#BlerdGifts: Breakfast Sandwich Maker

breakfast sandwich maker

This holiday season, you may be wondering what to buy for that special blerd in your life. Never fear for I have pulled together some of the best gifts tailored to the unique desires of blerds everywhere. Check back through Christmas for more blerd gift ideas.

BlerdGift #4: Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Breakfast is the meal of champions, and some of the best foods are breakfast staples: bacon, sausage, cheese, bread. It’s all the foods you crave and eat for breakfast, claiming you’ll be able to burn off all of those calories during the day. And the breakfast sandwich?  A wonderful innovation of flavor and ease of consumption. But until now, these masterpieces were a pain in the ass to make at home. Making all of those separate pieces? Not going to happen. And you could always head out to your favorite fast food establishment, but then there is this.

So, enterprising kitchen gadget minds had a breakthrough in the creation of the breakfast sandwich maker. As shown in the picture above, you simply, put your sandwich items of choice in their own specialized compartments, close it up, and hit go. Five minutes later, you have a complete breakfast sandwich. Much better than going to the “Golden Arches” or buying that precooked frozen stuff from the grocery store. Switch up your breads from english muffins to biscuits  to bagels to croissants. Try bacon, sausage, ham, or a mixture of meats. Be daring ans add veggies or fruit. The power is in your hands.

dual breakfast sandwich makerBut what if one sandwich isn’t enough? Double your production with the dual version. Two unique sandwiches in five minutes? Can’t beat that. Most importantly, clean up is easy with a dishwasher safe cooking assembly. It doesn’t get any better than this ladies and gentlemen. Everybody likes to eat. But blerds know there is always a better way to get the job done.

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Any other ideas for blerd gifts? Leave them in the comments below. They might land in our round up.

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  1. Mary Burrell says:

    That’s awesome. Like Will Smith said in the movie Independence Day, “I got to get me one of these”