#BlerdGifts: A Real Hoverboard

Hendo HoverThis holiday season, you may be wondering what to buy for that special blerd in your life. Never fear for I have pulled together some of the best gifts tailored to the unique desires of blerds everywhere. This is your final recommendation for this Christmas season.

#BlerdGift #7: A Real Hoverboard

This one is the ultimate. The #BlerdGift of all #BlerdGifts. In the post on the NES table, I noted that blerds love nostalgia and exclusivity. But if you can turn a fantastical item from blerd fiction into reality, you’ve got the Holy grail on your hands.

The science nerds at HENDO have finally made it happen. As was foretold in the movie Back to the Future Part II, it is the year 2015 (almost) and The Hoverboard is now reality.

Don’t believe me? Watch the video below.

As the video details, the hoverboard takes advantage of high-powered magnets and magnetic fields to achieve the lift. The scientific knowledge is frankly nothing new, but it is finally being exploited for recreational means.

After the prototype garnered a ridiculous amount of buzz, the team started a Kickstarter campaign to fund a more stylized and functional version. The $10K top prize? A hoverboard of course. Unfortunately the campaign closed on December 15, but 11 backers have reserved them for anticipated delivery in October 2015. So if you are really dedicated to the cause, you can hunt down one of those buyers and relieve them of their “Golden Ticket.”

I mean, who wouldn’t want a Hoverboard?

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Any other ideas for blerd gifts? Leave them in the comments below. They might land in our round up.

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