#BlerdGifts: Hands-Free/Non-Invertible Umbrella

NubrellaThis holiday season, you may be wondering what to buy for that blerd in your life. Never fear for I have pulled together some of the best gifts tailored to the unique desires of blerds everywhere. Check back through Christmas for more blerd gift ideas.

BlerdGift #1: The Hands-Free/Non-Invertible Umbrella

If there is one things that blerds love it is innovative gadgets that nobody else has. It’s even better if you can’t help but notice the item when in public. A hands-free/non-invertible umbrella meets and surpasses all of those requirements.

These days, we have way too much going on to have to actually hold an umbrella while it is raining. There are texts to type. Phone calls to make. Books to read. iPads to swipe. How is anyone supposed to get anything done? Don’t fret. Your problems have been solved. The Nubrella aims to get the umbrella out of your hands and give you your freedom back.

Featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, the Nubrella attaches across your waist and on your back for complete freedom of movement while also staying protected from the rain. It’s lightweight. It’s super useful. It’s cool.

These items retail at $99.99 but they are currently on sale now at a 40% discount ($59.99). Reserve your Nubrella now for delivery in early 2015 at their website.

Any other ideas for blerd gifts? Leave them in the comments below. They might land in our round up.

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Daren W. Jackson

Daren is one half of the Water Cooler Convos team. He's a writer, music connoisseur, and comic book geek who spends his free time working on his novel and other short stories.

2 Responses

  1. Mary Burrell says:

    That looks kind of cool

  2. truthseeker2436577@yahoo.com says:

    This is an interesting device.