open your eyes, if the white people who are racist towards you hurt you, just remember that it is because they dicks that they are racist, not because they are white.

  26. Edward Benn says:

    American racism? What a joke! Perhaps while you are at it, you could educate us on “American rape”, “American murder”, “American fraud”, “American theft”, etc. They are clearly SO different from the rest of the world, aren’t they? Murder, universally, is the act of intentionally killing another person, but, of course, the American version is that is happens in American, so it MUST be different.

    You voice is a blight on society.

  27. Edward Benn says:


  28. Edward Benn says:

    The answer to how she defines racism is: incorrectly, and for her own purposes.

  29. charles says:

    Racism anyone can be racist because being a racist is judging someone on their race.

    “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races”.

    You can’t just take a word and give it a new definition simply to make it work for your argument. That doesn’t even make sense. Your entire argument is invalid and you should probably get a real job instead of ranting on the internet.

  30. Defiance says:

    I thought this heap of refuse was a joke at first and then I read the part where the “author” (if you can call this poor, uneducated, and racist female a writer) used a comedian as a source of factual proof, at this point, I realized it is a joke. This is one of the most ignorant, uneducated, piles of drivel I have ever read.. Found it by mistake. I cannot believe how someone could believe this trash. Good thing most people can see through this shallow and moronic opinion. It is total opinion and not based in reality whatsoever.

  31. Dra Gon says:

    And how many of you nice white people are going to move back to Europe so that the indigenous of north and central America can reclaim their culture and govern themselves the way they see fit. Lets not forget that everyday you’re here you’re benefiting from the wealth and abundance that was taken through genocide, while the descendants of the survivors of that genocide remain poor and continue to have their cultures mocked and appropriated for monetary gain that benefits the same descendant class that tried to stamp them out. White Americans are benefactor of genocide, holding a stake to their claim on this land with violence, force, coercion and incarceration. This is another example of the power held over us, and white folks remaining ignorant to this are exercising another aspect of their privilege. America is not the land of the free. It’s the land of white supremacy, and you will be put behind bars if you don’t get with the program.

  32. Appropriation isn’t about representing Hip Hop negatively per se. But, Macklemore is presenting himself as an authentic representative in a genre which was created by Black Americans. Not only that, he has repeatedly said that Black rappers (like Kendrick Lamar) are better than him yet he accepts awards they aren’t receiving because of his privilege.

  33. Leibfarce says:

    You can be racist. I’m sorry. Black people can’t be INSTITUTIONALLY, SYSTEMATICALLY RACIST against white people.

    They can, however, be PERSONALLY racist against white people.

    If you’re saying ignorant, hateful, mean things that’s going to offend people – you’re better than racists… how?

    The color of your skin?


    OH? You don’t have the power or authority to make it dangerous?

    This just in! Neither do the great, vast majority of white people!


  34. Leibfarce says:

    Change is a two way street. If you think this whole, “You threw a rock at me, I’m going to throw rocks back!” Kindergarten attitude you have going on is conducive to an atmosphere of change – you’re kidding yourself.

    We walk hand in hand down the road to change, not being prodded by some asshole who doesn’t want that change themselves.

    They want a reversal of that power dynamic, don’t they?

  35. Leibfarce says:

    She defines racism as power + prejudice = racism. Even though that’s a formula for INSTITUTIONAL racism, which seems to escape these people.

    But, what can I expect from an SJW/PC type. Doe eyed folk with about as much self awareness as a Capuchin monkey.

  36. Leibfarce says:

    I am not responsible for the sins of my ancestors.

    Black people have also benefited from that genocide, even if it took them a while.

  37. M. A. says:

    Thank you for sharing this pertinent information regarding cultural appropriation. I found this article while searching for insight on a specific question I had about cultural appropriation, and am wondering if anyone involved in this discussion would feel generous enough to share their take on it: Since cultural appropriation involves the weight of the social imbalance of the colonizers in comparison to the oppressed minority groups, is it then, by definition, impossible to call cultural appropriation on a member of a minority group appropriating an aspect of another minority group’s culture? Thanks to anyone who can spare a moment to weigh in.

  38. M. A. says:

    I think you are a little bit confused about the meaning of power and authority within this context. A white person does not need to hold a position of political power or extreme wealth to have more social power in a given situation than a black person of equal class status.

  39. plinf says:

    Does this mean that black teens will stop skateboarding and joining the punk music scene? I mean, both of these were started by white kids; see Lords of Dogtown for skating and punk is just a no brainer.

  40. Kitty says:

    There’s no such thing as reverse racism? Oppression and racial discrimination are different. I am mixed white and hispanic, I’m light skinned. When I was in middle school I was bullied, threatened and jumped because I’m part white. They excluded and bullied me when i asked them why they would tell me that they hated white girls. I am not saying reverse discrimination is worse because it hasn’t been I’m not deny that white people have oppressed others. But I was discriminated against for the sole fact that I am part white. When people say reverse discrimination is not real they are saying that what happen to me was okay, they are telling me that it doesn’t matter that I was jumped for being white, they are telling me it was justified because I was white. Oh and the girls who bullied me were Hispanic- as I’ve lived most of my life in Hispanic communities, they aren’t many white people here.

  41. Adam Foglar says:

    LOL ARE YOU SERIOUS? Black people did NOT benefit from that genocide. White people FORCED black people to come to the Americas and kept them as slaves, so don’t pin ANYTHING on black people. I’m white and I don’t want to speak on behalf of POC or take their voice away but fellow white people need to sit down and listen to people of color when they talk about institutional racism because we will never know what it’s like to grow up in a world where we are socially disadvantaged due to the privileges enjoyed by another ethnicity. I don’t know what white privilege feels like to POC, but I do know what straight privilege feels like and let me tell you it feels pretty shitty knowing you are hated by like 75% of the world population for something you cannot change. Educate yourself please.

  42. armenia4ever says:

    So if you are half-white and your “systematic” privilege is the genocide of your ancestors, can you be half-racist?

  43. Anton Heikkilä says:

    Yes it is. Go read some history books. You blacks will never be equal to whites as long as you keep thinking that every white person hates you. No we don’t some of us would do anything to be at your side. Some of us including myself would really wan’t to help somehow but it is made impossible when people of color insult me and my culture. i don’t care if you call that racism or whatever i just don’t. But insult me, my culture, my family or any of my friends personally and you will feel the effects.

  44. SouthOhioGipper says:

    No, you can’t be racist according to that crap theory. But you can still hold a disgusting racial bigotry against white people and I can still hold you accountable for that bigotry, regardless of the power differential between our two races

    First I suppose I should agree with certain things.

    1)I fully recognize white privilege, and have seen it in action benefitting me.

    2)I understand that the black community has certain economic and social “special needs.”

    3)I also understand that you are a mere 13% of the population in a non black democracy,.

    4)That the black communities special economic and social needs require policies that are detrimental to the economic and social needs of whites and would be seen as totalitarian, unfair, and perhaps even dangerous by whites.

    5)Given all of this, I’m sure you realize white folks are essentially never going to allow 13% of the population dictate how the other 87% are going to redistribute the gains of the capitalist economy in a way that blacks would be happy with. The entire social order of 87% isn’t going to change because blacks have special needs.

    Having established that. The only solution that would work, would mean a reservation or other easement set aside in the US somewhere as a “black israel” where black folks can make their own laws, build their communist utopia, and can be policed or not policed to the laws as they see fit.

    I understand that white, suburban, middle class values offend you. I understand that white capitalism doesn’t meet your needs and maybe black socialism would be better. But I’m not willing to live under a socialist economy or government or have my cultural identity or the laws that my cultural majority democratically passes attacked as illegitimate or immoral in being. In fact I would make war against it to prevent it from even becoming a reality as would at least half of America and not a few African Americans.

    Since black folks really consider thenselves a captive population like the Jews under Babylon, maybe it’s time African Americans created their own country inside the borders of the USA. Carved from Federal land out west perhaps. Because this democracy is never going to allow a mere 13‰ of the population the social justice you demand. If you really hate the white man’s law. The white man’s economy and the white man’s Democratic majority. Then you’re gonna have to consider a black Israel. Because capitalism isn’t going away and neither are police officers or the white man’s law which you will still have to follow.

    I’m not trying to troll. I’m just trying to lay out the economic and social facts of life. There just aren’t enough of you to make a revolutionary change in the USA.

    I’ve taken courses in black history, I’m not some uneducated redneck. I’m as aware of the struggles of the African American as much as any white person can be. But I’m also realistic and honest enough to tell you. My power and privilege aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Perhaps never. Certainly not to a petty nationality like African Americans, even in coalition with Hispanics and socialist whites. . So best come up with Plan B. Because a socialist revolution in the Democratic order will mean another civil war and destroy all of us.

  45. Ryan Johannensen says:

    Sharing my opinion as respectfully and as “professionally” as possible, like many other people who engage in this topic you appear to be extremely one dimensional. To say that a person with African decent is incapable of racism is flat out false. The textbook definition of racism is to distinguish races as inferior or superior when compared to others, it has nothing to do with being Caucasian or African or any other race. Its ironic because you completely contradict yourself when you say one race is incapable of racism, weather its in the U.S. or any other country.

    The biggest problem with articles like this is that it keeps everyone generalized. The terms “white” and “black” are segregative umbrella terms that are also used to tie people to something they have nothing to do with it. Every Caucasian in the U.S. came from europe. In europe you have ireland, germany, spain, france, italy, portugal, norway, and a ton of other countries that all have entirely different cultures and have all acted differently throughout history. What relevance does skin color have in that equation? The same applies to africa, and every other place in the world. So when you talk about “white” racism you should aim to be more accurate, because i am in no way shape or form a racist and i dont deserve to be grouped in with an asshole just because i share the same skin color as them.

    We dont call Asian yellow people, we dont call native americans red people, we dont call latinos brown people. Why do we call caucasians white and africans black? Neither of them are special they dont deserve their own special names. And if we want to start viewing people equally we need to hold individuals responsible for their own actions and not write people off based on what they look like.

    I am not saying racism doesnt exist but you take it to a level that is beyond relevance.

  46. Hilda Sweck says:

    Yeah it is. Try studying Egyptian history you idiot.

  47. Yasmin says:

    I find a lot of what you say quite offensive. As a mixed race person of both black and white heritage, who has been taught to embrace and learn from all aspects of my cultural background; and for you to say that because you are a black person that you cannot be racist and that only white people can be is completely untrue. There’s a difference between racism and and institutional racism that is apparent in everyday society and something that I myself have experienced. However this kind of promotion of separatism between people of colour and white people is both damaging and fundamentally wrong. You are inciting racial hatred, when simply we need to become less attached to race and this POC vs Whites idea that you are promoting, and what does it even mean to be white? I’m half white, but I am considered a black person by most.
    The longer you continue to simply degrade one race to feel closer to your own is when you loose the whole point of equality and peace that many people, before bloggers such as yourself have fought for.
    Reverse racism isn’t a thing, it’s simply racism
    Racism – Hatred, intolerance or superiority over another race or other races

  48. aputsiaq 12 says:

    you are such a rude person i can’t believe it

  49. Russ Burt says:

    Biggest pile of arse-gravy ever found on the Internet. Racism is discrimination on the basis of race and/or colour. You are either blatantly aware of this and are blatantly passive-aggressive trolling or genuinely thick. Given the eloquence of your writing I’d find it hard to believe the latter to be true. I’m all for the progression of minorities but suggesting attacks against those you consider to be ‘privileged’ in that way makes your hypocrisy and double standards shine like a neon beacon.

  50. CaeruleaTigris says:

    While I do not agree with your second point, I do agree that people should not be responsible for things they cannot change. As a “white” Australian I am very ashamed of any grievances my ancestors may have caused others but in saying that I have no power whatsoever to change what may or may not have happened.

    All I can do is try my hardest to right the wrongs committed by previous generations of my family, listen to others’ stories if they wish to tell them and help those POC who may need it to overcome racism and white supremacy so we can all move onto a happier future.

  51. baws says:

    I think I get it. Only white people can be racist bigots, black people can be as bigoted as they wish without fear of being labeled a racist or a bigot, and bigotry only becomes racism if its perpetrated by someone who has lower levels of melanin in their skin. If the person has high levels of melanin in their skin, they can make as many bigoted remarks about other races without it being racism. The amount of melanin in the skin is the distinction here. Furthermore, your saying its totally unacceptable and racist for white people to do things that blacks typically do like make rap music, but its absolutely okay and acceptable for blacks to do things that typically only white people do. In other words, if your melanin level in your skin is below a certain threshold, then its racist for you to make rap music.

    Im pretty surprised that black people would be the first ones to call for segregation to be brought back in the form of only certain races are allowed to do certain things (like make rap music). One would think that blacks of all people would best know how slippery of a slope that is, and that once we start deciding which activities certain races can and cant partake in would only be the beginning of a dangerous and backwards precedent. But nevertheless I regularly see black people advocating things like that.

    I feel sorry for you. It must be hard carrying such a fiery hatred towards any and all white people in your heart, day in and day out. But atleast you can sleep easy knowing that you lucked out as far as the accident of birth because your melanin numbers are a couple percentage points higher, your bitter and hostile feelings towards people of other races wont get you labeled a racist and in many cases goes unnoticed or is downright accepted.

    If you had not been so lucky as to be born with extra melanin in your skin, you wouldnt be able to write/post this without losing your job and receiving death threats.

  52. Velma Dinkley says:

    Specifically how has “American Racism” affected you? Please cite examples instead of providing a wall of contradiction.

  53. Tai G says:

    You do know they changed the original definition of racism to put it more vaguely so as to not (irony) target whites only in it’s definition. The real definition of racism means creating policies, laws, and many other methods to hold back an entire group of people. The word everyone is using so freely as a replacement to racism is prejudice.

  54. Andy Chen says:

    Okay, but now that we are in an era that is more aware shouldn’t we as the collective human race try to excise this from our behavior/culture? Just because white people did it, doesn’t make it right for people of color to do it.

  55. MG says:

    You don’t know very much for someone whom claims to be an expert on the subject.

  56. MG says:

    *created by human species on the planet earth.

    Anyone can use anything, the concept that you can “own” culture or “own” ideology is ridiculous. If that’s the case, then stop speaking english, and stop utilizing anything we imparted upon your culture. Of course, that’s absolutely ridiculous. Let alone the fact that all of hip-hop was able to exist because of technologies and events that took place because of the combine of all Americans living at the time.

    Your indignation is absolutely unbelievable… I would not enjoy your presence, and I can’t imagine you make too many friends with the way you seem to think you have claim to things that no person can ‘own’

  57. pink44 says:

    Man, it’s awesome how you get to decide what is or is racist; Who is or isn’t allowed to do something; what words mean; Who is a victim and who isn’t; What white culture is or isn’t.

    You say you can’t be racist because you lack the power needed to be racist? Well first off, look at my comments above… You obviously have the power to do this. Next up, y’all need to stop confusing racism, with systematic oppression. Finally, you end on a note implying it is upon whites to change all of this. Yet, we aren’t allowed to do anything without the approval of black America, therefore it’s on you to change it. When you see yourself as equal, instead of “needing” special treatment, special laws and rules, and different consideration, you will realize you stand in your own way not us. This is shown by people like Ben Carson who succeeded against the odds, only to be attacked and belittled by his own race. His success doesn’t count to many because he did it against the supposed system of white folks feet on your throat.

    You have the power to define previously defined words. Racism is extreme prejudice based upon a belief that your race is superior or inferior to another ESPECIALLY when considering policy/politics. This means power is not needed but often is involved. Believing whites have some magic powers to avoid racism is racism within itself. You have the power to never be the perpetrator even when it’s 10 on 1, by simply saying the magic words “he said a racial slur,” which is also racist. Hate crime laws are racist. Denying victims of racism an equal protection under the law because the minority “feels” they don’t deserve it, is racism. Your writing is racism. Telling another their feelings are unimportant or irrelevant because your races are more important is racism.

  58. Perriheyy says:

    My goodness Jenn, thank you for this. I read pretty much every comment in this post and I just want to applaud you. I shook my fist and rolled my eyes more than I care to say at some of the illogical nonsense commented below and above me. I just can’t believe the length people will go to protect their white fragility. People stating the obvious in saying that “racism and institutional racism are not the same” , well we know that. I can be discriminatory against anyone, but I cannot function as a racist in America. Racism in a America is rooted in white supremacy and white fear. I am literally not in the “club” as a Black woman, I am incapable of participating.

  59. Bitch says:

    Wow. Black people got it good. They’re allowed to accept any awards that they win without anyone crying racist. They’re untouchable because they’re allowed to make fun of white people as much as they want which they do frequently because it’s become socially acceptable & it’s not considered racist. It’s impossible for them to appropriate anyone’s culture simply because they are black. You guys are lucky as hell. Every single time that a white artist wins an award, it’s always because of those damn white privileges. Talented white people??? Never. Only black people could be talented of course. Those damn white people. Always stealing awards. Black people are allowed to dress however they please, but there are restrictions if you are white. I mean you don’t wanna be a racist for throwing a braid in your hair. Alright. I’m gonna end the satire now. What a dumb ass article. I am actually beginning to understand why my Latino boyfriend is so annoyed by almost every black person. Anything white people do is racist to black people. Black people totally exaggerate about white privilege, by the way. I have never gotten shit handed to me simply for the color of my skin. It’s called working hard. I mean I’m SURE it happens, but definitely no where near as much as black people claim it does. I have actually seen a lot more black privilege. I know someone who got to go to an EXPENSIVE college for free simply because he is a black orphan from Africa. I also know someone who is a white male that called about some type of government aid. He was BLATANTLY told over the phone that due to the small amount of spots open, they are only helping black people. But yeah…those damn white people & their white privileges.

  60. Kaynil says:

    Kitty, first of all I am sorry you went through that.

    Most of the time when people say “reverse racism” doesn’t exist they are NOT saying what happened to you was okay. As a human being one needed to be mentally ill or mentally incompetent to say the discrimination you suffered is fine because of your skin tone.

    What people usually mean when they insist that reverse racism doesn’t exist is the term itself. Adding reverse is unnecessary and turns it into a blame game where people focus in who can or cannot say it instead of focusing into you know, racism being a terrible thing that no one should ever have to go through. You suffered racism, you suffered from hispanic grudges and it wasn’t fair on you. It is not fair on anyone. That is in part why it is so wrong.

    I send you a hug Kitty and truly hope you’re doing better.

  61. André Stark says:

    well said!

  62. DMC15 says:

    Fuck off, as a white of European descent, I can say cultural appropriation of non-American white cultures exists.

    The American attitude towards Europeans is so hilariously basic it borders on parody. I’m French and I can tell you my French language education in high school was a joke. Teachers wearing berets! Oh how cultured and French! This is how it’s done in France! Let’s all eat cheese and baguettes! How French! I love the French new wave films! Look at me. That’s not even the worst of it, treatment of Irish culture is offensive. “I’m Irish, I can drink.” Shut the fuck up, you’ve never stepped foot in Ireland, and have no idea about anything about Ireland. The IRA? Yeah dude, the suck, always making me pay my taxes. Bro, I’m super Catholic, act like a Guido and pretend to have relatives in the mob, I’m soooooo Italian! I love Russian culture, have you seen all of my hammer and sickle shirts and my Ushanka? Argentine? Yeah, I love Messi! Dutch? Dude, let’s smoke a joint!

    Granted, most of this comes from white Americans but American culture (and that means the ENTIRETY of American culture, not just white American culture) has eroded a lot of what is traditionally European, including in Europe itself.

    There’s a world outside of America, you’re not alone, get over it.

    Also, racism DOES go both ways. Institutional racism does not.

    I repeat: institutional racism against whites is a myth.

    But power comes in many forms. Racially driven violence is racism because it’s prejudice + power (and that’s not the webster definition that everybody loves to cry about). Nothing screams power like a gun to the face. That’s not to say that minorities are the only ones who commit racially charged violence, but screaming “oh I can’t be racist” and then ONLY wrecking the shops of certain ethnic groups in Baltimore and LA is racism. Furthermore, power is relative. That new white eastern european/Mexican immigrant who can’t even speak english? next to no power. I’m not denying white privilege, that’s clearly a thing, but power isn’t just institutional, and even if it were, African Americans would have had it during certain points of American history (post slavery south, when African Americans held the majority of seats in state congresses), but obviously that didn’t work out to well.

    Also, prejudice is a pain in the ass to deal with, regardless of power. And that goes for arrogant white Americans to. I’m tired of being called a “pussy” for being French. And I’m sure Jews are tired of hearing how good they are with money and then having people say “oh I have Jewish friends, it’s ok” (something that all races do).

    This probably came off as super aggressive and if you do respond, I’ll chill out and respond in a calmer, more level headed way, but a lot of this is irritating Americentrism to me.

  63. DMC15 says:

    Bit of a tangent but:

    I have a problem with the terms “white” and “black” being used specifically to refer to white-American and African-American culture. There is a world outside of the US. African-Americans are not the only blacks in the world, there are Afro-Brazilians, Igbo, Haitians, Yoruba, and countless other groups. Just as there are Poles, Russians, Italians, Greeks, Spaniards, Catalans and many others.

    Many of these peoples come from nations in the world where pretty much any living condition in the United States looks comfortable.

    This is generalizing blacks and whites in a way that is offensive to all. And it justifies cultural appropriation and racism to many because they’re “all the same.” Use more narrow terminology and remember that you are not alone among blacks and not along among nations.

  64. Miranda Meehan says:

    You are nothing but a racist and yes you and any black person can be a racist. This is another bogus blabbering article from you. It’s intended to keep the divide wide. Just because you keep trying to position yourself and your color as perpetual victims does not negate your responsibility for your choices and your actions. You are notihngbut a hate filled racsist and a coward. You are a coward because you try to position yourself as a victim to avoid taking responsibility for your hate and racism. You don’t’ want equality. You want special dispensation for all you do ant say.

  65. Miranda Meehan says:

    Yes it is. Educate yourself instead of just yammering about the simple things that ruin through your mind. You just look stupid when you get proven wrong.

  66. Miranda Meehan says:

    Care to comment on the proof provided? You shut up pretty quick. Come one know all victim Let’s hear it!

  67. Miranda Meehan says:

    Because blacks don’t label people and treat people differently. You are such a racist. Tell black people to act differently. Maybe then it will change.

    I don’t actually believe that last statement. It was intended to show you how ignorant the things you say are and that they are just as offensive from both side of the fence.

  68. Miranda Meehan says:

    The term “cocksucker” (yes, one word) was a term of endearment in the 1800’s. That truth does not negate it’s current definition and that it is now considered negative. Keep pushing to keep blacks victims (irony) It”s such a valiant way to live. Be proud! /sarcasm. Coward.

  69. Miranda Meehan says:

    Cowards ban people just because they don’t like what is said That wasn’t trolling at all. They stated facts and you don’t like them. Banning them is censorship. What if a white person censored the things you say? Oh, you’d be WAILING from the roof tops. You’re a liar, uneducated, racist, hypocrite, that spews her hate, claims what she says is fact, cannot support what she says with actual facts, blames that bad deeds of some white people when she gets called out, ignores posts that PROVE she is wrong, and wants things she does not like to be censored. Hmmm. Can you say HEIL HITLER!!! YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!!!!!

  70. Miranda Meehan says:

    Maybe you should. Just being white doesn’t guarantee white privilege.

  71. Miranda Meehan says:

    So you are forgetting AGAIN that blacks sold blacks to whites? That blacks owned and enslaved other blacks? Yep. White people enslaved blacks and SO DID BLACKS. Educate yourself, please. Or better yet, just stop lying and denying.

  72. D Jackson says:

    Unfortunately your “proof” shows classification by ORIGIN, not COLOR.

  73. Your response seems unwarranted given the fact that this website is written by Black Americans for Black Americans. It is focused on our experiences because we are marginalized voices in our country of origin. This isn’t about French people or Europeans. And, there is nothing wrong with that.

  74. Ryan Johannensen says:

    Huh?? This is exactly my point, i dont know how it would have seemed otherwise. I was just responding to the specifics of her post. White and black are meaningless american made terms.

  75. Cole says:

    Racism is racism no matter what~ The definition of racism includes everyone. By definition, yes, you ARE a racist motherfucker.

  76. Michael Cunningham says:

    Someone claiming to be fighting racism by being racist. Who would have thought.

  77. DMC15 says:

    Adam that’s simply not true. EVERYBODY currently in the US, who is not Native American has benefited from their genocide. Asians, whites, blacks, latinos, EVERYBODY has benefited from their genocide, this is their land and it was taken from them. Saying anything else is simply disrespectful to the Native Americans.

    What I’m about to say will shock a lot of Americans. But African-Americans are anti-semetic, racist, islamophobic, xenophobic and more in the same way white Americans are. However, this is not a refection on African-Americans as individuals (most are as tolerant and open-minded as anybody else), nor is it a reflection on their culture; rather, it is a reflection on their status as American citizens. The truth is that America was built as a nation on the suffering of countless groups: Filipinos, Jews, Viets, African-Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, Muslims and many more.

    African-Americans came back from the Philippine genocide with greater acceptance among whites as American citizens.

    War in Korea helped establish America as a power vis a vis the USSR, when the USSR could have threatened or dominated America.

    The nature of labor during Westward expansion (which led to the native american genocide) is one of the key reasons the civil war began.

    Islamophobic security measures do catch the occasional terrorist, at the expense of harrasment of innocent Muslims.

    Citizens of Beijing have air quality comparable to smoking 40 cigarettes a day, whilst Americans (of all colors) benefit from cheap products made in china.

    The collapse of the US’s mortal enemy: the USSR, was in part founded by the USSR’s failure in Afghanistan, something which the US helped set up, with a regrettable regime being set up following that (this has happened in large parts of SE Asia as well).

    THose are tragic examples. It does not mean African Americans are an evil group of people. They aren’t, they are just like you and me; just more oppressed. You could easily switch up the word “african american” with other words regarding whites, asians, latinos and more and have equally horrifying results. But they are born with the “sin” of being American; a nation that ruined countless others to establish itself as the world hegemon.

    Saying that african-americans (post-slavery), or any minority group, for that matter, did not benefit from, and are not complicit in racism, anti-semetism, and islamophobia (among other things) is like when white americans say “I’m not racist, I’m from the north, we had nothing to do with slavery.” That’s a cop out. You still perpetuate and benefit from a racist system and historically, you still tolerated slavery in the south for about 245 years too long.

    The distinction is not WETHER all Americans benefit, but HOW MUCH they benefit. African Americans have clearly beneffited substantially less than white americans, but in the end, they live in the United States, which has established a relativley high quality of life compared to the rest of the world by tearing down the rest of the world. Even isolating African-American statistics, instead of american statistics, African americans still rank ahead of at least %50 of the world (except in manslaughter and incarcerations, which I believed the economist quantified them as having it worse than any other national group; albeit with the caveat the the US also ranked as worse than any other nation); all because they live in the US. The reason the rest of the US has living standards above African Americans is because of racism; but hte reason African Americans aren’t even worse off is because they are Americans.

    Note: this is not a reflection on African Americans when they were actually slaves. AA slaves clearly did not benefit from anything I mentioned above.

  78. MegaBen says:

    The races and cultures are not equal. Blacks in the USA have an avg IQ of 85. They lack future time orientation and higher levels of abstract thought. Even when raised in wealthy households their Sat scores are still lower than whites. Blacks from the richest households only perform 3 points better on the SAT than the poorest whites. Over 70% of black children are raised by a single mom.Blacks commit over 50% of the violent crime while composing around 13% of the population.Black on white rape happens while the reverse is nonexistent. Blacks cause white flight in every major town they infest. Without whites there to support them, the town starts resembling that of Africa. Detroit is a prime example. Also check out Clayton county. Blacks had the power and the head police officer fired all the white cops. That is racist by your own definition. Those with power such as a business or school will hire a less qualified black over a white just because of skin color to be compliant with affirmative action. Black culture embraces criminal behavior. Black Lives Matter, Ferguson, and Baltimore are proof of that, and that 1 in 3 black males can expect a prison visit at least once in their life. If you want whites to treat you as equals then step up your game. Racism goes both ways. See things for how they are, not how you want them to be. Perhaps things would be better if we brought segregation back. A lot of blacks are already for it. They beat up ladies at gas stations for bing in the “wrong hood b??”. Whites are tired of the double standards blacks like you have. The black infepopulation proves themselves

  79. Ren Mulligan says:

    The only issue I can see with this, is when the racial dynamic shifts and more and more people are mixed and/or people of color, certain groups will use this mentality to justify actions of prejudice using “minority immunity”, but if a minority became a majority and had power, would we then be able to see racial prejudice as a problem we all play a part in? We send everyone mixed messages now. Look past color, but circumstances hinder that. Blaming every white person for cultural issues doesn’t fix the problem. All it does is justify a catharsis. Reason serves a lot better than trying put all people in a group. Poor white people exist, they sometimes live in the same neighborhoods as black people. Yes, black people experience more prejudice, but is it really coming from the white people on their level? We need to discuss and listen to both sides, instead of making this a villain vs. victim issue.

  80. Alexander Carroll Lovelady says:

    color isn’t a race, she didn’t claim ancient Egyptians were the first to go by color she said they were the first to go by race. the “proof” still stands as advertised.

  81. Alexander Carroll Lovelady says:

    That wouldn’t change anything. EVERYONE has to stop. IF every single white person suddenly became a saint and forgot what a racial slur even was that would not end racism. because even if its true that white people started racism to begin with (which isn’t true, the concept has been around for ages and ages and ages in tons of different cultures) if they’re the only ones who stop using labels and referring to people based on their skin color then it will continue. it only stops if everyone stops.

  82. Alexander Carroll Lovelady says:

    And yet that doesn’t make it any better, Prejudice, racism. either way its still a bad thing that should stop. it shouldn’t be happening in any case. no one should be doing it.

  83. Alexander Carroll Lovelady says:

    Because racism is only bad if its in america right? because racism isn’t universal its separated into hundreds of different categories that are all completely different from each other based on country right? that’s why this comment is completely irrelevant. right?

  84. Alexander Carroll Lovelady says:

    Reverse racism is an idiotic term, racism is racism, anybody can discriminate against anybody based on their race. and its been like that for ages.

  85. Alexander Carroll Lovelady says:

    In other words I have no interest in what YOU think about this im only interested in discussing it with people who think the same or are open to what i think about it.

  86. Alexander Carroll Lovelady says:

    Reasonable, I mean how in the world could you being of a people once subjugated and under the brunt of extreme racism in our countries relatively short history have any way of sharing perspective with some one else who is currently going through what you might have been endanger of going through if you were born only 6 or maybe 8 generations earlier. its just not possible. people cant educate themselves on history and then imagine what it would be like if people acted now like they did back then.

  87. Alexander Carroll Lovelady says:

    Nice she makes an educated response, drops a single link so people can verify what she is saying is true and you completely ignore it all and try to focus it all on something completely different. Very nice diversionary tactic. I applaud you.

  88. Alexander Carroll Lovelady says:

    Neither does a black person in a lot places in the us these days. racism isnt dead, but its been getting better and better, if it continues to improve as it has been imagine where we’ll all be in century.

  89. Alexander Carroll Lovelady says:

    He literally just said what you said. you literally just repeated what he said and then criticized him for it.

  90. Alexander Carroll Lovelady says:

    True, I cant argue with that. It’s down right shameful.

  91. Alexander Carroll Lovelady says:

    The title is misleading and at least partially false. but the article it self while not something i agree with entirely does have a few good points.

  92. Rose Tran says:

    Hey. Sorry that a bunch of white people are criticising you about your obvious knowledge of racism and cultural appropriation.

  93. Rose Tran says:

    Hilda, regarding that “Ancient Egypt” thing, they were acknowledging the fact that not everybody has the same colour of skin. Because colours exist. The world is not soley divided into black and white (nor are most things), which is why there are seven continents and 196 countries. Additionally, why are you calling Ms Jackson an idiot? She’s not lashing out at you. Who died and made you an expert at all things race? I assume that you’re white, by the way, seeing as you said “us.”

  94. Rose Tran says:

    That is what the words “brown people” exist for. And what colours would you rather be called? Mayo? Pink? Maybe “blush” or “light beige?” Regarding the “white people can’t be this…” and “white people can’t do that,” white people can’t appropriate culture like that. Also, do you know what people of colour have been told they can and can’t be? In the past, we’ve been told that we can’t be anything that you can be, we have been enslaved, we have been forced into war and violence, we have been forced into religions and customs, we have been treated as less than human. But hey, I mean, I’m sorry that we’re finally standing up and telling you that white people can’t attack us even when we’re innocent, can’t throw slurs at us, can’t act like us but not be held responsible for “consequences” that we have to put up with everyday, the racism and discrimination. Sorry that the world is finally growing, and the people and their ideals along with it.

    PS I can’t imagine how you’ll react when you become a minority in the US in 2020… It’ll probably be tough on you…

  95. BritishWolf says:

    Racist trying to justify her prejudice because she is black.

  96. BritishWolf says:

    This. This times a million.

  97. alicecooper777 says:

    lol no they didn’t racism still has the same definition and any race can be racist

  98. the
    belief that all members of each race possess characteristics,
    abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to
    distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.”theories of racism”
    discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different
    race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior. please tell me where that says anything about power please

  99. Señor Negrõ says:

    Nëgro, you aint gotta be white to be a racist.

  100. Señor Negrõ says:

    Nëgroes can be just as racist as white folks.

  101. Señor Negrõ says:

    Color is a race, why do people call nëgroes colored or people of color?

  102. Snowqueen85 says:

    She doesn’t have any knowledge of racism though, because the first known race of people known to subjugate and enslave people of another race WERE THE EGYPTIANS! They saw the Israelites were reproducing at an alarming rate and the only way to control that was the subjugate and enslave them. Black people like to get up in arms about slavery and all that, when in fact their ancestors were the first known human enslavers.

  103. D Jackson says:

    So all black people came from Egypt? OK. And you are making a linkage between racism and slavery, as if they are one in the same. Interesting. False, but interesting.

  104. anastasia os says:

    Yes because when English invited their presence to Ireland they didn’t steal our land our language. Rape and murder. Kill us for our religion. Take away any nationalism or culture. Steal our businesses. Ban Irish and dogs from entering the majority ofplaces in their own country. And my favorite harmless thing they did eas Sell any good food left during the famine so they could make their money and let us agonaly die working In Factories and on infastructure…and then when SHOCKINGLY people begun resisting their foreign Imperilism and use the tactics used on them they’re terrorists… yeah whites (or mayo as blks love to say,lmao) don’t understand being treated like the lowest quality of human. Only blacks can feel oppressed, and of course all whites no matter American, European or oceanian, they’re all the same. (But god forbid someone says all blacks come from Egypt because that’s ill informed and blatantly untrue 🙂 mayo stains will forever live in debt to blacks.

  105. Rose Tran says:

    Ok, so what race are you? And who made you king/queen of determining what racism is and isn’t? Additionally, what is up with your one argument about Egypt and slavery?

  106. Marco Belinga says:

    You’re exaggerating now black people don’t always complain when a white artist wins an award. for all the college issues you brought up compare the percentage of whites and blacks in college. How is going to college because you’re an orphan from africa an advantage ??

  107. Jay says:

    Well said….

  108. Eric Wright says:

    “But, minority groups will never be able to appropriate ‘white culture’ in a way that is harmful or damaging to whites in the aggregate.”

    I think this point works really well, unfortunately. Aren’t you in basically saying that minorities can’t be racist against majorities because they don’t possess enough power (political, financial) to be dangerous? This is probably true (at this time), but are you sure that this is the reason you want to give young blacks? That their voices don’t matter in this culture so they can say whatever they want?
    I suppose the young minorities that think about things more superficially may not notice that the crux of your argument is built on their worthlessness. However, I think the more intellectual ones (the ones you need to make the changes you want to happen) WILL notice. What if they take this to heart and are discouraged or impeded by this rather than inspired? What if you cause them to give up before they even start? Be aware of the blowback and act accordingly! You can’t win a game of chess with checkers strategy.

  109. Hunter says:

    Stopped reading at, “no. I can’t be racist because I’m not…well…white.”

    That is the most idiotic thing I have EVER read.

  110. Mornsy says:

    Although I agree that some people use cultural appropriation in order to stereotype a cultural identity, I also feel like calling out every time someone use a cultural symbol might just create a climat of exclusion. To me, it often feel like we’re just back to putting cultures, races and religions in boxes and therefore, creating exclusion. It’s great that the bullshit is being called out, but there’s a way to do it without speaking for a whole community and attacking another one in the process. I’m 30, white and privileged but that doesn’t mean that I can’t be proud of people like Martin Luther King, Gandhi or any other symbolic figures that spoke for the rights of human beings. And no, I’m not saying right of black people, which is the case for Martin Luther King. I say human beings because that’s what we all are. I think it’s a monstrosity that not everyone was given equal chances and opportunities from the start of humanity. But by saying that all people of a race, religion or culture is the same is not helping. It only reinforces the stigmate that still exists. There’s extremist in every area of life and although knowing that doesn’t excuse anything, we can’t just ignore and negate the other portion of people, those who are trying to change things. Maybe I’ll get call an idiot for this answer, maybe it will be disregarded because I’m white and privileged. Or maybe it will be acknowledge. But my race, culture or religion is not a good reason to say that I can’t sympathize and want to change things for those who are ostracized.

  111. Snowqueen85 says:

    Their reasons for enslaving the Israelites WERE race-based. Are you being intentionally obtuse or do you seriously not know enough about history to see the connection? They were quite obviously viewed as a separate group of people. Otherwise the black Egyptians would not have looked at their multiplication with such disdain. They quite obviously had to be physically distinguishable from Egyptians, and if you look at Egyptian depictions of themselves and Israelites, there is an obvious difference in how their skin tones are depicted.

    So thank you for thinking you have the education and intelligence to claim something is false when you’re actually completely wrong. It was fun playing with you “Mod”. Now go back to school.

  112. Snowqueen85 says:

    My race literally does not matter. It is quite obvious that you are somehow trying to use it to discredit my argument, which is academically-based. I really don’t want to be humored by a supposedly anti-racist person who is actually imposing racism upon me.

    This is not an opinion piece or subjective. I’m sorry if you have a hard time dealing with that? The argument about Ancient Egypt is actually very relevant because it is the historical basis for the human condition of slavery. It is the original example. Not only well-documented but actually the very foundation for the Exodus story in the Bible. I’m not even religious, but I do see the Bible for what it is–the world’s first history book, and while filled with inaccuracies, themes discussed within it have been verified by Egyptian heiroglyphics, specifically the treatment of Israelites as slaves and socially inferior.

  113. TechZilla says:

    Let me come at this from a totally different angle,

    1. Why are both the “white people” and the “black people” one homogeneous social-economic entity? Meaning they are exclusively Bourgeois in your joke of a critique. You use the hardship, and raw brutality, of working class Americans to legitimize your “nations”. At the same time you obscure their very existence, by accepting the nations presented by Bourgeois interests.

    2. Why do you believe obscuring class conflict is in the interest of the working class African Americans you claim to be representing? Like all working class people, they are merely what legitimises your “nation” your “people”, you are using them for your own Bourgeois interests.

  114. Rich Garriques says:

    that is a magnificent lie. you can go to hell you bastard.

  115. Rich Garriques says:

    no thanks the one whites used to cover up everything they did in egypt i think not. Egyptology is fake.

  116. Rich Garriques says:

    she knows a lot more then you.

  117. Rich Garriques says:

    wow you couldnt be more wrong. where did you come from? you couldnt be from this earth. noone is that stupid.

  118. Rich Garriques says:

    oh so your only looking for people ignorant and racist like yourself. interesting isnt that a trait among whites?

  119. Snowqueen85 says:

    Wow, absolutely superb rebuttal! Clearly the escape rout taken by someone who is uneducated, ignorant, and inflammatory. Come back when you can address someone’s points in a mature manner. Tumblrina faux social justice warriors are the least of my concerns.

  120. Rich Garriques says:

    LMFAO wow you are a fucking idiot. you need to be shot dead.

  121. I bet you Jenn has no problem taking a dump on the American flag.

  122. Lets be honest, as long as people with your ideology exist, you will always be met with resistance by those like myself. Like it or not WE are the majority, it is not up to us to embrace a culture that blacks (Made Up), it is up to you to embrace ours. It is how a Democratic Society is ran. If you don’t like it, move to a socialist country. I am positive there are plenty of Fed Up Americans of all ethnicity’s willing to pool together and pay for a one way ticket to cry-baby race blaming marxists like yourself.

  123. Kate Vizzard says:

    The author is ever so wrong. When Andre 3000 and his gang dressed up as native Americans for the 2004 Grammy, they were widely accused of cultural appropriation. So was Pharrel when when we wore a head dress on the cover or Elle magazine. The author needs to wise up and stop being so prejudice. Millions is so called “whites ” have no privelage. Dolly parton grew up diet poor in a one bedroom Shack

  124. Lauren Poole says:

    Did you ever stop to think that MAYBE these people are trying to eradicate who these “stereotypes” belong to? Or is that just not an option? Why don’t you stop perpetuating racism by thinking certain styles and appearances belong to your race only? So a white woman is racist because she wears a grill? No I think YOU ARE RACIST because you have such an issue and delusion of white women making fun of black women by speaking like them or dressing like them. So fucking petty. How about none of it belongs to any race and we just eradicate stereotypes? No? You just want to perpetuate because it makes you feel special and gets you attention. Good job dumbass

  125. Mark 'Holes' McCourt says:

    This article is damaging to a degree, whilst I agree that the effect of racism when aimed at the people in power, is ineffective, it’s still prejudice, wich isn’t typically a positive behaviour. I think the appropriation this in most cases is ridiculous, the more human beings accept each other’s cultures and differences, the more people will take on traits of one another, whilst some of these may appear stereotypical, I do believe that without negative intent it can’t possibly be damaging.
    . The world would be a better place is everyone accepted each other’s cultures and history’s, whilst moving forward and looking forward instead of demonising all people based on the mistakes if there ancestors. The biggest issue in society today is classism and this effects all races! We should try and love instead of hate.

  126. Lilla says:

    I don’t wanna be inflammatory or discount your opinions, but I think the tone with which you make your points are themselves a bit discriminatory. For example, stating that white peoples’ “Normative choices are deemed ‘respectable’ [by themselves, presumably.] thus setting their lifestyle as the best way for everyone to live” and this negates their right to feel offended when they are inappropriately emulated is a pretty big blanket statement that wipes all individuality from white people in favour of perpetuating a stereotype which is all white people have superiority complexes and are unwilling to own up their racist mindsets. Sure, many white people have that narrow mindset. But not all of them. And I certainly don’t want to be included under that umbrella just because I’m white any more than you want to be stereotyped for your skin pigmentation.

    Certainly as a white woman I don’t know what its like to experience racism from the pov of a black woman. As me, I’ll never know what its like to live through your specific struggles. But I know what its like to be made to feel inferior and powerless to effect change. And I know what its like to struggle against stereotypes, and while that isn’t the same thing as what you might have gone through, we can both relate to the struggle of discrimination on some level or another.

    Anyways, without babbling for much longer, I think that dismantling racism as a word and quantifying what specific qualities and conditions need to exist in order for it to be “real racism” is an argument in semantics which is going to foster more animosity than equality. It’s not about “who has the right to feel discriminated against because of their race.” Its about, “Do I do things without meaning to that are super rude and racist? Oh, I didn’t realize. Maybe I should make an effort to be more understanding and respectful” And being willing to forgive people when they make both mistakes and genuine efforts to mend their ways. Thats not specific to any one race, thats just a human condition. If you want to end racism, or any kind of discrimination for that matter, teach people to see eye-to-eye. Don’t reinforce what separates us.

  127. Lilla says:

    You’ve got an article on this same site titled “The Fight For Black Lives Must Be Transnational.” which details police violence against blacks in brazil and the rising need for this to be an international concern. So to call somebodies response “unwarranted” based on your target audience seems contradictory.

    Did you create this blog because you wanted to see something get done about racism, or are you just pissed off and looking to vent about it free of repercussions? We’ve all got reasons to be angry, but at what point do we put aside our ego and choose to be the bigger person for the sake of bettering humanity?

  128. M_Young says:

    I reject your double standard.

  129. Brandon Morris says:

    Believers in things like this are just a victim to bad research. You’ve been trying to corner race/color into this debate for a long time now. But it has nothing to do with it. Its classism that is in effect not racism. Classism can sometimes tie in with stereotypes of a race, but never from racist claims. Unless the person is ACTUALLY a racist (see definition). Even African people from certains areas like Nigeria which is a Christian and British based country think that African Americans make “Dark skinned” people look bad. Does this mean that racism has turned on its head and we now have black on black racism? It doesn’t add up./

  130. StEwPiD_MoNkEy says:

    I found your article a little misleading and incorrect. If you look up common terms of racism, it does not mention hold power over another. As always there are multiple definitions of the word racism and your definition is not the main one, ever. Here’s why.

    In a society there exists multiple cultural norms. The mainstream and sub cultures. Everything within it’s context.

    In Black subculture ( and yes it exists, not only because of whites, but ppl tend to stay with their own), we have the power don’t we? We draw lines on who’s black enough, who can participate. When Dave Chappelle does his “white face” skits, it it not used to make fun of and demean another ehtnicity? Do things like that undermine and create sterotypes of ethnicities within the black community itself and that then become our outlook on how we deal with individuals.

    I mean even Stokely who coined the term institutional racism admitted that one cannot bring it down to the individual level. Go to Taft Florida and look at the little white kids running around poor with no shoes and tell me if they are afforded white privilege.

    There is also another social phenomena that flies in the face of many Black social theories. When we look are crime rates, sentencing, police harrassment etc, those living in poor white neighborhoods suffer approx the same exact percentages as those in poor black neighborhoods.

    Racism from blacks to whites indeed exists. No one can say with a straight face that oppression from whites still exists in some forms today. IMO, from what I’ve seen personally, whites are evolving socially to an even playing field while we, as blacks, are de-evolving socially into xenophobic race baiters. Unfortunately we have an older generation who have suffered immensely and has passed on their bitterness to the younger generation.

    You can say that most of what we see is a perceived sterotype and propaganda invented by conservative white christians, but our weakness as a culture is apparent in other arenas. Look at education.

    As a demographic, Blacks are in the lowest percentage of college graduates. Below 30 is a mess and our strongest demographic is black women as they attain degrees more than their male and younger counterparts.

    Instead of preaching education as a tool to gain power and rectify in inequalities of our society, once again MO, we teach anarchy and disrespect which undermines our American society as a whole. We sow distrust. Is it warrented? I’d say more so before than now ( there are details that I’m sure we could bring up and that alone would be a lengthy conversation).

  131. StEwPiD_MoNkEy says:

    Lol, the Egyptians never enslaved the Israelites. Lol. Sorry but that has been debunked. And no they were not the first known human enslavers. Arabs had been enslaving for awhile. Ask Ethiopia, Enteri and Sudan. Seeing how they are only separated by the Red Sea from the arab lands,

  132. StEwPiD_MoNkEy says:

    Please, besides the bible, show your resources that shows Egyptians enslaved Israelites.

  133. StEwPiD_MoNkEy says:

    But isn’t that what the author of this piece does? She gives only one definition of racism and acts like it’s the only true one.

  134. StEwPiD_MoNkEy says:

    You do realize Rose that every ethnicity and almost every culture has gone through that correct? Blacks are not the only ones. It’s a weak argument to use.

  135. StEwPiD_MoNkEy says:

    You haven’t traveled much out of the US have you?

  136. StEwPiD_MoNkEy says:

    Lol, I keep saying this. But then of course what do I know. I’m waiting for the “I’m not black enough to have an opinion” nonsense because I’m 1/2 hispanic and light skinned. I then point out that isn’t that the same thing we accuse whites of? separation via skin tone. They are usually quite after that.

  137. StEwPiD_MoNkEy says:

    With your misuse of the SoCal highschool pic, I don’t think you’re an empiricist who studies and researches.

  138. StEwPiD_MoNkEy says:

    What’s even funnier is that if you look up Kwame Ture (stokely) who coined the terms institutional racism, even he states that one cannot bring it to an individual level. Yet many blacks today do.

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Institutional_racism Sorry for the wiki link.

  139. StEwPiD_MoNkEy says:

    She’s correct. you need to research the difference between institution/structural racism and individual racism. Power and authority in the sense being mentioned in the at the structure level where whites reign over blacks. Individual racism is participated in by everyone.

    And in certain circles, a black person can have more social power in a given situation that a white of equal class status. That’s why its individual racism and doesn’t hold the same power definitions as structural racism.

  140. hanalei says:

    no, black people did not come from Egypt, but wasn’t the original post about who were the first people to make distinctions about race?
    And yes, Egyptians, thought they were a superior race. Superior to all others at that time.
    They had fertile land, cattle, money and power and so their view of themselves was of being superior to those without, the Israelites didn’t even have their own land
    They subjugated the Israelites and made them slaves.
    However, it is not necessary to enslave people to be racist.
    Racism by definition is a view of another group different from your group that promotes hatred of that group through actions or words.
    And yes, all peoples can be racist not just whites.

  141. hanalei says:

    Seriously??? Get a library card, go to the section that says Ancient History, open the book and read it. You will be surprised how much you can learn.
    And btw, the more educated you become, the more you will learn that man’s inhumanity to man is not a black/white issue only.
    Check out how prominent African slave traders were killing and selling their very own brothers and sisters. Look up Idi Amin, see what he did to his people. Check out how the Russian people enslaved the Slavic people, check out how the Japanese tried to become rulers of the world and were willing to give their lives in order to overtake and or kill anyone not Japanese. Germany in 1940.s were putting people in ovens, 8-10 million people died because of Hitler and his regime. Check out black slave owners in the U.S. prior to the Civil War.
    Check out Black on black crime. Not racism, what is it then? Just a disregard for human life.
    Black racism to each other, High yellow, passing for white.? what the hell is that about.

  142. Aiden Garrett says:

    If you got paid to write this I hope you’ve sonic been fired. You can’t be racist because you’re black… Racism doesn’t have shit to do with your race specifically if anyone of another race discriminates against someone from a different race that is in fact racism be it Mexican > black, white > Asian, white > black, or black > white. Need I list all variables I can being a certain race gives you no right to judge or treat any other race differently and I don’t know how many times I’ve seen people start shit get in trouble then claim the other was being racist when race was never mentioned. You should be ashamed to even have that thought process..

  143. Amber Halvorsen says:

    It seems that black folks think that just because reverse racism doesn’t exist that that’s a free pass to just trash talk white people and expect them to just tolerate it and still be understanding and sympathetic of black people. And that just doesn’t work. It further wedges the divide. Just because reverse racism “doesn’t exist” does not mean that discrimination against white people is not very real and should not be taken seriously. And seriously I UNDERSTAND why black people are defensive and sometimes even very angry! But that still does not excuse the continual lack of respect and bad mouthing. It’s not building bridges or making things better for black people. It only hurts their case and back peddles their cause to create a better future.

  144. Amber Halvorsen says:

    You sound pretty hateful… Just like… oh… the people that you hate. Wow. How does it feel to look in the mirror and see the monster you thought you were fighting against?

  145. Amber Halvorsen says:

    When does the bullied becomes the bully?

  146. Lisa says:

    I’m sick of black people trying to “blacksplain” to white people about what we can and cannot do. Yes black people can be racist. All racism requires is a belief that one race is superior to another. Go ahead and say its about power. It’s not like the people who disagree with you don’t “get this” or just haven’t heard of critical race theory before. It’s all we are taught in schools. You can’t be intellectually honest and claim that the individual actions of white people are racist when those very same actions by blacks are simply “prejudice.” Not only do whites have to deal with constant negative prejudice against them, they also deal with institutional racism- such as affirmative action. That’s the government using power to disadvantage whites. There is no equivalent for blacks. And yes white culture can be appropriated. It’s done all the time. POC stealing white culture, white holidays, white stories (fairytales), and force “multiculturalism” on only white countries. It is harmful to whites and its not done out of appreciation but out of hatred. So many POC engage in white cultural things all day long while at the same time going on and on about how much they hate white culture.

  147. SouthOhioGipper says:

    Minorities may not be racist, but they have a lot of racial prejudice and I WILL call out and shame that prejudice. It really cracks me up that black people make up such a tiny, miniscule slice of the US population yet believe they are entitled to political influence far larger than their numbers in a democracy allow.

    We are a democracy. Whites are the dominant ethnic majority. In democracies across the planet, special privileges accrue to the dominant ethnicity. The dominant ethnicity gets to decide what is “mainstream” and “acceptable”. That is how life is.

    I don’t care what color your skin is, there is a culture under that skin and I don’t particularly like it very much.

  148. What you just decribed is called the tyranny of the majority. Not democracy.

    Also, existing prejudice in minority communities is linked to historical racism and White Supremacy. So, it seems counterintuitive to blame Black people for it.

  149. This post is ignorant as hell.

  150. I own this space so no one has to pay me to write here. But, the real questions is: why are you here commenting on a post I wrote over a year ago? Like, priorities. Ya know?

  151. You said “Black on Black crime” which nullifies any valid point you could EVER make.

  152. Aiden Garrett says:

    It has little to do with priorities preparing a thesis statement on how racism in America actually works as a person of mixed race I find not just in my family but as a community black people are about sixty percent more likely to be thank white people and this data includes anonymous surveys of 88,000 people from all over the country that stupidity was a perfect snippet to proving the ignorance involved. Like with most of today’s current events it’s people using race as a crutch when in all likelihood no one cares but you what color your skin is unless we are talking Arians and the 2% of the population that gives a flying fuck anymore furgeson; literally over a million historical events where people of all different races have grabbed for a cops gun and then been shot. The idiot in Texas who was destroying property at the car dealership and then ran toward the officer again tons of people have died this way. The police are not hunting you they are not targeting you because of your race 99% of stops are because of something the driver has done to be stopped no blinker rolling through a stop sign rolling a blunt or smoking one while driving down the road etc.

    And in your response today you further proved your ignorance when calling out priorities which is unrelated to me commenting on this my priority is going to school getting an education and focusing on the movement for love and equality that exist not build up false hate and hype over something as small as skin color. My priorities include writing the paper and exposing the shit that actually goes on. When white people scream reverse racism I have to agree there is a whole lot of that shit most incidents are people using it to get off or stir up shit because they can. I wish anyone with this outlook or anyone who did this would simply die we don’t need it in the world today.

    When you wrote it doesn’t matter you wrote it it’s horribly ignorant and its online and it will live forever in the journals accessed by college students after its cited in my thesis.

    Happy holidays let’s think before we post from now on.

  153. SouthOhioGipper says:

    So what is the preferred African American solution? That black people and hispanic people form a voting bloc and then use democracy to force redistribution of wealth from the white “minority”? Do you REALLY think that will just happen peacefully? It is hillariously naive to think that forcing white people to drop colorblindness and start adopting a “white” political identity again, then asking them to vote against that political identities best interests.

  154. Lisa says:

    Yea. When someone doesn’t agree with you just call them “ignorant.” It really makes you look like the intellectually superior one. Good job.

  155. Cristalexi says:

    Ok that maybe true but the people most known for classifying people into colour groups RECENTLY and which is the reason for the problems today are white people. In fact, for a few hundred years Europeans (white) people spent masses of time and money trying to “prove” their scientific theories which is now referred to as scientific racism. Non-whites have not spent any time and/or money trying to “prove” they are superior. Here are links to show what these so-called “Scientists” did to try and “prove” their white supremacy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientific_racism
    The last article is about how this scientific racism is creeping back into ‘our’ (white people’s) thinking.
    From the other articles and the excellent way Jenn has explained it here, it is so clear how racism works but instead of learning from history and moving on white people want to keep on justifying it. Sure, I get why they want to do that but nobody is saying white people today are responsible for what happened in the past – everybody has skeletons in the closset. The only thing people can do today is accept the past for what it was and learn from it in order to make the world a better place for all of us to live in. Unfortunately, from my observations a lot of white people find it extremely difficult to move on – in psychological terms they are stuck and possibly in need of extreme therapeutic intervention in order to move on. All I seem to come across is the whiny juvenile behaviour of pointing finger and saying “but they did it first”.

    In effect, if white people can’t accept what happened in the past and move on then they will forever try and justify it by trying to find “scientific” answers which seems to be their fall-back answer to most things.

  156. Cristalexi says:

    Yes, but what does your comment have to do with the article written here. So we agree that ALL peoples all over the world of all colours have committed attrocities.
    As has been explained racism is structural, not individual. You speak about black on black crime but its common knowledge that people from the same community are more likely to commit crimes on each other. The statistics also show that the majority of white people commit crimes against other white people (so using your phrasing that would be white on white crime) because white people live mostly in the same communities, so what.
    This article isn’t discussing crime. Its explaining the definition of racism and race appropriation where white people use over-the-top stereotypes to dehumanise black people, stereotypes that white people themselves have allocated solely to black people when all these so-called black stereotypes are evident in all groups of people. For example, there are many white women who have children out of wedlock; just as many white people take drugs and are drug dealers, lots of white people are on wellfare.

  157. TasDama2 says:

    “because minority groups don’t have inter-generational privilege we can wield against whites (thereby limiting their possible wealth, educational, employment, and/or environmental outcomes), we really have no way of being racist against them.”

    Except that the definitions of “white” have changed dramatically over the years. If racism is something that has an inter-generational influence that has limited the acquisition of power by a minority group, the same rules must apply to the Irish and the Italians, who were not consider “white’ just a few generations ago, were subject to deep limitations on their power and economic influence. So current generations borne of these immigrants are considered “white” by today’s standards, but lack the historical privileged they are assumed to have.

    “White” does not exist. It is something continually redefined. There are rich people and there are poor people. And the rich – the truly rich – they are the ones with real inter-generational privilege.

    So no, you are wrong. You CAN be racist against the people you consider white. Just defining them as merely “white’ is racist enough. With that one word, you eliminate their culture and their family history and you paint people who may have never held the inter-generational power you suggest is at the heart of privilege, as part of the privileged.

  158. bobbyalpy says:

    Long before white men realized negroes were a good source of dumb,free labor,The moors of North Africa were taking slaves from Europe as often as they could.Racism is not exclusive to whites…we just got over it unlike the negro.Fact…the only places on earth where people still enslave each other is in the Middle East and Africa.

  159. Bob says:

    Black people can’t be racist, because white people were racist first!

    You’re a joke and you should be embarrassed

  160. Bob says:

    Yes, if only there were any black voices out there, but they are all marginalized. Are you kidding me? The president of the USA is black for one, as well as loads of influential well-publicized voices. You’re just a professional victim.

  161. Bob says:

    You’re just mad because you were called out on your blatant racism.

  162. Luke Connors says:

    “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”- Nietzsche. Well said. The “abyss” in this case, I imagine, is pure social ignorance. As a depressive, I too have been told certain things that I can and cannot do. I do them anyway, without complaint. I fail to see this article as little more than an informative viewpoint. It garners discussion and should be praised as such and no more.

  163. Luke Connors says:

    You are confusing “empiricism” with the outdated version coined by modern philosophers during the Enlightenment era. The gathering of empirical data strictly through the senses has been recognized by every notable academic the world over as outmoded. I say this as a student of philosophy. If you are going to make arguments based on bygone methods of inductive reasoning, please leave philosophy out of it. I’m tired of seeing people misinterpreting our methods. No studied contemporary philosopher worth his while would be OK with what you just said. I’m sorry for sounding cold, but such is logic. I enjoyed the article otherwise.

  164. Luke Connors says:

    Good points, minus the incredibly generalized view of AA’s in the premise.

  165. Luke Connors says:

    I was waiting for someone to bring up the Irish. Thank god you read your American history.

  166. thatguy says:

    Who is “they”. The definition posted above is straight out of the dictionary.

  167. thatguy says:

    I agree but I also don’t believe the term reverse racism is meant as racist against whites. I think it’s when institutionalized racism is counteracted with policies which now discriminate against the majority. The classic example would be affirmative action.

  168. janus999 says:

    That’s interesting, only thing is – those cultures were eventually accepted in the “White Race”, went gladly there and to this day act just as White as the people you say treated them so wrong. And wasn’t the coal mining period around the early 19th century – well after slavery? Were they MADE to take those jobs? These Irish people on plantations were bondsmen. They owed debts so they were forced to work it off. They were not just grabbed and taken into slavery like Black people – there is a distinct difference. They were also given positions OVER the slaves, that White man they show keeping the slaves in line, beating the hell out of them and hunting them down was the Irish you speak of, who was hired to abuse the slaves and “keep the fear in them”. You really have a twisted sense of the horrors and realities of slavery – I bet you didn’t do a lick of study about what happened to Black slaves – probably just watched Roots a couple times and now you think you can tell the people who’s ancestors WERE SLAVES better than they know? Oh, some Irish people died of Black lung so Black people need to just shut up about the millions of people who died during the slave trade! how pathetic and unstudied you are.

  169. janus999 says:

    Yeah but we are talking about who is going through it NOW.

  170. janus999 says:

    Actually it is straight out of the first line in the Wikipedia page. IOf one were to actually read further – in the definitions part of the same page, one would find a more comprehensive definition.


    The UN does not define “racism”; however, it does define “racial discrimination”: According to the United Nations International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination,

    the term “racial discrimination” shall mean any distinction, exclusion, restriction, or preference based on race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin that has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life.[22]

    This definition does not make any difference between discrimination based on ethnicity and race, in part because the distinction between the two remains debatable among anthropologists.[23] Similarly, in British law the phrase racial groupmeans “any group of people who are defined by reference to their race, colour, nationality (including citizenship) or ethnic or national origin”.[24]”

  171. Mark Gurley says:

    So what do you call some minority that says to kill all the white men and their babies on facebook
    I say racist
    You say making America more equal

  172. Mark Gurley says:

    And who are you to say that all white men are privileged. I grew up in a majority black town and neighborhood when I was a kid I heard that white people were the majority but I did not see it. I use to get made fun of so I tried to fit in cut grass and by shoes and close my parents couldn’t afford to fit in.
    What would you call that appropriation or simply trying to fit in and make friends.

  173. LEO says:

    This may be the dumbest article I ever read and I only made it half way through before bailing.

  174. Robert Jones says:

    What a raging hypocrite you are.

  175. Robert Jones says:

    Tu quoquo fallacy. Try again.

  176. Robert Jones says:

    This would be Nazi Germany… Try again.

  177. Erin says:

    I really get uncomfortable when people say tell “white people” to stop what they’re doing. Honestly, I recognize and in no way am belittling the much greater struggle for people of colour in regards to categorization and classification. I don’t want to sound like I am in anyway ungrateful for the privilege that I have been born with and wish wasn’t the case. I just don’t like when people throw me and other accepting white people and p.c white people into the category of “white people” when speaking of racism and religious/cultural phobias etc… Yes, I am white and am considered a white person, but in no way do I descriminate, appropriate, or slander any other race, religion, ethnicity, or culture. I appreciate you clarifying the terms I just don’t understand why with so much segregation that people are doing to themselves and others, we haven’t segregated the racist and offensive/ignorant white people from the non-racist or offensive/ignorant white people. So please when responding don’t belittle my problem because I’m white and cannot understand or experience racism or appropriation. Please do not respond with things such as “You’re white, you can’t complain.” “You’re white, you don’t understand.” Yes I am white, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have struggled as well. I may not have the same problems or nearly as many, speaking historically and today. I do recognize your problems and feel deeply for them, but I know I can’t understand them. I just feel like a large following has grown where all whites are considered racist and I really don’t think that’s the case, it’s labelling a race, which is the problem we’re trying to get rid of and solve, is it not?

  178. Shivakumar Selvaraj says:

    Everybody can be racist. Even black people. This whole ‘we are a victimized race and have no political power so we cant be racist’ is a load of crap and a convenient excuse to justify being hateful.
    Idi Amin in Uganda booted out the Indian community because he felt they were dominating the economy and were arrogant towards Africans. Regardless of how true this was, chasing an entire group of people out of a land, stealing all their wealth and turning them into refugees who had to beg other nations to accept them, showed me clearly what black people are capable of when they had the political power in their hands.
    Robert Mugabe had many white farmers murdered. People who had nothing to do with colonizing Zimbabwe. But their race condemned them to an ugly fate because their ancestors stole the land from blacks. But Mugabe i am told also waged wars on other tribes. I knew a member of the Ndebele tribe who told me that Mugabe tried to wipe his people out decades ago.
    Black Americans can be the worst kind of hypocrites. They dont like it when white people visit Africa and wear African tribal clothes. But then i have seen Black Americans practising yoga and then passing it off as ‘African culture’. Not to mention afrocentric scholars telling people that every civilisation on earth was created by Africans. And even teaching people that black skin and afro hair is a sign of ‘racial superiority’. The term ‘9 ether DNA’ is something i have seen many Afrocentrics throw around. Some kind of genetic makeup that makes the African superior to all others on the planet? How is this any different from what the Nazis taught, but in reverse?

  179. Akoben education says:

    Thank you for this article.Why God why is it that every time a Black person calls out racism/ white supremacy, the people come all out reciting and citing bull about how Black people did it too, and Egypt da, da, da!!! First, this is a website for Black people. Why are you here spewing your false info, hate and rhetoric? Yal are never satisfied. NEVER!!!! you steal our everything, justify it, then get offended when we speak up. Why don’t you Caucasians go to storm front to talk about us in peace? Why do you get on Black sites? Why are you people so obsessed with keeping the lie of white purity and guilt going? Why is it ok for your people’s women to take the worst stereotypes about us, that were systematically created by elite Caucasians to keep us as a permanent underclass ( btw) , then act like you never knew it was a “black thing” to sport cornrows, fake nails, etc? You have no culture of your own (white America) outside of usurping people of their cultures, ideas, land, labor, people, etc, to make you feel better about being pale and recessive. Uugh. Disgusting.

  180. BrS says:

    Wow, what a load of unmitigated claptrap.

  181. TrulyBlack says:

    Black ppl can fucking culturally appropriate!

    I don’t mean get relaxers for their hair or get weave ons, I mean fucking naming their kids whatever the fuck they want and saying ‘it means messiah!’ or ‘it means god’s maid!’. You may disagree, but look at some of the names you give to your children, seriously. Look up ‘Airwrecka McBride’ and tell me you don’t appropriate. bITCH PlZ. You take the European Alphabet and use it in a positive way, but you don’t do anything to support that culture when it’s being oppressed by the IS. U telling me this isn’t damn appropriation? then u mad. Also, all dem ghetto names those two awesome dudes put out on the interent have inspired more cultural appropriation within societies. Also, the idea that reverse racism is an actual thing makes me think ‘ u a dum ass motherfucker’ – It’s the REVERSE part which makes me face-palm myself. U think white ppl started racism? hell no. Way before whites oppressed blacks, arabs oppressed blacks and dey deniyed erething. To be racist, you need prejudice and power, apparently. A) …+… = … is a formula, get it thru ur hedz B) This does apply to black people – say two black men approach me in the street, call me racist names, then beat me up because I’m white. They had the prejudice and the power, so they’re racist. My fellow black people, to those of you who think ‘I’m not racist. I was enslaved, technically’ u can be racist. B4 people wake up and realise wtf is wrong with how education is delivered to schools about racism, realise that in order for racism to exist, it has to be able to apply to everyone when they do racist acts.

    Bye u sad motherfuckers

  182. TrulyBlack says:

    U sound very intelligent but u nee to research your ‘facts’ before preaching lies upon people honey…

  183. Lacie says:

    You say black people can’t be racist, well my husband and I are the only white people that work for a specific cleaning company. We go to clean a paper mill everyday and are forced to walk to all of the buildings we clean no matter if the sun is shining or rain,snow,sleet or hail while all of our black coworkers get to drive to their buildings. Mind you we have the farthest to go.On top of that when the issue is brought to our black managers attention his response is , deal with it or quit. I don’t how else to look at this situation.

  184. EbenzerBad says:

    Wow, you are such a fucking idiot.

  185. Rich Garriques says:

    dont tell lies about our ancestors!

  186. Rich Garriques says:

    that is origin that had nothing to do with color you idiot

  187. Rich Garriques says:

    you are mentally unstable for thinking slavery from white people and slavery in egypt were the same. btw no israelites existed during that time stop listening to the bible it is a lie written from the white man!

  188. Gc says:

    That’s just the typical deflection attempt. Of course if europeans do/did it then everyone else must be guilty of too.

  189. Gc says:

    You do realize that there were people and civilizations long before Egypt or do you just read that euro centric version of history?

  190. Gc says:

    Well who’s fault is that now? The very ideas about race and color that Europeans created and used to keep black and brown subordinate.

    Now those same ideas have come back on you.

  191. Gc says:

    It’s no different than what was done in the Americas, Africa, or Tasmainia and Austrailia.

  192. Gc says:

    Bigotry and racism are two different things. Black people didn’t rewrite european history, didn’t build their wealth off the back of Europe, they didn’t put out hundreds of years of propaganda telling europeans that their natural hair is ugly, their skin is ugly and create an ideology which based on no evidence said they were superior to Europeans.

    No one forced Europeans at the point of a gun to assimilate.

  193. Gc says:

    White people created these very ideas we have about race and color, those came out of Europe.

    Everywhere they’ve gone they’ve brought these ideas about race and color with them whether it’s in Africa, Asia, Europe or the Americas. These are their ideas they’ve forced on the world and now want to complain when it comes back on them.

    Then when they’re called on it claim well everyone does it.

    There’s a difference between rascism and bigotry.

  194. Filipe says:

    It doesn’t matter who invented rape, murder or robbery, if you do it, you are as bad as the first.

  195. Filipe says:

    Plus, you have a significantly successful blog, and you should make aware that NO ONE is white or black. Some get close to it, in pictures specially, but everyone is a variation of the original brown. The ones that went more to the north got more discolored because of the more dark and cold temperatures, but thats it. No one is as white as the background of this page or as black as those ugly pubes you call a hair. Lol

  196. Snowqueen85 says:

    The Bible wasn’t written by white men you jackass.

  197. William Hellmann says:

    I’m sorry but you are a total bigoted racist Madame. This is the Websters Dictionary’s entry on racism:
    noun rac·ism ˈrā-ˌsi-zəm
    : poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race
    : the belief that some races of people are better than others

    This is the definition of racism that 90% of the world population and all LEGITIMATE scholars accept. There is nothing in there about power or privilege or any of your terms you make up to excuse yourself from responsibility for your ignorant behavior. IE Madame you are an racist by its very definition. There is no worming your way out of that. And since we are talking Privilege, let’s talk about the fact that you probably went to college on a kushy scholarship because of the color of your skin and your political ideology. I however despite having a 4.0 grade point average never was offered a scholarship even though my family is in one of the lowest income working brackets. I worked hard to put myself through a year and a half of college studying pre-law before I had to drop out because I lost my job when the economy crashed. I do not blame other people for that and fling my race around to play victim though, maybe because I’m not a racist like yourself and I must add people like you are the most idiotic louses in academia as well since all you ultra liberal morons not being intelligent enough to pursue formal studies that enable you to take on a productive job like an lawyer who can defend his clients from an injust justice system or an artist who creates beauty, you create a false course of study and make up terms to try and make yourself sound smart but in reality it’s a pathetic attempt to cover your stupidity and ignorance. People like you and Melissa Click are what holds society back, you are the Ku Klux Klan of our generation. Why don’t you reflect on that, but knowing your type you’ll dismiss it and make a racist comment associating me to being a school shooter because I’m a white man since you have no real argument.

  198. jakedanger says:

    By mangling language (redefining the word “racism” to your own liking, for example) you are trying to create a double standard that holds white people to higher standard of morality than black people. THAT is racist — against black people.

  199. Admiral Harad says:

    Quoting a Genocidal, anti human organization, does not help the cause of Freeing humanity.

  200. Gatsworth says:

    How can you talk about ‘White People’ like they’re some kind of monolithic entity and not realise that you’re a massive racist?

  201. Nailli Gee says:

    What a steaming pile of bigoted nonsense.

  202. herp derperson says:

    This is damned stupid. Well written, but ignorant.

  203. herp derperson says:

    This entire post condensed is “it’s ok to do something, unless you’re white, then everything you do is racist and wrong, but if you’re not white you are perfect in every single way,can do no wrong and suffer horribly at the hands of your oppressors, ie, every white person ever”

  204. Joseph Ahner says:

    This entire article is idiotic because people are not groups we are individuals color does not bind you to a culture. There are dozens of different cultures that are practiced by white people, dozens of distinct cultures among black Africans, dozens of Middle Eastern cultures, And dozens of different Asian cultures. This simple fact is ignored by those who talk about cultural appropriation as though its a problem as they lump all Germans, Spaniards, British Islanders, French, Poles, Nords, Italians, Slavs, and Greeks (forgive me if i missed your “white culture” here) together as though we even think of ourselves as “White” to begin with. Stop Bringing Color into Culture.

  205. D Jackson says:

    Funny. It’s months later and I’m just now seeing this. Nice try claiming that the Egyptians (named by country of origin) and the Israelites (not a race) are a great example of historical racism. This is what is so laughable about so many white people. They don’t even understand what constitutes race. In the eyes of so many whites, it is white or “other”.

    Second, your argument is full of your own personal assumptions. “Of course they were treated that way just because they were different.” I need you to do a better job at synthesizing thought and comprehending the differences between fact and opinion.

    And to close, my initial point still stands. You try to link slavery and racism as if they are one in the same. That is patently false. If it were true, there would be no explanation for someone enslaving a person of their own race.

  206. Robert Duckworth says:

    A mind is a terrible thing to waste

  207. Robert Duckworth says:

    Did this so-called author actually say do away with white people sounds like a threat

  208. Brendan Reilly says:

    It’s really not great work though. The logic and attitude is seriously regressive and far from the solution to the race based problems being faced in America today. People need to remember that times have changed and while institutionalized racism is still prevalent, but there is a whole new generation of people who are truly are post-“racism”. The the vast majority of youth in this country, from all races, are divorced from these racist attitudes that older generations held. What happens with articles like these is it patronizes an entire group of people who honestly in their heart of hearts are good people and feel guilty for and bound to something that they didn’t wish existed either. These articles are extremely polarizing that only drive to make people extremely bitter and annoyed about being forced into a box that they didn’t even agree with in the first place. The road to progress does not start with ideas like these. Sometimes you really have to trust that people get offended by these articles for the right reasons.

  209. doctor_robot says:

    black can’t be racist… just ask a korean shop owner in LA. oh, ya… that’s not racism, it’s bigotry/prejudice. or is it?

  210. Angel Rivera says:

    I am so tired of this argument.

    My momma is black, my dad is PR.

    So what is your argument here? That black people can discriminate against white people, but that it doesn’t matter and isn’t racist because they don’t hold the same structural power? Yes, white people tend to come from a more privileged life in general.

    But you know what, I really hate articles like this trying to speak for all black people. And if you dare to disagree, it’s only a matter of time before you’re called an “Uncle Tom”.

    So let me make this clear: If you discriminate against someone based on their SKIN TONE, their SEX, their RACE, or ANY factor they could not control… you’re an asshole. Seriously, this argument boils down to a matter of scale. The US government is capable of launching nuclear weapons and obliterating millions at a time. This does not make MURDER in the streets any less evil.

    Yes, in general when white people actively attempt to pull racist shit they can do more damage. That does NOT mean that your actions are not JUST as discriminatory on a smaller scale. Don’t try to downplay the painful nature of discrimination.

    I was discriminated against when I was a child, not by white people, but by my OWN people, BLACK people. Why? Because I’m only HALF black. I got my ass kicked in CHURCH of all places, I got dirty glances and threats before I even knew what racism was. So maybe white people of days past were responsible for me living near the projects, and maybe they were responsible for making it difficult for us to eat from time to time. But… they are dead, so I no longer care about them.

    But no white person of my day and age ever punched me in the face. Not one white kid called me a nigga, or a half-breed. THOSE were my own people, and it irks the HELL out of me when I see a black person say they can’t be racist. Tell 8-year-old me that shit when I cowered in a bathroom stall knowing 4 boys were waiting outside the doors for me. Tell me that when I cried at night covered in bruises on my torso, too scared to tell my mother what was happening. Tell 11-year-old me that when I was kneed over and over in the gut on a dirty stairwell, or when I got STABBED in the stomach. When I got EXPELLED from school because I fought back, but the kid was related to the principal and walked away without even a suspension.

    Go ahead, just wave that off as discrimination. Because discrimination and prejudice have become much MUCH nicer words than “racist” huh?

    Discrimination is discrimination. Don’t act like it’s any better coming from one group because their skin is darker than another. Racism in the black community is REAL, and I experienced it firsthand. Any group can wield the sword of racism, some groups just have a longer reach with it.

  211. Aarron Dixon says:

    What a disgusting and pathetic attempt to excuse your racism. “Even though it seems like I’m a giant racist, it turns out I’m not, because my race can’t be racist!”

    I don’t know if I’m more offended by your bigotry or your lack of intelligence.

  212. Raphael Argus says:

    You’re writing this on a blog, on the internet, on a computer. All of these are things invented, developed, produced entirely by the creativity and ingenuity of white people. That’s cultural appropriation of white people. Get off the computer.

  213. Cindy Hill Kulesza says:

    Even though you wrote it a year ago, don’t you feel it is still relavent? Some people have just read it for the first time.

    When should a discussion about racism, bigotry, & hatred like not be a priority?

  214. LibertyforAll says:

    And those people are called democrats

  215. LibertyforAll says:

    Nailed it

  216. Eugena Lieu says:

    French Canadians shouldn’t follow the customs of traditionally eating Chinese food. They fought in The Civil War with Native Americans on their side. They shouldn’t have rejected Native American customs ever since they had accepted Native Americans. In fact, they even rejected Hua-Yi Distinction as a reactionary group. Until this day, they should have nothing to do with Chinese.

  217. Joe says:

    Does cultural appropriation work both ways in the sense that black artists can portray the black community in the same damaging stereotypical way that Miley Cyrus or other white artists have?

  218. Nathan king says:

    Racist, black supremacy drivel. Mentalities like this will keep racism alive for centuries. Well done. The editor ought to be shot for letting this out.

  219. Sandra Miljkovic says:

    Could you expand a little more on the rationale behind the statement that only whites can be racist and, similarly, how racial power and not racial prejudice, is the cornerstone to qualifying for racism? Throughout history, land has been appropriated by might, not by color or creed; be it in Africa, Asia, Europe or the America’s. In Africa, throughout history and still today, numerous people groups suffer severe oppression from people groups of similar ‘color’. Again, a case of ‘might’ based on ‘prejudice’ not ‘color’. Similarly this story plays out between people groups throughout recorded time; Shaka Zulu, the Ottoman Empire, the rise of Arian philosophy and most recently Islam and the belief in American exceptionalism. So, in light of this, I find it rather ‘blinkered’ to look at the colonial European empire as the sole source of fodder for this age old human characteristic; albeit that it is the most modern and popular example of the rule of ‘might’. To me, attempting to distil the topic of fractured humanity and the survival of the people groups down to mere color is in error and completely missteps the more complex. or even basic, fact that whoever wields the greatest rock/stick/sword/technology wins. Sad but true. Look at the American-led crusade agains the Russians, for example. Both caucasian-dominated people groups. The only reason America is yet to intimidate Russia enough is because Russia, too, has a big stick. Our war is primal and base and spiritual and we will lose the fight before it starts if we begin fracturing further into separatism based on distinguishing identifiers that have no basis in the true source of the problem of humanity.

  220. jackmac says:

    Odd, this white boy was always taught by his nonwhite friends (everyone in fact) that being racist is an ATTITUDE (not a power). EVERYONE can have an attitude…not — just— white — boys. (or folk).

  221. Trans-Pacific Clipper says:

    This article is complete nonsense. Black people have appropriated many aspects of white culture. Luxury brands like Gucci, Polo and Mercedes come to mind immediately. Wearing those things/driving those things was exclusively part of white culture for a long time until black people “appropriated” them. You know what? That’s totally fine! Look, there is nothing wrong with any culture or race appropriating aspects of other cultures or races. Let’s be clear on that. Not only is there nothing wrong with it, I could even argue that it is laudatory. Why try to stoke divisions between people? We can all find good things about other people that we want to adopt or experience ourselves. Why is that bad?

  222. vcpitts2 says:

    So now being anything other than white is okay because only white people appropriate? Let’s see, if you boil that down to near solid, it would still be diarrhea. I am Heinz, look white except for my kinky hair (sub-Saharan Africa), my hook nose (American Indian), but I am looked down on for blaring my hip hop in my SUV because suddenly I am “appropriating”. Is that right? Haven’t people appropriated clothing since they weren’t born in Louis Vuitton or McQueen, or African tunics? There are drum beats in Africa or Philippines or Hawaii that sound exactly alike, so which one is appropriating? Which one gives a SH*T? Give everyone a break and just shut up. So what the F do I care if someone else thinks I’m appropriating a ‘fro because I was born with one but have white skin? This has risen to the level of flush – the – toilet. Enough.

  223. vcpitts2 says:

    You are clearly a racist. Don’t like being told that, don’t act like one. It’s just that simple, sister. Oh, am I overstepping my bounds because I’m not totally black. OH well.

  224. vcpitts2 says:

    Why not? Where is your argument?

  225. vcpitts2 says:

    What is the correct color to be okay? Black people judge EACH OTHER on the color of their skin. I have white skin and nappy hair. Does the color of my skin make me an appropriator? This argument failed from the beginning. If you want to say anyone with white skin should be killed, just say it. This BS “appropriating” argument doesn’t fly.

  226. vcpitts2 says:

    “I know you are but what am I” = stupid retort. Try harder.

  227. vcpitts2 says:

    Thank you. Voice of reason.

  228. vcpitts2 says:

    Appropriation has been going on since the beginning. Patterns of clothing are copied, some of the same words appear throughout several languages, hair styles (according to type), mannerisms, etc. To infer that only one skin color does is an apt example of hypothesis contrary to fact as well as overbroad generalization. If people want to pigeon-hole people by their skin, they in turn are pigeon-holing themselves as racists. Check that.

  229. vcpitts2 says:


  230. vcpitts2 says:

    You should reel it in a little bit. My skin is white, so do I put down white? My background is sub-Saharan African, Western European, American Indian. Should I put “other”? Should I put American Indian so I can get better benefits? Not everything is black and white and nobody, not even Obama, is only one thing. My cousin has the same hair I do, but is as dark as Seal. We share DNA, but he marks “black.” Should I mark “black” even though my skin is white? My point – not everything is this way or that way only. My cousin listens to rap and I listen to hip hop. Am I appropriating my music? Everybody needs to put their petty differences aside, especially if they are only marking one box when it comes to race.

  231. vcpitts2 says:

    Why do you ask a question like that in an effort to shame someone and not state what you are? Shady. And you don’t want to share YOUR opinion on Egypt and slavery? Oh, forgive me, you don’t need to, right? Whatever.

  232. vcpitts2 says:

    Pointless. Who cares if slaveries were the same? Does anybody alive today now anybody that was a slave? Why don’t people move on? Because they don’t have a life and want to blame somebody for their piles. Move on.

  233. vcpitts2 says:


  234. vcpitts2 says:

    You are a hater, plain and simple. You must’ve been treated badly by someone and now you’re taking it all out on ALL white people. And even if you suspect they may be white. Do you hate white dogs, too. They appropriated their barks from the black, brown and yellow dogs, huh? And don’t taste as good, right. You need to take a good look at yourself and figure out why you hate people so much. Maybe I can say that because I’m only part white, but the good part is writing this now.

  235. vcpitts2 says:


  236. Kevin O. says:

    I’m Jamaican/Dominican born and raised AND still living in a poor urban neighborhood in the Bronx (until I get my degree) and I am more afraid of interaction with my own color of people than ever before. With all this talk of equality we have become more unequal than I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. Though our rights and opportunity for success have with time become more equal, the border that divides people of races are more bold and solid than ever before. And it’s YOUR fault.

    You people make all these rules for being white, all these rules for being black…and now its making its way into other cultures; hispanic and otherwise. I hate it. I don’t want to have to be in your group to succeed socially or any other group to be anywhere else. I don’t want deindividuate myself and follow rules so you can accept me. I’m sorry because I know how passionate you are about this topic, but STFU. I’ve been in the heart of Afro-American “strife” as much as you have. I’ve lived here, been a victim of black-on-black crime, even arrested once on charges that I didn’t commit (I was freed without penalty) and not once have I ever felt like I was truly oppressed. Maybe that is because I have a father born in those tough times and I don’t want to diminish what he’s been through with my weak incomparable cries of “oppression”.

    These days I gotta feel like I gotta stand to order to be with the rest of ya. Your good work is to perpetuate all possible racist stereotypes and differences by pushing whites as far away from our “culture” as possible, keeping them out of the discussion, and lastly by making some of us blacks feel as if we aren’t with you if we don’t wear the clothes, stand for the same causes, or in general act the same. I gotta deal with sh** from my black race when I ever choose to let latino or white “cultures” seep in for example. And then I’m told to be upset when white people happen to notice those stereotypes and differences we’ve crafted and forced on ourselves?
    The proof is this: when we cry things like “cultural appropriation”…
    “Miley Cyrus is twerking”?? CULTURAL APPROPRIATION. If a white man says “only black women twerk”? RACIST
    Justin Timberlake/Beiber sings R+B or mingle with blacks/hiphop? CULTURAL APPROPRIATION If they actively choose to avoid us? RACISM

    WE are getting petty, confused about our own causes and trying hard to claim oppression in a world that could have been changing fast for equality. Now the inequality is more glaring than ever before. Thank you.

  237. Kevin O. says:

    Might sound extreme, but I call for the dissolution of all culture so that true equality could exist.

  238. Summertime says:

    Whites ended slavery.

  239. Summertime says:

    How often do you hear “you don’t know what it is to be a black man”? Well how do these young brats know what it is to be a white man?

  240. Summertime says:

    Rose, I hope you are not driving a car. That would be appropriation by your standards.

  241. preid says:

    Ok, so I get why there isn’t reverse racism because I understand the definition of racism. Cultural appropriation by definition is “use of elements of one culture by members of a different culture without invitation or permission of use.” It doesn’t say anything about whether the elements are positive or how they are used. People of all races can be prejudiced against other races. Ahem.

  242. preid says:

    And why is this important? What IS important is treating the people around you with respect. All people. Try not to offend others. Try to see where they are coming from.

  243. Reality Check says:

    The entire concept of cultural appropriation, especially in the one way only as described, is a joke and just moronic. Dread locks are not black in origin. Neither is dancing, singing or pretty much anything else. It is just another way black people try to empower themselves by race baiting.

  244. Reality Check says:

    Ha. You actually think that?

  245. Reality Check says:

    She basically called her a liar.

  246. Reality Check says:

    What a joke. White people have accepted the bad things of the past and can’t move on because of idiotic concept such as your statement that white people are the problem. I have no guilt regarding what scientists did in the past or who owned slaves. If you want to help, perhaps getting the word out to the black community that when anything “bad” happens, like getting g pulled over for speeding or arrested for a crime they have committed, their first response should be personal responsibility and not playing the race card.

  247. Mandi says:

    When you make generalized comments about an entire population of people based on skin color alone, that sounds racist to me. I don’t care what race is being talked about. And therefore further segergating people based on their differences. The amount of “justified” hatred I am hearing and reading on a daily basis makes me sick. I feel very sorry for our children who start out in life very innocent and accepting of all people, but become poisoned by hate speech and inherit the chips on our shoulders. If you truly feel like you are being brought down by a specific culture or race, why not use your platform to spread tolerance and acceptance of others? Show the best of yourself. Rather than spreading more hate and division. It’s like a cancer. It’s where the devil lives. I feel like you don’t know me. I have never done anything to you. Why do you have the right to degrade me and make general assumptions and accusations about me based on my skin color? Because when you say things about “white people” I am in that category. I am sick and tired everytime I turn around hearing people just like you sitting on your high horse pointing your finger of blame and degrading people that are not like you. I have no want or need to speak negatively of you, or your race, or your culture. Or of anyone’s differences For that matter. I look at and judge people based on their character and who they prove themselves to be as people. If this is the goal. True equality and no judgement, then you will never achieve it with hate speech. I don’t care what culture or race it is directed towards. Or how justified you feel. Hate is hate. Period. It comes from a bad place and will lead to negative results. Everytime. If you ask me you are starting to immulate the very thing you are speaking against. And the more diverse the United States population becomes, the smaller your leg becomes that you are standing on. Because right now, their is not much distance between the amount of “whites” in america vs other populations.

  248. Mandi says:

    Well said

  249. Mandi says:

    Wow. I’m so sorry to hear you had to experience that at such a young age. I wish people would start talking about relevant things and coming together to make sure no child has to suffer for their differences.

  250. Mandi says:

    Thank you

  251. Ryan Johannensen says:

    I read articles like this and remember that no one on either side of this issue is ready for a solution.

  252. Dee says:

    Then why you commenting you say your not guilty and by the way there’s no such thing as a race card

  253. Reality Check says:

    Yes, there is such a thing as a race card.
    There is also such a thing as reading comprehension.

  254. Laci Christine Rossett says:

    Last time I checked the majority of white people DONT have power, and would you tell a white family that lives in a trailer park living from paycheck to paycheck that they have “privilege”, or the white guy living on the streets in a downtown city that he has “privilege”? Please stop using the sociological dictionary definition just so you can chuck responsibility of being racist. By saying that only white people can be racist is well……..in fact racist! Just so you know if you use that definition in other cultures where whites are the minority would the white person still be susceptible of racism? See that’s where the sociological definition falls apart because you only want it to apply to American white people (not North African black people, or Japanese people, or Hispanic Mexicans)

  255. Elizabeth Smith says:

    A lot more “then” you? The whole country is illiterate.

  256. Elizabeth Smith says:

    A purveyor of profound pretentions

  257. Rambow says:

    The academic left are desperately holding on to the vestiges of our racist past. Without racism, people like this author would have to get a real job. Who knows, maybe even learn a skill (gasp). White people are always told they can’t possibly understand minority cultures or experiences. Meanwhile every minority gets to provide their definition of what it is to be white.

    It is the double standard above all others. You can denigrate whites, but whites can’t return the favor. You can appropriate white culture, but whites can’t appropriate yours. Meanwhile 1 black youth is killed per day in Chicago by another black youth, and you think whites wearing a grill is the problem?

  258. Wintereis says:

    There is a level of stupid operating here that makes me ashamed to be a human.

  259. The CyberCon says:

    Racism is defined by Merriam-Webster’s dictionary as follows-


    1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

    2 : racial prejudice or discrimination

    By definition, this opinion that you have so snidely crafted, “You” are a racist and your doctrine is infected with the most self regressing dissent.

    You start off projecting your own personal prejudices onto ‘whites’ while assuring yourself that however you feel about racism is justified and unquestionable as you have a sort of intellectual asylum awarded to you on the grounds that you are in the minority party of this nationwide conspiracy that oppresses you.
    You offer the concept of ‘cultural appropriation’ which cites Katy Perry’s music video which in your mind defiles a (as you say) black individuals’ ‘humanity’. This thinking absolutely disregards contextual substance as it ignores the nuances of pop culture which “no rational person” uses to make base assumptions on a particular race’s culture save perhaps the artist’s themselves or the teeny boppers that imitate it.

    Continuing on you cite various other ‘white’ artists who you vilify as more perpetrators of the same, but in all actuality what it looks like to myself and many others is simply someone engaging in the free market of which is not prejudicial but based on competing businesses or providers that offer a good(s) or service(s) that you are more than welcome to ignore, protest, or even boycott as that is your right. At this point I will enlighten you on this particular portion of the subject: when an artist’s work is so profoundly (or ridiculously*thanks Internet) appreciated that it transcends one’s culture to be beloved by a sort of non-denominational audience, this not only validates the artist it further proceeds toward the willingness to deconstruct cultural prejudicial barriers through that validation which would then lead to a better understanding of our community and focus more so on our similarities than our differences.

    Overall what you would term ‘cultural appropriation’ effectively generates specifically 2 problems: a. Although different races exist on the same soil there is a system that distinctly allows for the one to do, say, and choose to participate with the others cultural identity but the reverse doesn’t apply as it is considered (by you) not only a symbol of disrespect, but “DANGEROUS” b. What we now see unfold from ‘your’ own logic is the enabling of the very idea that you purport to abhor, which is racism.

    The Photo: It’s called irony. Perhaps it is offensive to some, but as a former high-schooler I can admit to having done offensive things without consideration to the feelings of others and if you believe that you are not guilty of the same sort of foolishness at any point in your life than you are lying to yourself.

    At this point I believe all that is left to be said is this: The death of an innocent life is the most tragic of events and my heart mourns for those that are victims to it. In America we have rights, and an officiator of law who would deprive any American to their right to life unjustly without due process of law has broken their oath to protect the principles of the constitution and should be tried punished for their crime without discrimination. This is becoming a more common problem but it has to do with the perverted interpretation of law that has altogether become an allegorical farce. The definition of words should not be distorted from their original context for that precedent cannot erode the principle of law.

  260. patrick tobin says:

    All races can be racist. Power is a prerequisite only concerning institutionalized racism. If you believe your race, or another’s race, is either inferior or superior to another.. you are racist. If you are going to pose as an educator on the topic of race, educate yourself first.

  261. Daniel Dunkley says:

    This ignorant person proved she is a racist within her first paragraph, didn’t even need to read past that to confirm it any further… If you can’t see the irony and hypocrisy in the what is starting to be a golden cop-out for people that can’t actually have an intelligent conversation and pay attention to facts and think that saying “I can’t be racist because I’m not white” is a valid fall back on safe statement then anyone that actually believes that isn’t even worth debating or trying to prove otherwise. First of all, saying anyone can’t be this or that or that they are this or that based on their ethnicity is in turn RACIST. Also caucasians didn’t “invent” racism either which is another ignorant uninformed cop-out as well. There are racist people in every ethnicity if you refuse to believe that then you or anyone is just stubbornly set on being an ignorant fool that refuses to see or believe the truth. There’s been racism in the world long before there was a caucasians settled in NA. Do some research, the facts are extremely easy to find. But I guess that’d require actually being willing to be wrong and learn something and get educated on something that is really important and matters to alot of people. When it’s far easier to say “Oh I can’t be racist because I’m not “insert ethnicity here”. That’s the most ignorant shit ever.

    What I truly find amusing is, here the current King of Africa comes to America and apologizes for the slave trading his ancestors took part in then you have people so set on being right and not accepting the truth that they have the nerve to accuse the King of Africa a liar and saying he was paid by whites to come and say all of what he said. I mean seriously there’s no limits to the level of ignorance some people have…

    I’m sure I’ll get some feedback like “oh well you’re white you’re a racist, I can’t be racist because blah blah blah”. Which I totally expect, either way I made my valid point, and another point is you can’t have a logical or rational conversation with someone set on being ignorant and believing only what they want to. I wouldn’t even put it past some or many to even try and twist my own words around against me. I might humor it some if be, I guess we’ll see.

  262. Daniel Dunkley says:

    Incase anyone gets lost in all of that and focus on only one word or thing.

    There are racist in every ethnicity, granted there might be more or less in some ethnicities than others but they’re still there regardless, to deny it and single out one ethnicity in itself is infact a racist notion and only further adds separation and lack of admittance and understanding. It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, yellow, or whatever pigment shade. To single one ethnicity out negatively is racist and isn’t right regardless of what ethnicity you are. People need to look past ethnicity and take people for what they say and how they act which holds alot more weight in most cases. Because some people’s words or warped views of the world or of other people around them says alot more about themselves than whatever ethnicity they might be affiliated with for better or worse.

  263. vlad the impaler says:

    this stupid nigger is trying to say blacks and minorities cant be racist?how convenient,too bad you are dillusional or lying through your teeth you dumb bitch.she is a racist and a hypocrite as well as an asshole.you horse faced jigaboo go jump off a bridge.

  264. vlad the impaler says:

    you can tell us what you want but we aren’t hearing it.years of whining have made us ear blind to your complaining.racism is human nature,youre not going to use it to get free advantages ,cause that’s the ultimate goal,its not about morality its about collecting thhe goods.and counting the loot.

  265. vlad the impaler says:

    shes a racist ,you cant tell her anything,she hates white people,because are ancestors whooped her ancestors

  266. vlad the impaler says:

    Egyptians were basically the same as they are today,and they achieved keeping their bloodlines egyptian because they didn’t believe in diversity,like everyone keeps telling white people we need today, when we most certainly do not.

  267. vlad the impaler says:

    its not like you could be the judge,you can’t even form proper sentences,egyptology is fake???what a maroon.

  268. vlad the impaler says:

    that’s because they were too stupid to have science in order to prove anything.face it lady,white people built the world we enjoy today,and you colored whiners will harass and nip at us until you are in charge of our societies.you will accomplish this by squatting and baby making.we got the loot we won.

  269. vlad the impaler says:

    racist and a hypocrite,bad combination.

  270. Thistleknot says:

    Black people can be racist… Towards non whites… Logic doesn’t flow

  271. L.Q. says:

    I agree 100%! Stop the BS EVERYONE!!! You’re only creating negativity against people who have no issue with anyone! We all bleed red! If it’s a police training thing, so be it, but stop saying all cops are racists too because I’m tired of hearing it. Can’t we just all get along!

  272. J791 says:

    Wait wait wait. So you’re telling me that because people of color don’t have multigenerational power they can’t be racist? That’s stereotyping whites to the idea that they’re the only people to be racist (which is inherently racist, since the *vast* majority of people agree that stereotypes are a form of racism) and stereotyping people of color to have neither ever held power nor to the ability to be racist because of that fact? I suppose it wasn’t racist for the Ottomans to tax extra for being Greek or for the Sultan of Mali (and other Malians) to charge additional fees for white merchants to purchase salt (and in general trade) in Malian cities? (Both of those examples represented multigenerational power constructs, by the way) You’re argument is self defeating as it automatically confirms that people of color can be racist by claiming that only white people can be racist, which is racist in itself.

  273. J791 says:

    My last comment too true eh? I’ll summarize it again and see if you want to silence truth for you’re own little lie of reality you’ve fabricated that you refuse to accept is false (if you didn’t delete it and it got lost somehow then I redact that statement). Calling white people the only people able to be racist is inherently racist. That’s basic logic. The Ottomans and Malians and many other nations where colored people discriminated other races (including whites) are multigenerational and gave power to specific peoples, who used that inherent power to discriminate.

  274. SoCo Nes says:

    lol what you have described is being prejudice which isn’t nowhere on the same level as being a racist smh your issue should be with your ancestors..blame them for us now constantly separating and identifying under “white people” and “black people”, etc. Funny how white people now want to “get along” but not too long ago, they were for segregation! If a black person says they hate white people, it stems from what has been done and continues to be done at the hands and actions of white people. We should be the ones crossing the street and clutching our purses and demanding our kids not date OE marry white people because you come from evil and “_thugs” that were formally called slaveowners/masters. How date any of you get offended when a black person expresses their anger towards what has been done to our ancestors, taken from their homes in Africa and forced to build the country that still treats them like second class citizens. Terrorized by their owners, raped, beaten and hung, white people had their picnics under those very same trees dead black people dangled above them, black babies stolen from their beds and tied to ropes to catch alligators, the list goes on and on. Our people were refused simply things like learning to read and write but in today’s times, black illiterates are mocked. Talk down on YOUR ANCESTORS before you come for my people! Why do your people feel the need to troll black blogs and social media pages to make your nasty comments as though we should turn the other cheek and not refer to the past..no, history does repeat itself and we are making damn sure we don’t allow ya to bring us back to how it all began in Amerikka! We know your biggest fear is that we do to you what has been done to us but we’re not made of that evil..we treat others like human beings and not cattle who don’t even all have our African ancestors last name but a variation of our ancestors slave owners last name! So busy trying to disagree with the blogger without really hearing the message but then again, that’s your goal!

  275. chicken and 5sos says:

    racism has fucked up this world mad, I don’t know the rules to racism because to be honest its confusing as fuckk and I don’t know if reverse racism is a thing or not. But what I do know is racism is wrong and discrimination towards any race any origin and any group of people is wrong. Doesn’t matter about history or who did what or what race or ‘category’ that person is labelled under its ALL WRONG. what white people did is unfair. as im pretty sure everyone can admit, but holding a grudge against them is a waste of your time. racism still exists, not as bad as before but its still here and that sucks. but if we don’t stop all this pointing fingers and holding a grudge and shit it aint gonna end either. I really wish everyone would just grow up and treat everyone the same, treating people different because of their skin colour is the most fucked u and dumb shit ive heard of. But everyone always wanna start arguments and fight

  276. John Miller says:

    Racism has nothing to do with skin color stupid nigger!

  277. John Miller says:

    Also, whites were the first slaves! Look it up, the word slave comes from the word Slavic meaning very pale skinned person! Arabs, Egyptians and tribes in Africa started slavery, you dumb bitch!

  278. Martine says:

    I’m sorry, but it sounds like a bunch of excuses for why you can be unfair to white people, and we can not object. White people do NOT make decisions. Notice our black president. You can argue all you want, but that black man is making decisions, many of which many white people disagree with. So, stick it. If cultural appropriation is indeed harmful, which I doubt, then black people learning ballet, wearing plaid, and using the many scientific inventions discovered by Europeans before there was even an African presence in Europe, harms white people. So why are you free to harm us? As for the fact that black people can not be racist. I got that memo. In my school a speaker came to tell us that white people are racist, black people are not, because we are so all powerful…and even though we all had to agree with that, or fail Social Studies, most of us still disagreed. You can not do whatever you want, and tell us to just put up with it, because of what some person that had a skin tone similar to mine did to some person with a skin tone similar to yours. I am tired of being abused. And no, don’t bother telling me how white people are believed, or white people get jobs….I don’t see it.

  279. Martine says:

    I hate to tell you this, but no one started that trend. White people did not start xenophobia. Look at how well African tribes get along with one another. Not too well. Not to mention that slavery was around in Africa LONG before white people showed up. But even if we did. So what? So now this gives you the right to do it to us…and we shouldn’t do it back?

  280. Ann says:

    Your a moron. People like you make me, at times, want to be an anti freedom of speech advocate. Racism AND cultural appropriation do go both ways. And if you want to get real fuckin technical unless your beating drums and worshipping pagan demons there’s not a single thing you do that wasn’t either directly or indirectly “stolen” from white people. Except the inherit immoral devilish pagan culture… Which is what most of you if not all of you are descendants from.

  281. Ann says:

    Actually it is

  282. Ann says:

    They don’t study or fact check lol. Just read the blog, proof is in the pudding. Entire existence is empty and based on uncontrolled emotion not facts, not wisdom…lacking any kind of true humanity. Just angry emotionally charged bullshit.

  283. Ann says:

    Her blog alone was “lashing out”

  284. Ann says:

    Oh yes all the artifacts and structures and writings just manifested themselves out of thin air. Omg you can’t make this shit up.

  285. Dipshilt says:

    This is important, because the author is a racist race baiter that is trying to pin everything on the white man. Hilda is trying to disprove one of the authors through historic documentation and thereby destabilizing the argument this woman is making.

  286. Dipshilt says:

    You are right she is not lashing out at Hilda, just the entire white population of the world. When blacks make these kind of over the top “white man got no rights” comments it sounds close to a small child complaining.

  287. Dipshilt says:

    What these people don’t want to accept is that it was other blacks that sold them into slavery. It was also 100 years later that slavery was abolished in Africa, where blacks continued to keep blacks as slaves. Today, it is the same thing with BLM. White man this and white man that, then on to police are profiling me, but they shouldn’t even though I am a felon with gang tattoos on my face and a gun in my pants. Then BLM doesn’t want to help the poor blacks caught in the flooding in LA or stop the 400+ black on black murders in Chicago already this year. All of this is because the white man.

  288. Dipshilt says:

    I also read earlier that just by saying “playing the race card” that you are automatically racist. The rules for being a racist encompass all white people and from what I understand is none of us even know it.

  289. Corinne Waters says:

    I remember recently that a black actor was cast in a role and other people of color went in a rage stating that he wasn’t “dark enough” to be considered a “real” black actor. I think it was Will Smith, but really can’t remember. What I do remember is that even blacks were disparaging other blacks because they weren’t black enough. Sounds silly, right? And fruitless. And pointless. So…. is that racist enough?

  290. Bradley Wilson says:

    I’m muskogee Indian and I don’t buy you’re propaganda. You’re full of shit and you’re a fucking racist. Which is fine with me, but of course you could never admit it because that would invalidate your arguments and you’d be out of a job.

  291. Greg Ponder says:

    Okay, black cultures aren’t allowed to use the scientific method, or procedural justice, or a bank. Because all of those are traditionally western ideals. Get out of here, the very essence of culture is dynamic. Ever heard of cultural diffusion?


    Racism, sexism, and colorism are mental illnesses founded and grounded in narcissistic, self-loathing, low-self-esteem. Yes, this is–as yet–a failed society. Black and white are “knot-races.” They are States of Mind. The [male] egos that continue to run amok are now so deep into the belly of this beast of their own making that the only exit left is through the demon’s ass. [White] America is in free-fall. Soon–and very soon–the people who must call themselves “white” will drop to their riotous knees and call out to any kind of authority–a viable belief system–a god–a working government–a superhero–a [white] woman–any One willing and enabled to slow their belief in their “rite” of descent–on a number of levels and in several domains. Many More People will beg, cry, and plead for any sense of calm that will force us to reason–together; a “response-able” choice that could stop this descent into a hell of our own making. [White] America is teaching the entire world that there is no bottom to the bottom even as much of what is now called politics continues to dig in. Soon enough, most of us will know enough to say “enough is enough.” Soon enough many of us will give thanks for the knowledge that becomes “won–with us.” Soon enough, more of us will learn to judge each Other by the content of their character rather than by the color–or lack thereof–on their skin. Prepare for The Shunning of [white] America. It will be called 2020 Vision.

  293. Brandon Bennett says:

    I get that racism exists and that people make excuses to be racist. But I don’t get how a white Methodist can be racist and prejudiced towards a black Methodist. The same with Baptists and other Christian faiths. Wasn’t officer Darren Wilson a Methodist a long with Michael Brown? The bigger question should be “What is going on with the Methodist religion ( & also other Christian denominations) that its members can’t show love for one another since love is the identifying mark of a true Christian?” As long as divisions exist, and love is not shown, racism will always be a part of this wicked world.

  294. Zil Wazola says:

    Appropation of European culture absolutely exists. What do you call it when hundreds of Asian girls come out to a German festival, dress up like bier maids and scream “Prost!” while knocking their steins together? Appropriation. But what happens when a white girl dresses up as a Geisha for Halloween? People lose their sh*t. How’s this for a thought? ALL lives matter, NO ONE should be given advantage over someone else due to race, and imitation is the best form of flattery. If someone loves your culture enough to WANT to embrace it, just take it as a f*cking compliment.

  295. iliterati says:

    I’m sick of you Americans painting people from other countries who happen to speak English with the same brush as people who share their skin colour in your country and then crap on about what we can and cannot do. I’m tired of Americans telling me what I can and cannot do. You are a racist, you don’t get to reinvent words to suit your racist agenda. Everyone can suffer discrimination. Maybe you should step back to appreciate your American privilege a little bit in order to see that.

  296. LuzariusLive says:

    You white people better stick up for yourselves and vote Trump. If the minorities get an upper hand they will destroy America like they destroyed Africa, South America & the Middle East. Once they destroy the USA they move on to the next best country, destroy that one, repeat.

  297. Comm Sec says:

    Honestly, the whole race movement in America is getting a little old. Black people’s ancestors were enslaved, yeah, that sucks. However, it occurred, what is it, about 140 years ago, now? I don’t mean to sound insensitive but GET OVER IT! A little over 60 years ago some genocidal madman not only enslaved my people, he and his ilk tried to exterminate us off the face of the planet. Every man, woman and child. I never read that genocide was commonplace in the American South. A couple lynchings and murders but never the systematic genocide of an entire ethnic group. We should have had it so lucky, our population and faith (because both are one) will never recover. After all that ask me do I hate Germans? Do I hate whites? Do I hate national socialists? No, I don’t hate Germans. In fact I have enjoyed Octoberfest celebrations with a friend in Munich, drove his Porsche 187MPH on the autobahn. (So exciting I really reccomend it for everyone once in their lifetime. Though I would never own a Porsche, the original gas chambers used carbon monoxide from VW engines. It’s not a hate thing but just a weird feeling about VW products. I digress.) The thing is, white people are not your enemy, white Europeans are not your enemy, take the time to read a non-revisionist secondary source (find the primary sources make your own determination for a change). Political parties are your enemy, classic class struggle. The wielders of power and wealth against you. They are republicans and democrats, they are the old names, the old money. They enslaved your people, they packed mine into boxcars, concentration camps, gas chambers and ovens. I’m so freaking tired of this BLM movement, you blame the wrong group, you blame the target of your enemy. Again, screw the revisionist histories. Look at the source the documents of the time, look at the big picture. History is like a chess game you have to put yourself on the board, then look at the situation of the period then think constantly how many moves I to the future. Too many people let their emotions rule them. It just pisses me off, black people in America think they have it so bad, when Jews have been enslaved, persecuted, discriminated, and killed for thousands of years before Africans got a raw deal. We were even enslaved and persecuted by black Africans! Do you see any Jew demanding anything from blacks? Nope.

  298. casualsuede says:

    There is a difference between bigotry and racism. The former describes hatred and prejudice (whites are all racist, blacks are all lazy) while racism constitutes superiority over another race.

    Racism also often is instituted as part of the the governmental policy. Exmples include apartheid in south africa, sterilization of natives in canada, slavery in the united states.

    Racism is often confused with bigotry from all groups of people, but when a person, or government in power uses it against a whole race of people, it is racist. Police stopping black people becuase they think blacks are predisposed to crime is racist. A black person beating up a white man because of his race is bigotry (and a crime).

  299. Stitch says:

    Ah hell. Whites can say something bad about blacks or asians and it’s racist but it’s not if blacks or asians say bad things about whites?!? Oh shit this sounded better in my head, what I meant to say is that you can be as brutal to whites… no, pretty much what I’m saying is I’m on your side, that whites are way too, what’s the word, over their heads thinking they are superior than other races, and they are better. That’s not right, everyone should Ben treated equally. Also I’m white! Surprise surprise!

  300. Jason Banmonte says:

    Black Person says: “Screw White People”

    Nobody cares.

    White Person says: “Screw Black People”

    They’re racist.

    So, a black person can go on a tirade about white people and be hailed as this generation’s Martin Luther King Jr, but a white person can’t do the same?

    Hmmm, let’s think about this a little more.

    Power + Oppression = Racism

    “I can say whatever I want about you, but you can’t do the same to me, and if you do, you’ll be branded as a racist and a detriment to society” = Power

    “Screw White People” = Oppression

    So, after applying the Racism Formula to what you’re saying, I have now reached an amazing breakthrough: Black people can be racist against white people!

  301. Mullet Flaps says:

    I’m white – I’m republican – College Educated – Conservative – I love the Constitution.

    I’m a man married to a woman.

    I’m a Christian that believes in John 3:16.

    I voted for Trump.

    I didn’t vote for and have never have like Obama’s policies.

    Does that make a racist?

  302. Gabe L says:

    I’m personally white and I still think “racism” against white people is usually well deserved, honestly now white people are complaining about racism but you never really see “white man shot by racist cop” that’s because even though there is equal rights, society still isn’t equal. us as white people don’t get treated as lesser and we also don’t expoerence fear of just driving and getting pulled over.

  303. Battle Mage says:

    What about in black communities where white people are the powerless minority? Is it then possible for black people to be racist, since they have the power and numbers?

  304. Battle Mage says:

    By the way… open up a fucking dictionary. You don’t get to just arbitrarily define words in the English language. There are mutliple definitions to every word you claimed only has one. The idiocy of sociology, social science, and humanities majors (with the exception of philosophy) never ceases to amaze me. Listen, there’s a reason you’re not a “math person,” or why physics or chemistry were challenging for you. It’s because you are not nearly as smart as you think you are. This little world you have crafted is closed minded and willfully ignorant. The world is not as black and white (forgive the pun) and as well defined as your child-like, simplistic model posits.

  305. John M. Cassidy says:

    But doesn’t this article subliminally say that blacks
    are more principled and morally superior?

  306. John M. Cassidy says:

    Snowqueen, Although there may be some elements of history contained there in. The bible is NOT a history book. It is rather a book about God’s plan for the salvation of mankind but we’re getting off topic. Carry on…

  307. John M. Cassidy says:

    The White Man didn’t write the Bible. It is God breathed and inspired

  308. Gc says:

    Maybe you should get the word out to the white community that your actions have consequences and won’t go away because you’re too fragile to deal with it.

    And while you’re at it remember who it was who invented the race card to begin with

  309. Gc says:

    And when exactly was that?

  310. Gc says:

    Because we live in your culture that’s why, your cultural mores and ideas are what everyone is expected to know.

    Everyone is expected to adapt to your ideas of fashion, beauty. We know more about you than you know about us.

  311. Bret says:

    I am completely in awe of your lack of logic and intelligence. I stopped reading the moment you said, “I can’t be racist, I’m not white.”


    Did you really just fucking say that? Wow, just wow! What a sophomoric and ignorant thing to say.

  312. John Gates says:

    I LOVEEEEE how the goal posts have been moved so drastically regarding racism. Conservatives want blacks and all POC in the US to constantly feel a sense of guilt, while Liberals want blacks and POC to feel powerless and a sense of entitlement. NEVER has racism been synonymous with OPPRESSION. Nowhere is racism defined as a discriminatory action that a member of a specific race, or an entire race, benefits from. The systemic racism in the US has resulted in the oppression of blacks, and the

    Racism – prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

    People of every race can be racist. Not everyone can be oppressive. Poor powerless white people are racist all the time, not because they can impose their will on any other race or oppress them, but because they believe as a white person they are genetically and inherently better than other races.

    This new definition of racism that people are running with on the internet is making people look weak and ignorant. You actually sound like a spoiled

  313. Reign says:

    White people make up a minority of the world’s population only 1% higher than the African minority both of which are below Central Asian and East Asian so to claim they aren’t a minority themselves shows a lack of research. You claim the word THOT is used to demean black women which also isn’t actuate, I’ve heard ‘street harasses’ indiscriminately use that term to white black Latina and Asian women. Then you claim white culture is the dominate culture, well I’m sorry but twerking, hiphop music, fast food and most of the media we watch and enjoy isn’t a staple of ‘white culture’, white culture (European Culture and we have to say European as America isn’t old enough to of developed its own ‘white culture’) consisted of classical music, covered reserved people, art works from artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Van Gough, none of what is considered pop culture in America is actually ‘white culture’ so the argument you use has no base as all your reference points hold no merit. White culture in America is clearly a minority and has been for years in fact by the terms of your own argument white people cant be racist as clearly they are the minority ‘culture’ in America. No doubt they are the largest group of people but they have assimilated, not appropriated as what you would consider ‘black culture’ is actually the dominant culture so clearly this is more assimilation than appropriation. You are just parroting what someone has told you or what you’ve “learnt” in a Marxist education system.

  314. Reign says:

    Also gold grills, hiphop music and many other things shouldn’t be considered “black culture” as they was born in America so are part of American culture. Your article here does nothing but divide an already fractured nation. The fact is America being a multicultural society (key word here multicultural) doesn’t have a black or a white culture but rather a diverse culture that each ethnic group has contributed towards, for better or worse many of the things you claim are “black culture” are actually American born, maybe some have there roots in Africa and others in Europe but that’s due to and an amalgamation of the diversities of the American people. To say a white person can’t do this as it is appropriation is almost like taking back the black contribution to American culture, if you fail to see that I don’t know what to say. Do you want American culture to only be white? Or only be white for white people and black for black people? If white people had to stick to there culture and not “appropriate” black people would any of your interests be shown on white owned TV stations? Wouldn’t that make an unrepresented people? I mean if you go far enough isn’t listening to hiphop cultural appropriation? So would that mean not BET or music with black roots being shown or played? No black history month TV coverage? This is the issue it’s easy to highlight a issue with the world, if you’re not in the 1% you want a reason to feel like the world is against you and owes you but the truth is every nation has been oppressed and is oppressed by there own nation or another, no one deserves any kind of special treatment for being a minority. What special treatment are white people granted for being a global minority? England as example was oppressed for generations by the Vikings then the Normans etc. By there own kings and queens for awhile too but the point is it doesn’t mean there owed anything now. You’re only going to have what you go out and take.

  315. Dawn Low says:

    First off egypt is part of africa and they had slaves but instead of having a civil war to free the slaves like white people did god had to kill their first born to release the jews from slavery

  316. Madfoot713 says:

    Two years later, I wonder if you backed off the SJW crap, or doubled down like so many Democrats sadly have.

  317. Florian Steinmann says:

    stfu you uneducated racist fuck

  318. Florian Steinmann says:

    You are just as ignorant as the writer of this article. You have access to google how the fuck are you so stupid

  319. Florian Steinmann says:

    thats not what happend… The irish where brought in to do the shit work and dangerous work. Black slaves where actually rarely killed or beaten as they where almost 5x more expensive then an irish slave. As evidence, explain to me how if blacks where constantly beaten and killed, how has there population reached 40 million in the united states. Your argument follows little to no evidence, but nice try.

  320. Ohh boy says:

    Well Don’t you guys claim to be the original Egyptians?

  321. Ohh boy says:

    white ppl find it hard to move on?

  322. Ohh boy says:

    That’s not even a sound argument. Just because one group of ppl did something first does not mean that it can’t be done by the other group.

  323. Ohh boy says:

    What a load of shit. No one is expected to adapt to white fashion… if anything white people are racing to have work done to look like people of color. We also all live in each other’s culture.

  324. Ohh boy says:

    I can’t like this enough!!!

  325. Summertime says:

    That is where you are wrong Gc. You and I are not living in MY culture. My white Grandparents would not recognize the blended culture of today. You and I live in OUR culture and I am having a hard time accepting the new normal myself. Out of curiosity, of what kind of African culture are you denied? You have more right to call yourself black than I do white. Live your life as best you can and stop comparing yourself to the imaginary “other”. Life is short.

  326. SicknessofChoice says:

    That’s complete bullshit! Blacks, Asians, Hispanics and any other ethnicity can be racist against other races! Only whites can be racist is one of the most asinine things I have ever read or heard! It’s better for a fool to keep their mouth shut, rather than speak and remove all doubt! LOL!!!!

  327. Summertime says:

    Do you have to ask? Did you go to school?

  328. Summertime says:

    MY culture. Not bloody likely! Run your race (no pun intended) in your own lane dear. What I have learned after a long life is that we are truly alone in this life. Identity politics make losers of us all.

  329. Summertime says:

    Consider how much you contribute to racism. You are irresponsible and a bully. The classic example of a small functionary whose power has gone to her head. Google it, watch documentaries or read books.

  330. Jane says:

    so cutout affirmative action made by whites??

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