Jill Scott Sings The Blues On “You Don’t Know” [VIDEO]

Jill Scott - You Don't KnowJill Scott has one of the most versatile voices in the music industry. And after she has taken on soul, funk, opera, more, it’s about time she took on the blues.

On “You Don’t Know,” Scott bemoans the pain associated with love.

“Did you ever know what it is to be hurt?
Did you ever feel like dirt?”

And Scott claims in the chorus that if you haven’t felt that pain, you don’t know about love. The entire song captures that dark side of love, with just as poignant lyrics.

Scott’s vocal control is out of this world, and she usually uses that ability to craft perfect performances others could only dream of. But here, she relaxes that perfectionism and serves raw, guttural soul.

I could go on forever about Jill Scott’s vocals on this track (there’s just nobody else on her level), but there is so much more to appreciate that might be easily overlooked. Her background singers, a trio on Motown-esque men, provide a unique backdrop for her performance. One moment they are hitting a pristine harmony, the next, they are a chorus of ad libs. And the live instruments, featuring the one and only ?uestlove on drums, make you feel like you’re at a New Orleans blues club.

The accompanying video only reinforces all herĀ emoting. From the shadowy recording studio with rain pouring outside to the live band to the soft fuchsia and blue lighting to her own bare feet, the video treatment channels the very essence of the blues.

Watch the video below and purchase the single!

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Daren W. Jackson

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